When the meridians are almost restored, the forest edge will continue to operate, and the dark blue is true.

This practice day by day has passed.
Weeds outside gradually wither, and a layer of frost covers the surface. It turned out to be late autumn, winter passed and everything was bleak.
A heavy snow directly covered the cave, making the surrounding more quiet, but the forest edge knew nothing about the scenery outside, and its spirit had been in a mysterious state of cultivation.
It seems that the rolling sound can be heard in the abdomen, and the shares are too dark blue. When the true yuan surges in the abdomen and fully occupies the whole abdomen, you can hear the thunder.
This is a sign that it is about to break through a realm, and the forest edge is in such a situation.
Lin Yuan’s eyes blink with a dark blue light and disappear instantly.
Three days, three days after the forest edge recovered from the injury, the forest edge has been in a deep cultivation for the past three days, that is, to raise its spirit to the peak.
The spirit rises to the peak in three days, and the forest edge is refining the purple mansion heart, which is why the forest edge can break through the existing realm a few days ago, but it has not broken through, but has completely adjusted its spirit to the peak.
Suddenly, a purple heart suddenly appeared in the left hand of the forest edge, and a brake appeared in the hand of the forest edge. A wave of earth and true elements swept through, and it was faintly visible that the whole thing was rippling.
"Purple mansion depends on you." Lin Yuan finally whispers that the vigor has greatly moved the peak, and then he refines the purple mansion. Sometimes Lin Yuan feels that refining this purple mansion is by no means a day or two, and it takes ten days and a half to run in.
It is said that the spirit is at its peak, and it is calm, not anxious, not impatient, not afraid, not afraid, and the will is above all else. There is no turmoil. This is the normal heart.
A normal mind is a calm mind with no waves, that is, the spirit is at its peak.
You should take it yourself; Don’t abandon yourself?
Congenital mixed yuan forest edge this time is to rely on the purple house heart to achieve a higher level of mixed yuan! It is a normal heart to communicate with heaven and earth, not to be tempted and oppressed by heaven and earth, and to let your will override the heavens and control them!
From then on, we can get rid of every tire!
Here, to control the world is to control one’s own truth and another’s own truth. Every strength is no longer as good as before. At this time, the realm of mixed elements is to let one’s own truth flow everywhere in the body.
All kinds of enlightenment flashed in the heart of Lin Yuan.
"It will be successful this time." Lin Yuan’s heart became stronger than before, and his spiritual will returned to the peak again.
With the peace of mind, the palm of your hand on the edge of the forest is in a potential to pour out the true power of the purple mansion.
In an instant, thick purple is completely covered in the forest garden refining. At that moment, the purple heart of the forest edge hand is excited
Once the purple mansion is excited and stopped, Zhenyuan will have a huge explosion, even the life of the forest edge will not be guaranteed.
The purple real force is flowing out with the extremely amazing heaven and earth real elements, and the whole cave gas is hazy in a moment, and the attractive fragrance spreads.
In an instant, the whole cave is full of purple true force, and a little bit of it belongs to the realm of purple mansion, which makes the vegetation outside the cave more lush.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-two-mixed yuan peak
The stronger the real force in the hands of the forest edge is, the more direct it is. In the end, the purple heart is compressed into a ball the size of a baby’s head. The purple real state in its part is so huge that the real element is rolling and flowing in the liquid. The amazing real element is so shocking that the palm of the forest edge is trembling slightly.
A breath of suction gushed out from the mouth of the forest edge, and it was obvious that the heart of the purple mansion suddenly flew up and turned into a purple line, all of which disappeared into the mouth of the forest edge.
Instantly enter a corner of the forest edge dantian, which is more conducive to the complete absorption of the real yuan.
As these purple hearts with amazing truth got into the forest edge, his skin turned purple almost instantly, and his whole body seemed to swell in a circle.
Amazing forces of truth wreaked havoc on the forest edge like a flood, and he quickly converged his mind and operated Taiyuan Jingxun to refine these influxes.
However, the true force contained in this purple mansion heart is indeed quite huge, and now it is faintly out of control to be rushed into the body by Lin Yuan.