Zhong Xin may know that Zhong Yi promised to double row with that Qiao Dong, but he doesn’t know that this is actually Zhong Yi lying, right?

But why did she lie to me that Qiao Dong was Zhong Yi’s boyfriend?
It really hurt me.
I gave a wry smile
"What’s the matter with you? Think of Sister Zhong Yi again? " Aishi asked.
I nodded irrefutably and said, "Well, let’s practice quickly."
It’s been four or five days of practice, but it’s not the same when there are many contestants in this competitive cup. Although it’s been ten days since today, an audition will still be held in other competitions. I’m afraid I won’t be able to play these days.
I’m at my peak in spirit and state now. The game is serious and I don’t relax. I play hard every game. Although it’s not my CARRY point now, I still do my best and sweep the next ten games with other players in a row.
A total of 100 teams have been eliminated and now there are only two left.
Then out of the two, four will be eliminated, and out of the sixteen, half will be eliminated, and finally, the final of the top four and the top three will be reached.
It can be said that the most exciting part of the competitive cup now is born from these 20 teams.
These 20 teams are the current first-line teams and extremely strong second-line teams. Our team is the most powerful dark horse, which not only ranks first at present, but also has never appeared before.
Although the competitive level and technical level may not be as rigorous as LPL, many teams may not play well that day because of BO3 elimination system, but there is no way to do it. This time, BO3 will be eliminated and there will be no more. From this point, it can’t compete with LPL points system.
However, those teams participating in the competition are all the original teams in LPL, and some dark horse teams that are similar to our second-line teams will form the top 20 teams this time.
However, Li Yuxing did make a point that only when he met a first-team team can he have four guarantees and one tactic, and he can lose the first game before the second game, otherwise it will always be the nakano CARRY tactic.
According to Li Yuxing, a card can be called a card because it has a unique and unexpected effect. If it lacks uniqueness and surprise, it can’t be called a card. It can be called an advantage.
There must be a good card in the team. This is the key to winning the championship. This is the experience of sweeping all major awards when Li Yuxing was a player.
Our team is not fighting for the second and third place, but we are going to win the championship.
So I’m still sharp-edged and I haven’t shown enough brilliance yet
The competitive cup has already been broadcast live in the LOL waiting interface, and this bonus is a bonus pool competition system. Many players may not have paid attention to the game before, but they bought this avatar and they invested their money in the bonus pool. They will be slightly worried about which team will take their money. Note which team is stronger and which team is weaker.
In this way, the reputation of our dark horse team has been instantly promoted.
At present, our sponsors have five food, clothing and peripherals, and the sponsorship price is ten times higher than before. Not only our team, but the well-known and old teams are far from the sponsorship price, but the benefits they bring to the sponsors are almost the same. We have become a hot spot, and a top 20 is enough to make our players’ salaries multiply several times. Now our players’ per capita income is 20 thousand per month, which is already a high-income group.
Now Aishi and Yumu are well-known figures. Everyone knows that there is such a center field in FD2. CARRY plays more fiercely than Koreans, especially in the middle road, and she is a beautiful woman. Aishi is a pure and beautiful girl. Now many LOL players are walking on the road, and some people can recognize her.
Yu Mu’s face value is also quite high, which is quite popular with female fans. At that time, it is also a time to call for rain and not worry about mala Tang.
I am the least conspicuous except that I have always been steady, simple and easy to reach, and sometimes bright and sometimes like gas to assist Lin Yunshu.
Now all teams are studying such tactics as cracking our nakano, and Li Yuxing often laughs in front of his head.
This game is against an old team.
It’s amazing. A team
This team originated from DOA.
The name of our team is named after their predecessor.
LGD has two branches, one LOL and the other DOA2.
It used to be called FD before DOA1LGD was famous.
We are called FD2 now, but I’m afraid their team members don’t know what FD means or whether it has anything to do with their team.
But it doesn’t matter anymore
LGD has a strong Korean ADC.
The VN mouse named Imp is good at men’s guns. Before UZI became a god, it was once recognized as the world’s number one VN, the world mouse king and the strongest ADC in South Korea.
And this competition
That’s me. He’s on the line
When the first AD in China meets the first AD in South Korea.
Chapter 312 My tower scolds medicine and answers mud.
To be honest, we are not sure about LGD confrontation, and it is very likely that we will directly exert our strength in this competition.
First of all, LGD singles A, the original Samsung Blue singles A, his strength needs to be questioned. If we want to judge the most stable singles, it must be the original Samsung Blue. Although he was defeated in the top four by his brother Samsung White 3-0 in the S4 World Finals, his play was recognized by everyone. Joining LGD this time can make up for the lack of a stable player on LGD Road, so that LGD can focus on the road and the middle road. I believe that his participation can make LGD Road become a hard wall.
Yida is an offensive single-player, two-player line-up and confrontation. Conservative and steady singles are always more powerful than offensive CARRY singles. There is no actual number of games to prove this truth. At the peak, OMG brother GOGOING never blew up his opponent by line, but CARRY won the game by one hand to support the whole situation. This is the model of conservative singles.
LGD playing wild AOBAOQUAN Taobao playing wild has always been called LGD short board. Taobao’s play in the whole S4 season was really unsatisfactory. When we played against LGD, the breakthrough was here in Taobao.
Taobao likes to take out wild heroes, usually blind spiders. Kazik heroes are aggressive heroes, but Taobao often doesn’t do well in every wild attack. He is often crouched by the opposite side. He loves to arrest people and invade enemy wild areas, but sometimes he is fascinated. Sometimes he often can’t catch people online or is crouched by the opposite side, which leads to LGD’s most senior back-pot man. The director is his nemesis. He combines the characteristics of the factory director with his strong anti-squatting ability. From this aspect of wild areas, LGD is afraid to suffer for us.
Wei Shen, a single-player in LGD, is a very capable single-player LGD. It is important to CARRY a point. He is young and has a wide mind. He dares to single-player robbery in the competition. He was the first to take out Lissandra in the competition. Even the single-player is not as famous as the middle field tactics in South Korea. It was only in the late S4 that South Korea made it clear that Wei Shen was very predictable. He is a very flexible player with his own thoughts. Ai Shi is a big problem for him. Now his skills are much better than before. However, I can’t guarantee that she can beat Wei Shen. It depends on the wood.