And then behind her, she raised a footstep and then gently joked. "What’s the matter? You’ve only been back for a few days and you’re starting to think again? "

When I heard that I was more familiar with teasing Shinohara’s red lips, I opened my mouth to refute "What eyes did you see me thinking?"
Didn’t you enter the palace? Aren’t you afraid of being found out when you run out so late? "
"What’s the matter with discovery? Did I admit that I was a member of the palace? A rare trip back will not be a trip to the palace to experience the pleasure of being an emperor!
But now it seems boring! There are a lot of eyeliner rules, or Nanxia country is more carefree! "
The bearer is just Huang Yinxuan!
At that time, he walked slowly to Shinohara’s side and couldn’t help laughing after she opened her mouth!
And his tone of voice shows that he is dismissive of Qi and Chu Palace!
See this shinohara snow gently sneer at "that you still follow! Aren’t you afraid that I’ll go back after I pick up Jinyan? "
"Afraid? What am I afraid of? If I don’t want anyone to stop me! "
At this time, Huang Yinxuan’s attitude is wild and uninhibited, and his true temperament is not as shown in the former Golden Temple!
The night is as cool as water, and two people are chatting and teasing each other on the street!
Soon shinohara snow carefully looked at burn assumed the xuan suddenly said, "you haven’t come back this time for many years, you might as well stay longer!
It’s not a good idea for you to stay in Nanxia for a long time! Why don’t you consider taking this opportunity … "
"All right! You’ve said that many times. If I want to come back, no one can stop me!
But I don’t want to talk back to you now! "
Burn three-dimensional xuan abrupt some inexplicable anger!
It is obvious that his eyes flashed cold when he was talking with Shinohara snow!
It’s such a heavy topic that Shinohara can sigh when she sees Huang Yinxuan’s performance!
They have argued about it a hundred times!
She knows that Huang Yin-xuan is good to her, and she also knows that he keeps silent and pays!
What she can give in this life was given to another man five years ago!
For her, it is impossible to be different except for getting along with each other for a few years to make them more tacit!
Especially after she saw Huang Yin Xuanzhen, she knew that this man deserved the best!
And her heart is dead and living is just living!
This moment Shinohara snow mood swings seriously!
And burn assumed the xuan against the night wind and expression also radiant with displeasure!
I don’t know if it’s because of Xiao Yu’s words or because he doesn’t live up to expectations!
Two people in the street side for a long time in silence!
By the night wind, I’m not awake. Shinohara Snow Corner is quietly looking at Huang Yinxuan’s heart, sighing or sighing!
Over the years, she has long known that Huang Yinxuan has a temper!
And almost every time he talks about his future ownership, he will always answer with such silence!
In my heart, Nai’s emotions are rippling like water waves. Shinohara Snow always sighs, "It’s late. Go back to the palace first!
Let’s talk about something another day! "
Since lovers are lovers, Xiao Yu Xue can also choose to meet hastily tonight!
Burn Yin Xuan returned to Qi Chu this time because of her, and she knows that it is really unfair for him to force him to stay!
What’s more, she thinks she doesn’t have the qualification and ability to force Huang Yinxuan to do something he doesn’t like!
It can be said that the more Huang Yinxuan pays for her, the heavier the pressure and guilt will be!
She knows that she is not worth it!
But it happened that he went his own way and she dissuaded him many times to no avail!
"yes! I’ll send you back first! "
Burn three-dimensional xuan eventually faint sigh a his own position on this issue is very true!
No matter how much Shinohara says, he won’t change his mind!
The atmosphere before the two of them was a little weird and lingering around each other. At that time, no one spoke on the way back!
This brief gathering tonight seems to be a bit embarrassing to Shinohara Snow!
But fortunately, she knows that burn Yin xuan this fellow has always been used to follow one’s inclinations!
Suddenly, on the way, Huang Yinxuan asked, "When are you going to return to China?"
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"When are you going to return to China?"
Burn three-dimensional xuan suddenly ask Shinohara snow on the quiet road but smell a breath!
"Just these two days! What can I do for you? "
After a short silence, Shinohara Snow stirred up her eyebrows and looked inexplicably at her side. She replied in a low voice!
Smell this burn three-dimensional xuan pour the graceful cheeks emerge with a gherardini expression eyed shinohara snow not joking "what can I do for you? You come, I will follow you, and of course I will follow you! "
"Burn assumed the xuan you don’t need to …"