She is also worried that behind darling daughter is the awesome Phoenix family!

And she will always have a daunting white tiger around her from childhood to adulthood!
She grew up with it and played with it. In several days and nights, it guarded outside her house and gave her several peace!
But in that conan the destroyer war, she was completely lost with it!
In the next twenty years, she never saw the white tiger that haunted her!
No one knows its trace, no one can find it, and then she’s dead!
Otherwise, if the white tiger is still alive, it will definitely find her through various channels!
They all have blood in each other’s bodies. If her breath is still in the white tiger, she will definitely feel it!
But it has never appeared in years!
This is the most difficult place for Feng Rujun to suppress her sadness at this time!
Her white tiger is dead, and she has gradually accepted this fact in the long years to come!
However, the appearance of heavy hair and two hairs in front of her eyes has caused a serious impact on her fragile heart again!
"Mom, it’s … it’s the white tiger that tore off his front leg and took it out of its bones and gave it to me!"
Su Ling said these words, and the scene of white tiger self-harm really emerged in her mind!
So bloody, so humiliating and so heartbreaking!
No wonder when she saw the white tiger, she felt familiar from the bottom of her heart!
It turns out that they are really attractive!
Smell this chicken RuJun suddenly close your eyes upward mercilessly swallowed!
That kind of bone erosion doesn’t need words to shape Feng Rujun’s hands holding the key and sticking it on his chest!
Look up and close your eyes, but you can’t restrain the tears from falling from the corner of your eyes!
"White tiger … white tiger … I … I’m sorry!"
Feng Rujun kept whispering the name of the white tiger, and the key in her hand burned her body and mind like a soldering iron!
She never knew where the key was, but she knew that the white tiger body guarded the most secret of the Phoenix family!
In those days, the old patriarch of Fengjia’s family, her grandfather, personally told her that this secret must never reappear until it is absolutely necessary!
Now the white tiger tore his front leg and gave the key to Linger. Does it even know the secret? It is no longer capable of guarding!
"Mom …"
Su Ling’s eyes are also full of tears. Looking at Feng Rujun, I feel the same pain!
This should be that their phoenix family and white tiger don’t need words to form their soul perception!
Although it may be weird to say this, Su Ling thinks so in her heart!
She watched Feng Rujun crumble, and the white tiger in her sight was constantly overlapping!
A spirit with a life span of one hundred years was tortured like this by HeLianTuo!
Now it’s too easy to think about Hector even Rio Tinto’s death!
"Ling son I …"
Feng Rujun’s tearful appearance is obviously grief to the extreme!
If there is anything in this life that can make her feel heartbroken and painful at this time, it is the fact that the white tiger is dead!
"Mom, I’ll help you in!"
Su Ling said that she helped Feng Rujun and NianLia to linger over the sadness of pen and ink!
Step by step into the wing, the wind outside the Fengshuangyuan swept away the fallen leaves and blew away the sadness!
At the same time, there is a skirt hidden in the dark …
After entering the room, Su Ling waved away, and when Feng Rujun was seated in the soft chair, she began, "Ling Er, I hate it!"
"Niang is over! Although the white tiger is dead, I brought back heavy hair and two hairs!
Let them accompany you later! "
Su Ling comforted Feng Rujun, holding her shoulder and constantly comforting her mood!