What does she mean by these words?

Fang Yin’s frown became tighter and tighter, and it was twisted into a Sichuan word between the eyebrows.
"Fang Yin?"
Qin’s low voice drew him out of his confused thoughts.
Fang Yin has been holding her breath. At this moment, she seems to be awakened suddenly. She takes two breaths of fresh air, which is as urgent as dehydrated fish.
The original pale face was aroused by this time, and his cold face became gorgeous and vivid.
Qin Xu to see some stay.
But Fang Yinren didn’t know what he was now, and he didn’t notice Qin Xugui’s eyes. The influx of oxygen made his mind cool and quiet. He spread his palm and fanned himself a little.
Oh, my God. Did he forget to breathe when he was thinking?
Fang Yin is about to cry by her stupidity.
"Scared?" Qin Xugui lowered his voice as much as possible to make his cold line softer. Unfortunately, the effect doesn’t seem to be obvious. It seems that Fang Yin has not been appeased by his deliberate gentleness.
Fang Yin didn’t notice that she had been holding on to others’ forearm until Qin Xugui said this. Maybe she just lost some strength when she was confused. Now Fang Yin suddenly let go of her hand, and she can still see red fingerprints on her face.
It’s no wonder that Qin Xugui suddenly shouted that he should pinch people himself.
Fang Yin shook his head to show that he was not afraid of apologizing and said to Qin Yougui, "I’m sorry I didn’t notice that my hand was so heavy. Did it hurt you?"
Qin Xugui was stunned. How could Fang Yin hurt him if he thought Fang Yin had any misunderstanding about him?
"I’m not sorry," Qin Xu looked down at Fang Yin. Although the man shook his head to show that he was not afraid, Qin Xu returned from him and felt uneasy.
I should still be afraid.
Youth … He knows a little bit. He is not a brave man. It is normal that the picture suddenly becomes scary and scared.
"Lovely" Qin Xugui felt that he should say something to comfort him. The warm palm was attached to the back of Fang Yin’s neck, and there was a soft meat there. When you pinch Fang Yin, you can always relax.
He said, "Be good."
Qin’s comforting words are just one or two sentences that are all "not afraid", "don’t be afraid" or "it’s okay" and "I’m here"
In most cases, two or three words are short, pale and lacking.
However, Fang Yin always felt that his heart would miss the beat when he was extremely powerful and said it with the warmth of his hand and palm.
Fang Yin will be inexplicably upset again because these two or three words miraculously settle down.
I was just confused and anxious.
Smoothed by Qin Xu’s return
Chapter 46 Who can not be afraid of this? !
When entering the gate, as promised.
Aunt lodger doesn’t care whether they find important clues or whether they find the right way to leave the dreamland.
Go back to your bed and sleep as soon as you get to the entrance guard!
"Do you remember that shadow?"
It’s dark inside, and it’s spilled from the outside, and it’s clear.
His voice was not loud, but it was clear enough in the thick silent night. Last night, before the fire, a dark shadow floated through the window, saying that they had not yet figured out what it was, but it arrived when the fire broke out.
That figure is suspicious.
"Is that black shadow floating by the window?" Mao Chengcheng was really scared today. After the aunt of the boarding house checked the bed, she quickly climbed Fang Yin Chuang and squeezed together with him.
Shen Qiubai sat on the bedside and was very close to them. This position is very similar to last night.
Fang Yin snorted in a low voice. Just then, the light and shadow on the ground seemed to flash and Fang Yin quickly turned to look.
Ruye outside the window
One side Mao Chengcheng clung to Fang Yin tightly, and clenched his sleeve tightly like a lump of dried pickles.
Qin Xu’s voice was low and abrupt, and suddenly sounded in the cold night. Mao Chengcheng’s whole body followed the fibrillation almost at the same time.
Fang Yin ignored these smells and quickly turned to look at the only mirror in the house.
There is a slender mirror in the center behind the dormitory door, just behind the room axis.
The window mirror and the small piece of light coming in from the ground window are connected into a line.
At this time, there is no one in the mirror facing the window.
Square seal looked up and didn’t budge.
"Whoo!" Mao Chengcheng was frightened again, but this time no one started work. Mao Chengcheng was very prescient. He raised his hand and covered his mouth when he exclaimed that he was about to export.
Finally, a few small sobs spilled from the fingers.
It can be described as once born and twice cooked.
After going through so many stimuli in a row, Mao Chengcheng learned to control himself miserably.
Fang Yin stared at the picture in the mirror and heard the movement around him. He took it with him and saw Mao Chengcheng, a little miserable and pathetic.
….. Good consciousness.
The shadow in the mirror moved back and forth.
As the shadow moves in the mirror, the window and the ground will flash past the shadow accordingly.
"… I go to what is this?" Shen Qiubai exclaimed, the whole person is already ready to attack.
I have always seen a mirror reflect the world outside the mirror. This is the first time I have seen a person in the mirror who can control the situation outside the mirror.
No one can answer Shen Qiubai’s question, and they are all at a loss.
"It appeared a long time ago" Fang Yin consciously touched her finger and the cold ring can draw some security from this powerful weapon.
"Well," Qin Xu returned to the light and responded to Fang Yin’s words. I don’t know where I pulled out a small hand.
It’s the kind of strong light that can adjust the distance. The hand shines in the mirror extremely brightly.