Hammer stone e was shot by a weak male gun, but Morgana immediately added an e to the male gun at this time

Good Morgana e skills are finally at this moment.
"Lin Yunshu and Morgana’s e skills disappear, so we must find a way to fight this wave of Q male guns," I said.
I should have assisted in E when I was Q, so I was a little scared and timid. At this time, E is also true. After all, it perfectly blocked the hammer stone skill and I was able to continue to fight with me without fear of control when I received it.
Mom, this Imp bitch will fuck me if she looks down on people at level 3, and she will be wretched to level 6 or wait for a wild game every time with other professional players.
Come on, I don’t want to be too sharp. There’s nothing I can do. Others are bullying me, and the road is unstable.
At the end of weakness, neither I nor the opposite man ran away. It was another wave of pleasing to the eye. A man’s gun was facing the front, leaning against me and retreating behind, and no one made much money.
I still have more blood than a male gun. A male gun is right. I just had a passive pure man. I have a passive Heicks shell. Is it not good for A or him?
The blood volume on both sides seems to have dropped to one third, and Imp is already impatient.
Direct e, give me a Q.
I flashed behind him in an instant, that is, he didn’t have the E position, and he escaped his Q skill perfectly. At this time, his Morgana E skill had already disappeared. After I flashed, I immediately released the Q skill toward his E position.
Imp’s reaction is also very fast. When Q skill comes to him, it flashes back immediately, and it also flashes to avoid my Q skill.
So there is such a scene on the screen: Flint male gun EQ plane flashes, Q male gun flashes.
In just one second, the most anticipated skills have been spelled out.
However, I am familiar with the hero of the male gun. Usually, adding points to the male gun is three levels, two points, Q, one level, E, the first level, W, and the price/performance ratio is far less than that of the Q skill. At the third level, even if you can make the opposite side eat a full amount of Q damage, you always feel that there are fewer keys. A set of keys in the early stage of QWE is too blue for the male gun. You can come back by hitting a little red on the opposite side and you are not blue yet, so you have to be passive.
When all the men’s guns are in the third level, they are usually in the second level Q and the first level E, which are explosive and displaced, saving blue consumption.
Because I flashed and dodged this male gun Q, only one damage skill of the male gun was hidden. At this time, he didn’t have any skills. The most important thing is that after he flashed and handed it in, his position was very close to the hammer stone. If the hammer stone wants to hook the male gun, he needs GG.
"Xiao Shu looks at you!" I am serious to Lin Yunshu, and at the same time, I am flying the plane quickly ahead of me.
There’s no hurry to hand in W now. Morgana hasn’t handed in Q yet. In case W was shot by a man in Morgana Q in the past, the head would be hung. To be conservative, I’d better wait for Hammer Stone Q. There’s really no way to go to W. It’s still far from the local defense tower.
As soon as the hammer stone sends out the accurate Q skill, it will be Q. At present, the moving speed of the male gun is not fast, and Imp has not escaped!
At this time, the two P’s of the road came towards the road at the same time.
They are best dressed at this time.
In the past, when we were fighting, we put our skills in late. At that time, if they had already p, we could have left, so their way p would have been a wave.
Then until just now, when the hammer stone missed the male gun, it was not P. At most, the male gun was slightly inferior in this wave, and the effect of AD interaction flashing and auxiliary interaction weakness was not significant
But the hammer stone hook actually caught Imp, so it is necessary for this P to come
What this hook can hook is not how powerful the hammer stone is or how delicious Imp Wan Ciwang is.
First of all, the distance is medium, which happens to be the distance at which the hammer stone can easily hit the target. Secondly, the male gun doesn’t flash and there is no card. When our hands flash, we are usually confident and small, but we can’t hide from Q, but we can flash quickly when we hook up.
But if you don’t flash, you’re more or less worried about protecting the position of the male gun. Although you’ve worked hard, it’s just in the same direction as the hammer stone’s prediction … there’s no way to hide it
It’s another wave of accidents that the two sides will quickly move toward the road and rely on this road.
Chapter 316 Middle Road Danger!
"Kill the male gun first," I said
The hammer stone hooked the second paragraph of Q after the male gun. In the past, I also quickly put W in this period. Now I am in the same line as Morgana and Hammer Stone. Morgana Q will definitely miss. I will be blocked by the hammer stone. Besides, I will also walk. It will not be so easy to let Morgana Q hit.
This man’s gun will take a quarter of his blood, and he will die if he is added to the hammer stone hook to attack and output himself.
My present position is in front of the opposite defensive tower, and I will enter the tower about 300 yards further.
This position is usually the most dangerous position on the road, because there are three GANK places in the opposite field, triangle grass, behind a tower opposite the river, and the grass on the left hand side.
I got a male gun, and as soon as I canceled it, I shook my plan. When I got out the second time, a figure flashed out in the grass behind the opposite tower. Taobao just flashed and added Q skills and ran into me.
However, Taobao is obviously a little slow, just a little bit. A few seconds before I was controlled, the second general attack was already A. Go out and kill the male gun.
“Firs blood!”
FD2_ Road Idiot killed LGD_Imp! ! Got 4 gold coins! !
I successfully got the man’s gun, and a bloody field boiled and there was a warm applause.
An unknown ADImp killed the opposite top CARRY bit by ADC with 22 hard power. I believe that even the commentary on the LOL live interface blushed and praised it.
At this time, the blade and Rambo came at the same time.
There are two reasons why I dare to continue playing this wave.
The first point is that Imp looks down on people. I don’t pay attention to CARRY in FD2 at present, which is true, but it’s too angry to ask Morgana for a * * * * plane and a hammer stone to play with a third-class male gun.
However, if you switch to another anti-pressure type, AD, his three-level fight may be successful. After all, flashing and dodging Q is a strong counter-fight. This kind of move is not something that all competitors can do. They usually flash and dodge Q in the direction of their own defense tower just now, and then turn around and look for opportunities to fight.
So how can a flash be fooled by a male gun for nothing? (The flight speed of the plane W is not as fast as that of the male gun Q, and it is not advisable to avoid the male gun Q)
The second point is that Rambo and Blade haven’t reached level 6 yet, and now they are still level 5. Rambo is not big, Rambo is called the enemy of the machine, and Rambo is called the machine. The threat of Jodl people is directly reduced by half. What are we afraid of?
The most important thing is that LGD is miscalculated.
They thought it might be that pig sister saved the man’s gun, then hit the wild and match the auxiliary in a single instant to have a wave of 3V3 with us.
But the problem is that Yu Mu’s keen sense of smell has already noticed that when Pig Sister appeared, he had already reached the river and the grass was approaching the battlefield.
The opposite side of this wave is not 3V3, but 3V4, and Morgana has no E skills and no Q skills, but the hammer stone E is about to CD well.
Rambo, this wave is sent to send warm.
Pig sister q wants to continue exporting me after living with me, trying to take me away.
Because my blood volume is also a little bit, being beaten by pig sister is really going to die.
But this assistance of the hammer stone is AD displaceable.
After I took the male gun, I was beaten by pig sister Q.
But the hammer stone threw a lantern at me and quickly retreated. I relaxed and immediately got rid of the pig sister’s attack. At this time, the blade Q skill stepped on Rambo Yumu and walked to the center of the line. At present, Rambo is the first.
I quickly retreated, and now my blood volume is about 100 points. I have to see if the opposite side can kill me first. I will find a wretched position and order two gangsters to assist, and my Q skills are better, so I can output a little.
After the blade stepped on Rambo, he put a W skill to silence Rambo. At this time, Yu Mu took the lead in punishing Rambo.
Pig sister waved a sledgehammer and tried to slow us down to help Rambo escape, but it was all in vain. Rambo released two harpoons, and the blood volume had been leveled by the big worm and the residual wood. The wooden hand was still holding two skills, W and Q, but they were not in a hurry. The punishment and E skills were broken and the double deceleration was put when Rambo was trying to output.
Rambo’s blood volume dropped to one third, and Lin Yunshu gave it to E with a hammer stone. Rambo finally couldn’t hold back and let out a flash.
At this time, the blood volume is not full, and the pig sister is stuck in front of the blind monk to prevent him from flashing in Q. After Rambo Q, Rambo II Q is leveled in the past, and A Rambo is a dead man.
But Yu Mu has already seen through all this, directly touching his eyes and sticking his face to Rambo, and then releasing Q skills to accurately hit Rambo before Rambo came to walk.
Yu Mu chased A for two times and then the second Q kicked Rambo’s ass accurately. Rambo died in the hands of a blind monk.
At this time, Morgana finally has a Q skill and a blind monk won’t let us continue to have ideas about pig sister. We really don’t have any ideas. I have skills. I am dissatisfied with the blade skills. The CD in the early stage is medium and long, and I have no skills. The hammer stone is neither blue nor skilled. This pig sister is impossible to take away.
"Cocoa makes a lot of money" I laughed.