I just put the embarrassing PHS in my trouser pocket and it rang.

"Didn’t the smelly boy call me when he turned on the phone?" Xiao Wu took out PHS again, but it was not Pan Hu but Tan Ya. There is no more popular telephone number in the world than Tan Ya.
Xiao Wu hesitated and finally answered the phone when the bell made him upset. "Hello, the owner can’t answer something. You can leave a message …"
"Don’t pretend with me. If Telecom had a waiter like you, I’m afraid it would have gone bankrupt." Tanya laughed. She only smiled in front of Xiao Wu, but that was two years ago. This is the second time because she actually answered her phone this time.
"Speak? what’s up I am at work now. "
"I’ll have a holiday when I’m finished with what I’m doing. Do you want to travel with me?"
"Travel? Where to go? "
"The whole world can go wherever it wants."
"I don’t want to go," Xiao Wudao said. "If there is nothing else, I will hang up."
Tan Ya sighed on the phone. "I knew you wouldn’t go. Forget it. I’ll call you later."
"Well, ok."
Tan Ya said, "Now you can hang up."
Xiao Wu closed the phone. At this time, he regretted that traveling around the world was a dream of his childhood, and now the opportunity came and it was a free trip, but he refused.
Xiao Wu couldn’t understand why he refused.
Xiao Wu stood at the gate for a long time. For the first time, the students in the Beauty and Bodybuilding Hall saw Xiao Wu standing guard as honestly as a plaster statue.
"Lao Xiao, come in." Xu Qingqing crisp voice came xiao five immediately recovered like an electric shock.
As soon as I got to the hall, I saw Xu Qingqing and Xiao Wu, who was wearing a sexy fitness suit, stay a little.
Her upper body is just a short, tight body-shaping and fitness vest, which only covers her breasts and exposes a soft and slender waist, and her lower abdomen, of course, does not cover her delicate and lovely navel at all. The lower part of the body is a pair of shorts that only cover the root of the leg. Under its bondage, two ass eggs are just like two pieces of freshly baked bread and butter, which makes people think.
"Help me to drag the second floor. Today I want the teachers to do sexy sports." Xu Qingqing had immunity to Xiao Wu’s eyes, and there was no negative psychological effect when he looked at it like this.
"ok!" Xiao Wu immediately perked up when he heard that it was a sexy sport.
Under the gaze of countless pairs of eyes, Xiao Wu Teng Teng rushed into the storeroom and took ten mops at one time. After all the mops were wet, his left hand, five hands and five right hands quickly rushed to the second floor.
The female students were dumbfounded. After a mop gets wet, it weighs at least 20 Jin. That’s not counting. This man actually went up with five straight mops in one hand! That feeling is that he is holding ten chopsticks instead of a wet mop!
They always suspected that it was an illusion, or those mops were made of foam.
This scene also stunned three proprietress, especially Tang Lan and Qin Keer, because it reminded them of the scene on Xiao Wu’s shoulder that night.
His bulging iron-like muscles made their hearts tremble slightly.
His thick man’s smell of steel needle-like beard residue made their cheeks start to burn …
Xiao Wu quickly dragged the floor on the second floor again.
He could have gone back to the gate and stood guard, but he took out a clean rag and cleaned the window methodically.
The girls finally entered the arena.
They are sexier and more beautiful than one.
Of course, the focus of Xiao Wu is Xu Qingqing because she is the sexiest and most beautiful.
Qin keer’s sexy comes from her hot body, which is both direct and violent. Xu Qingqing’s sexiness is another flavor. Her beautiful and pure apple face may not be associated with sexiness, but what if she deliberately shows sexy coquetry? What if it matches her curvy figure? That feeling is definitely the combination of angel and devil.
The music finally rang, but it was an extremely sultry groan.
Xu Qingqing winked at her, stretched out a small sweet tongue and licked it on her lips. Suddenly, her plump buttocks became warped, exposing an attractive and private outline …
Xiao Wu’s rag slipped from his hand and he was killed in seconds.
The faster the music turns, the hotter Xu Qingqing’s movements get.
After walking around the steel pipe twice, she suddenly spread her legs again, and the beautiful outline between her legs was exposed very clearly. She held on the steel pipe with one hand and stroked slowly from the tiptoe with the other hand. The white palm slowly slid over her thighs, lower abdomen, then proud breasts, and finally put a finger between her delicate and charming red lips.
Looking at Xu Qingqing’s charming expression when sucking his finger, Xiao Wu is no longer a finger but his …