The only difference is that Chen Dafu, the manager of the company, is very young. He is only 22 years old this year.

There are a lot of wealthy businessmen, and the younger ones are rampant on the embankment. The economy is far behind the embankment. Phnom Penh is really rare. Regardless of the five gangs or people, Manager Chen is younger and more exemplary than praise.
At noon, the river became busy again.
A river cargo ship docked, and the porters hummed their horns, carrying packages of goods to the shore with steel and cement before lifting them by crane.
Chen Dafu and several Chinese businessmen have finished counting the goods and are preparing to arrange a truck to help others deliver an equally young and familiar figure.
"Hui, take care of me and accompany Manager Li to the office for a while."
"Please leave it to me here."
A two-story French building next to the office warehouse took the guests into the living room and winked at the accounting accountant. The two directly poked fun at each other.
"Boss Chen, your business here is quite good."
"That is, you can’t spend money or make money like you."
If you had gone abroad with Li Min a few years ago, you would have recognized them at a glance, not Chen Dafu and Manager Li, but Su Youcai and Pan Hongshan, two secretaries of Mr. Min.
There are also five guild halls in Phnom Penh, but Chaozhou has 7% people, not as many Guangfu people, Hakka people and Minnan people as there are on the embankment.
There are fellow villagers, relatives, contacts and industrial investment companies to support Su Youcai’s business. Since June last year, Ruan Xiu, assistant to the president of Fuguo Island University of Technology, has been neglected and has been doing business until there is a branch in northern and western Cambodia and even Laos.
The right place at the right time and he occupied Pan Hongshan. Gan Baifeng picked up an account book and asked, "Are you really going to marry a talented girl?"
"Is there a problem?"
"No problem, it feels a little sudden."
If you want to marry the girl Su Youcai, you really like to say yes. People are actually half of China descent, and now the Cambodian princess is a classmate. It is better to show how much it takes to take over the job. Don’t worry about the military police.
Su Youcai asked curiously, "When will you come and what can I do for you?"
Yes, Pan Hongshan, the worker, said bluntly, "I just arrived last night to send a group of people and some goods to the north. I want you to borrow some cars and help me with the road."
"Send someone to the north?"
"Going to Changshan Mountain Range, Staff Wu suspects that the Ministry of Political Affairs, the Ministry of National Defense and the General Staff are ghosts and don’t want to leave the country. Give this to us and we will be responsible for the supply after the people and goods are delivered."
China’s "clean-up action" is getting worse and worse. If North Vietnam continues to sit idly by and ignore South Vietnam, it will definitely facilitate the long border line to penetrate into South Vietnam.
ROTC never trusted those bureaucrats in Saigon, let alone that the CIA has been weaving its own military intelligence network.
Su Youcai reacted and asked in a low voice, "How many people and how many goods?"
"16 people with more than 2 tons of goods"
Pan Hongshan took out his cigarette and said casually, "I’ll take care of it from Kampong Son to Phnom Penh and give it to you from Phnom Penh to the destination."
Those people are definitely not going to get information, but to develop guerrillas like the Vietnam League. The so-called goods should be weapons and ammunition.
Su Youcai dared not take the cigarette carelessly and asked, "When will you act?"
"When people and goods return to the island, you will act when you arrange it here."
"Phnom Penh is full of Vietnamese eyes and ears, so many people can’t go together. Give me three days to prepare."
"no problem"
After talking about business, Su Youcai asked with interest, "How is your old man this time?"
"Stubbornness is still like that. Miss Xiu said that Wu Tingyan decided to release a group of opponents under the pressure of the United States. If possible, I would rather not release him and let him stay in prison on the island."
Looking at an old friend with a wry smile, Su Youcai sighed, "He is not stubborn, he insists, and Wu Tingyan does engage in dictatorship. He is a patriotic old politician and he has reason to oppose it."
"If he can’t get things done, it will make people worry."
"What can happen to Mr. Youmin?"
Li Min Pan Hongshan suddenly asked, "Do you know that Miss Youcaixiu said that Mr. Min Wu Tingyan reached an agreement to give the government $40,000 a year from 2008?"
"I just knew yesterday how I had an idea?"
"You didn’t?"
Su Youcai smiled and patiently explained, "Please don’t confuse the government with Wu Tingyan. This money can help Wu Tingyan maintain dictatorship to a certain extent and also help the government maintain the situation. If the government is paralyzed, the happiest thing is not your father, but North Vietnam.