"Anyway, have plenty of time, slowly understand …" Ninety thousand.

In the end, Xiao Wen actually chose three magical fairy methods instead of Daoji fairy method. Then he took the three secret books and asked at the gate of the ancient books and records department if he could just take these three secret books of Avatar Fairy Method.
Unexpectedly, the other party was very accommodating, saying that the rules are dead and people are alive, as long as there are no more than three cheats, it doesn’t matter what the cheats are.
Xiao asked immediately to thank him, and then someone rummaged out three jade slips for him. After checking that they were speechless, they handed them to Xiao and asked, "Tong Daoyou, those cheats are original, and you can’t take them away. These three jade slips record the three magical powers and immortals, and the contents are exactly the same. Now it belongs to you, and you don’t need to return it. "
"I see, thank you very much."
"By the way, these avatar fairy method is just a primer, but also enough for you to practice for a period of time. As for the advanced articles, just come back for them after you get rid of them. "
"Uh …" Xiao asked not from one leng, feeling as if he understood something.
Ninety thousand also blurted out at this moment: "Look, I knew it!"
"Dare to ask what to exchange for advanced articles?"
"The contribution point of the World God League."
"How do you get the contribution points?"
"That way is much. The League will issue tasks from time to time, and Taoist friends can get contribution points by completing those tasks; Taoist friends usually travel abroad, and as long as they try their best to fulfill their obligations, they will also get contribution points; If Daoyou has any novel immortal dharma, after being recorded and verified in any branch, he will also contribute a lot if he is willing to make it public; Even if Taoist friends refine their own fairy wares, charms, etc., they are also sold to the League for contribution points; By the way, if Taoist friends are willing to settle in a certain place, they can also receive some contribution points in the local branch official residence after one month, and the specific value depends on the local situation … "
"Oh, thank you!" Xiao asked solemnly.
Xiao asked slowly out of the classics department, and God Se was quite dignified.
"What’s the matter, brother?" Feel xiao asked the mood is not quite right, ninety thousand asked.
"I suddenly feel that I still don’t understand the world god alliance. Regardless of Xuanyuan emperor, as far as we can see today, this system of the alliance of the gods and gods is still very good, at least better than the celestial world. "
"Don’t be ridiculous. Without a good system, what makes them unify the celestial world? The foundation is there. " Ninety thousand clean Xiao asked.
"Well, let’s take a look around the Lake Wukui next, and ask for information at the same time."
"good. By the way, can I come out? " Ninety thousand asked with some expectation.
"You’re in the shape of taxiing, and you’re good at hiding your breath. Let’s find a place to stay first, and then you can come and visit with me."
"Great!" Ninety thousand happy tunnel.
"Hey, are you greedy again?"
Ninety thousand is a little embarrassed, but he still crustily skin of head and said, "This is my girl’s hobby, can’t it?" ! Anyway, eating again will not make you fatter, hehe. " "I find that your taste is almost the same as that of ordinary people’s good wine, and it’s not impossible to leave it, but if you don’t solve your problem for too long, you will be restless, haha."
"Hurry up! This girl is going to eat out! !”
That evening, Xiao Wen and 90,000 came to a big restaurant in the middle of Wukui Lake, not only to satisfy 90,000 people, but also to get information.
Now Xiao asked that there is a place he wants to go most, that is, Burying the Magic Gorge.
PS: It’s late, sorry. Continue to adjust the state, this month will definitely break out at any time, until the end of the month! (To be continued. )

Chapter four hundred and forty-four Drinking
Wukui Lake is no more than a mortal town, and the nightlife here is not rich. Because Xiao Wen and ninety thousand went out at night, they didn’t meet anyone halfway. It was not until I entered the big restaurant called Yixian that I was in a lively place.
The two brothers and sisters just stopped at the restaurant, but Xiao Er hasn’t greeted them yet, and many people in the restaurant look this way. Anyone who drinks here at night is basically idle, and it is reasonable for someone to come in and look at it immediately.
However, those who are reasonable all show unexpected expressions. ..
Those people didn’t respond at all when they saw Xiao Wen, but when they saw 90 thousand girls, their eyes widened and even green light came out …
At this time, no one cares about the "fullness" of 90,000 girls, but only sees her symmetry and her sweet face.
Xiao asked one leng, heart way is yuan tao celestial popular plump beauty, if so, that ninety thousand is really very popular. Only a plump one killed all other types of beautiful women, and compared with all plump beautiful women, 90 thousand is still outstanding. Of course, it can’t be top-notch, because this girl is not that beautiful. She is the beauty of eating fireworks and has great affinity.
Ninety thousand didn’t react at first, and she has never seen less in Tianlan demon town. When did she get this treatment? When she looked into Xiao’s eyes, she realized what was going on.
Who doesn’t want to be liked? 90,000 girls immediately felt comfortable and took a demonstrative look at Xiao. ..
"Two guests, please!" At this time, Xiao Er finally came to meet him, and when he saw 90,000, his face was stunned. However, after all, he dealt with guests all day, and when he saw more beautiful women, he soon returned to normal.
"Small 2. Just find us a table in the lobby. " Xiao asked casually tunnel.
"Ok, just over there." Xiao er pointed to a table under the window on the right side of the hall.
At this time, 90,000 girls couldn’t help but open their mouths and urged, "Sit anywhere. Second brother, please report some good wine and food here. "
Xiao Er turned to look at 90,000 on his way, only to see this beautiful woman with an eager face, as if she was really hungry, so he said, "Good wine includes apricot flowers. A store full of incense and a drop of drunkenness, girl, if you really like drinking. I recommend you to drink apricot blossom chūn, which is sweet and mellow. If you drink too much, you won’t go to your head. Our famous dishes here are several kinds of fish produced in the Wukui Lake, and the three white fish are particularly strong. Easy to taste. Steamed braise in soy sauce is delicious, five chief fish is small, but there is no thorn, dun out of fish soup is very fresh … "
Ninety thousand people listen to nodding, but Xiao asked to keep shaking his head. He guessed that no matter how many dining tables he ordered later, he would definitely eat ninety thousand people’s stomachs, which had little to do with him. At this time Xiao Wen is casually looking at the people in the restaurant. See a total of ten tables, add up to more than forty people. Basically all monks.
Because 90,000 girls are more conspicuous, there are still many people who used to aim here. Once they got the right eye with Xiao, they all withdrew their eyes. Xiao Wen is only in the late Xianhao period, but it is already the highest level in this restaurant.
Moments later, Xiao Er finally finished reporting the food. Ninety thousand girls showed her extraordinary memory, but she even ordered more chūn a dozen dishes. Finally, she ordered ten kilograms of apricot flowers, and ten kilograms were full of incense …
The second child was already stupefied, but Xiao asked him with a wry smile. He said awkwardly to the second child, "It’s okay, just go ahead, she can finish eating …"
The second child also saw that it was obviously the rich beauty who had food, so he asked Xiao for an "understanding" eye se, shouted "I’ll give it to you right away" and ran to the kitchen neatly.
Ninety thousand put his elbow on the table, looked out of the window with his left hand on his chin, shook his head slightly and took a beautiful breath. It was obviously quite satisfying.
Xiao Wen couldn’t help laughing: "Sister, sometimes I think you are too easy to feed. As long as you eat well and have enough to eat, nothing will happen …"
"Think so much? This girl is naturally greedy, as long as she can satisfy this wish forever. " Ninety thousand still looked at the swaying water outside the window, serious tunnel.
"I envy you …" Xiao asked sincerely.
"What is there to envy? You are the same. When have you wronged yourself?" Ninety thousand abrupt turned my head and looked at Xiao asked in the eye.
"What kind of brain are you? Can you be the same … well, here comes your wine. Hey, there are side dishes presented by the restaurant. I remember you didn’t order side dishes?" Xiao asked and looked at the little second road that was coming quickly with the tray.
By this time, 90,000 people have already started smoothing their sleeves, so how can they manage what Xiao asked last time …
"This is five catties of apricot blossom chūn and five catties full of fragrance, and the rest will be served to you later. This is a refreshing side dish for the guest officer in our store." Children quickly put something on the table, at the same time.
Ninety thousand seriously thanked Xiao Erdao, stretched out his hand and moved the small jar filled with five Jin of apricot flowers chūn to the front.
Immediately after Kaifejīng, a bouquet of wine poured out, and even Xiao Wen was j and ng, not to mention 90 thousand.
Ninety thousand poured a full cup for Xiao Wen first, then poured it for himself. He put down the jar and took the glass and motioned to Xiao Wen: "Brother."
Since 90,000 taxiing, Xiao Wen has long been candidly admit defeat in drinking, but don’t want to pour him down if he thinks about ten or twenty kilograms. Seeing that 90,000 is so generous at this time, he also raised his glass and touched 90,000.
When Xiao asked to put down the glass, ninety thousand girls would have filled themselves up again …
90,000 chopsticks were caught in the cold yuba on the table and put into the mouth generously, but the taste was obvious when chewing the first two. The girl’s eyes are bright and her teeth are white. At this time, she shows a half-plump jade arm, eats food generously, and with that kind of energy, she really has a charm that belongs to her.
"Sister, if you can eat slowly, it will still look good." Xiao asked sincerely tunnel.
"Well …" Ninety thousand vaguely should have a cry and tried three other side dishes without looking up. It is estimated that he didn’t even listen to what Xiao asked after all.
Xiao asked also able to shrug off, anyway, every time ninety thousand suppress for a long time, such as eating and then back to the lady …
When those big dishes came up, he accompanied ninety thousand to eat for a while. Then he turned his attention to the conversation of the monks in the restaurant.
Although it’s all gossip information, Xiao Wen is new here. Basically, regardless of any information, he can improve his understanding of this world.
I don’t know how long it took. Xiao Wen finally heard a more useful one. But there was a table full of people, and finally I couldn’t help talking about 90 thousand.