At this moment, Xiao Wen suddenly remembered that the last time he spoke to that powerful being, the other person’s mood didn’t seem to be very good, and he didn’t know what was going on now …

A moment later, Xiao Wen entered the dark red space representing himself. I saw the source of the ghost again.
"Go and call your master, and tell him that our seat is here."
There has always been a guy guarding the other side of the world. After hearing the news, he ran away and soon lost his voice.
After waiting for a long time, a strong breath came from the passage of the underworld, and the powerful existence finally came.
"Am I bothering you?" With that powerful existence, the foot journey should not be so slow. Since you’re so late, it’s probably something that delayed you, so Xiao Wen asked you this question.
"No. What do you need when you come back? " That existence is a bit blunt.
"I came to thank you."
"Not already thanked? And I owe you first, so why thank you? "
"Last time I thanked you for helping me get that method, but this time it was because it worked."
"Oh, really?"
"That’s true."
The existence turned out to be silent, and it took a while to sigh: "This merit is really the first in my secluded world, and even human beings can practice."
"You don’t rush to boast, actually there is something wrong …" Xiao asked embarrassed tunnel.
"What’s the problem?"
"The condensed new limbs are nothing at the physical level, but it is difficult to integrate with other original limbs at the Taoist level."
"I have already told you in advance that I am only responsible for providing the method, and what consequences will follow after use is irrelevant to me."
"I don’t blame you. There may be other reasons why the new limb doesn’t fit the original limb at the Taoist level." Xiao asked remembering the scene when he remolded his right arm, indifferently.
"Did you really just ask me to thank you?" The existence asked again, he seems to be a man who manages everything and doesn’t want to waste more time with Xiao Wen.
"well. What’s more, there seemed to be something bothering you when you sent me the practice last time. I want to see if you have solved it. "
"Thank you for your concern, not yet."
"Is there anything I can do to help?"
"I can’t."
"Not even the boundary force?"
"I mainly use the power of the world to understand the avenue. I have realized your boundary force many times, and now it is of little use to me. "
"So that’s it. Then why do you leave someone there? "
"Just in case." The existence laughed.
"Well, please help yourself. I’m leaving."
"Don’t send."
After returning to the outside world, Xiao asked about his feelings during the whole process and couldn’t help but whisper, "It seems that he is really in a bad mood."
However, he has other things to do, and he really can’t help worrying about others.
Two days later in the afternoon, Xiao Wen finally earned enough money to take a long-distance transmission array, but he couldn’t leave immediately because there were still many eager customers around him.
This is also due to the fact that monks in this world are not easy to practice and are soft-hearted. I never thought that this soft-hearted was actually a problem.
In the evening, the crowd was suddenly heard a low animal roar, and immediately made everyone feel cold! RS