After the madness, Kilo quickly calmed down and said to Jinyang, "Boss, I know that you are very powerful. Can you help me build a base here? I have to arrange my laboratory and arrange the undead array to prepare for resurrection. What do you mean, my damn people should be obedient when they have been tortured by the magic device’ Forgetting the Magic Bottle’ for so long!"

Jinyang didn’t respond and looked quite serious. In fact, before Kilo’s request, Jinyang was already measuring the specific scope of the vein. As Jinyang drank a lot and ten huge stones floated, he was caught by a strange force and slowly suspended from the river bed.
Fix the stones in a specific direction. Jinyang’s hands are in a hurry, and ten points of inflammation and yang fire are lashing out and quickly wrapping the ten rocks. It is hotter than the real fire. Carefully controlled in Jinyang, the impurities in the rocks are quickly refined to get rid of their dross and extract their essence.
Soon the rock disappeared, leaving ten groups of molten metal wrapped in Cindy Yang fire, constantly tumbling and rotating, and Jinyang quickly recovered the real fire. The ten groups of molten metal were slowly cast into ten meters long metal columns with the spirit of Jinyang. The shapes are all the same, but the colors are different. Obviously, they are all made of different metals.
Looking at the essence of the metal column, Jinyang grabbed a huge green-backed fish with a virtual hand in the distance. When it was caught, it was refined by gently pulling the blood of the green-backed fish. In Jinyang, the blood was carefully controlled. According to a strange pattern, strange spells were carved on the metal column.
Looking at Kilo while holding a cup of tea, he found that it was getting colder and colder. He would never feel cold in this river, but he was horrified to find that the temperature was decreasing and everything around him was changing.
The green light in his eyes flashed in Kilo’s eyes, and he saw that there were murders everywhere and there were monsters everywhere. The monsters were cruel and fiercely competitive, and they often killed each other. Like this monster beast in the river, hundreds of millions of monsters died of competition every moment, and the ghosts did not go to hell, so they gathered in the river in large numbers.
After several times since I got the Ten-Array Diagram, Jinyang has been quite familiar with the Ten-Array Diagram, especially the Ten-Heaven Demon Body. Although they have no consciousness, there is a huge amount of information about the Wild and Wild. The Ten-Array Sacrifice Method makes Jinyang more familiar with it. Jinyang carved ten arrays on the metal column with monster blood.
Although it is Jinyang’s temporary refining array, it also has the most basic ability of the Ten Commandments, which can absorb the ghosts forever, and the breath of Yin evil spirit grows slowly. After hundreds of millions of years, it has evolved into a real Ten Commandments array, which is not impossible.
Celestial volume Chapter 319 In
Celestial volume Chapter 319 In
"drink! ! !”
Jinyang roared ten metal pillars as if they were ordered to blas out in all directions, and soon landed at the fixed place of Jinyang Shennian, and then took root deeply and extended to the depth of the riverbed, and then slowly stopped to fix it at that point.
With the metal column fixed at the bottom of the river bed, the strong smell of death and the number of residual dead ghosts converge as a matter of fact, and quickly go deep underground and wind into the metal column to deal with the soul all the year round. Kilo soon felt that tens of thousands of ghosts were absorbed by the metal column in a very short time.
Soon, the Ten Commandments began. First, the local river was slowly raised by the law. A hemispherical energy-permeable cover slowly rose. The clear river rushed to all directions, and several aquarium monsters followed the scattered direction to escape the death breath of the energy cover, so that they could feel fear and know that the farther away, the better.
"Let’s take you in and have a look at it and get you a lab on the spot." Jinyang is more excited than Kilo’s body. The water in the energy cover has been drained and the rocks have not been wet at all. If it weren’t for many hidden rivers and grasses, no one would have thought that it was more than a thousand feet deep at the bottom of the river.
Entering the energy shield, Jinyang still did not stop at all, and his body quickly shuttled through the energy shield, and soon he found a high slope that was significantly higher than other places. It was about 12 or 13 feet higher than the average riverbed height. Although it was very inconspicuous at the bottom of the river, it was enough for Jinyang to build a laboratory.
The high slope is actually a huge rock protruding from the ground, which contains several kinds of precious metal parts, all of which can be directly refined into magic weapons and flying swords. With this foundation, it will be much simpler, and it will be more convenient to dig the part without much effort than to build an underground palace in the depths of magma.
According to Kilo’s requirements, the entrance and exit of the main entrance are planned first, and then the quality and heat are hotter than the fire in Cindy Yang. It will burn out a hole the size of the main entrance. When it reaches the center of the rock, the Cindy Yang fire will burst out suddenly, and everything around it will be burned out. In just a few seconds, the rock part will become like this.
Although there are shells left, all the metals in the rocks have been sacrificed by real fire because of the Cindy Yang fire, but the rocks have become harder and their impact resistance far exceeds that of the former solid state.
Kilo’s face lit up and immediately flew into the rock department. The riverbed was burned in the fire of Cindy Yang, and the whole department finally became 100 meters high, which was even more unusual than the football field.
With Kilo’s landing, dozens of sets of huge precision equipment are also placed together with the messy chapter. Although it seems very messy, it makes people feel messy, but Jinyang can see that Kilo has carefully arranged the results. The advantage is that he can concentrate on controlling all the equipment at the same time and complete the experiment according to his wishes.
Seeing that Kilo Jinyang immediately threw himself into the research, he smiled and felt very calm and gratified. This is what Kilo wanted. In fact, what these brothers wanted was very simple, but they drove their values to their heads, but it was too late to find out.
I didn’t disturb Kilo Jinyang flying out of this rock laboratory alone and secretly playing dozens of bans. Only when Kilo enters and exits will it become unblocked. If others dare to approach it, they will be fatally hit by the Ten Commandments at once, and at the same time, they will wake up in the Qinglong Palace. Jinyang Jinyang speed is coming to save the life of the undead mage. That is definitely more than enough.
Jinyang slowly suspends the energy shield, and you can feel the breath of a large number of murders rushing to the metal column, constantly transforming the metal column to make it slowly evolve and gradually strengthening the power of the energy shield.
After a careful look around, Jinyang felt that there was no potential threat. This was only from this unfinished base. Use simple water to quickly escape back to Qinglong Palace. Other facilities in this base were arranged by those little demons after they woke up. Jinyang, the leader of the organization, can’t do everything by himself.
Get close to Qinglong Palace quickly. Baldheaded Li follows a dust of old ghosts in The Hunger like a follower, doing some dirty work and beating thugs for them. He is constantly improving Qinglong Palace’s large array of seven-star magic array. Baldheaded Li is also constantly strengthening his understanding of array law in the process of helping, and he has really learned a lot.
Thousands of small demons are still in a state of concentration when they enter the palace-protecting large array square. Hundreds of elixirs and a whole elixir of nature are added. Although there is dragon blood to secretly strengthen the system of these small demons to help them slowly digest the medicine, the medicine is too huge to wake up for a while.
The magic eagle and other 34 pro-guards are still devoted to their duties. Two dragon gods are still busy outside the palace of Qing Jiao. They personally identify their successors. The two elders, Wang, are obviously pinning the hope of revitalizing the dragon gods on Qing Jiao, a reptile, and secretly have to spend more time on Gao Qing Jiao’s strength.
Sitting on the jade bed, Jinyang slowly thinks that it will be like taking a step forward. For now, it is important to solve the mysterious island as soon as possible. Maybe the mysterious island is really left by Emperor Yan in the wild. No matter what Emperor Yan left, it is extremely necessary for Jinyang.
If we can upgrade Vulcan True Solution to the sixth floor again, then at least we will have the power to protect ourselves, and we will not be so timid as we are now. Even the octopus with Jinxian claws needs to think twice.
If "The True Solution of Vulcan" can be promoted, you can directly kill that nonsense seafood, and the strength can also suppress the old loach of the Dragon King of the South China Sea. After all, the Jade Emperor is still on his side for now.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 32 In nine
Celestial Volume Chapter 32 In nine
Three days later, Jinyang woke up from the meditation again and unexpectedly found that Jiaze Lingze, the elder king of two dragons, had stopped busy and was suspended in the green dumpling. His huge body was obviously too busy to connect for a few days, which led to excessive consumption. The aura in this palace was unusually sufficient, and he was absorbing it to replenish his vitality.
Jinyang spirit swept the huge body of the green dumpling lightly. The two elders of the dragon gods, Wang Ming, ordered the Dragon Yuan to be really a good thing. The energy of the three natural elixirs has been absorbed. The dragon power of the green dumpling body is running at a regular high speed according to a strange pattern, constantly absorbing the external free energy to expand its circulation, and at the same time constantly separating the dragon power to strengthen the physical strength.
Looking at Qing Jiao’s secret method of strengthening physical strength, Jinyang can vaguely see the shadow of Vulcan True Solution. It seems that these two old loaches stayed with Vulcan Zhu Rong for so many years, and it was not for nothing. At the very least, Jinyang gave Xuanzhen and other elders a training method. Although Qing Jiao finished the city, it was modified, but the first three layers of Vulcan True Solution were the same.
Dragon’s flesh is stronger than it is now. Green Dumpling will continue to go to the flesh like this, and sooner or later it will reach an incredibly strong level.
Ignoring the two old loaches suspended in the middle school, Jinyang teleported to the green dumpling’s side, only to find that this reptile had already been thoroughly remoulded. At least, it had a golden fairy stage, and its self-cultivation scales all gave off a strange smell. The green scales were as smooth as a mirror, and there was a faint flash of colorful divine light. Every scale was like a magic weapon wrapped in treasure light.
Jinyang suddenly raised his foot and kicked the green dumpling calf. Although he was kicked in the scales and instantly shattered, Jinyang was also secretly surprised that his toes were faintly numb. It can be seen how powerful this reptile’s flesh has been, and it has just been cultivated. The cultivation of the flesh will be even more extreme with time.
"That bastard dares to kick the dragon king and sign up quickly to prepare for death."
Following Hades, several people tore and mixed together for a while, and Qing Jiao also learned to swear. He just absorbed the medicine and was tortured by it for seven whole days, in which although there were many benefits, the hard work was visible to the naked eye.
It’s not easy to get rid of that kind of unbearable pain. Green dumpling is preparing to take a nap for half a month, but just close your eyes and feel a sharp pain in your calf. Even the scales are shattered. Although you can recover in a few days with great concentration, can you just be determined to find your face first?
"I" Jinyang cold hum with a secret method "shake god Lv Yin" like a lily directly into the green dumpling head.
Green dumpling feels that his head tends to lose consciousness when he is stupid, but subconsciously, he finds that it’s Jinyang’s voice, which is a tingle. Do you dare to faint? Quickly turn your head to Jinyang with your eyes open and say, "Ah, it’s your dear boss. You’re really happy to get up so early today." Do you want to tell the little devils to prepare breakfast for you? "
Jinyang suddenly became angry and cursed in his heart. Damn it, Hades, when did this worm become so glib? I didn’t realize that I had been brought into heaven for so long that Naidi said, "It’s tired to be a human being and talk with your head up. It’s better if you don’t say it. I really want to eat something. I miss the taste of Mexican tender steak cooked by Mr. Hilde himself."
Qing Jiao did not dare to disobey Jinyang’s command. His long-term fear of Jinyang made him always listen to Jinyang’s words, never asking anything and never having doubts. Just carry out the command obediently, and quickly pinch the dragon secret method and change it into a ruler. The big man’s body muscles are high and swollen, full of instantaneous explosive force. What’s more frightening is that he is covered with green and faint Long Lin, and the dragon clan is born ugly.
When I heard that Jinyang wanted to eat steak, Qing Jiao immediately said, "Don’t think about the boss’s Mexican steak at the bottom of this thousand-foot river, but there are hundreds of millions of aquatic animals in this river, and many of them are you. I have never seen a species. Do you want to grab two new things for you? I will personally handle it and serve it with three flavors, and I will soon be able to serve wine."
Think of those strange-looking aquatic animals, and think about the appearance of the old demon Claw Arowana and the fact that the palace is in a state of concentration. The little demon Jinyang suddenly lost his appetite completely and said faintly, "Little Misgurnus, your boss, I’m leaving, and this Qinglong Palace is up to you. I’ll leave them with Kilo, the werewolf’s undead mage. One likes to lead the troops and the other likes to study murder weapons, which should be of great help to you."
"Boss, you are leaving so soon." Qing Jiao pretended to be very reluctant to look sad and sincere.
Jinyang immediately roared, "you four-legged reptile, don’t talk to me like this. I think you wish I could get out of here now, or what’s the point of you being a king of dragons?" You have to listen to the old orders. "
Green dumpling immediately shut up and dare not to be presumptuous or joke again.
Jinyang is really leaving, and he has been in a state of meditation for three days. Everything that has happened in the past few years has been sorted out and it is clear that the most important thing at present is to improve his own strength.
After several calculations, the only and fastest way is to go to the mysterious island mentioned by Yi and see if the mysterious island is really left by Emperor Yan, which will certainly be of great help to Jinyang Xiu. It is no longer out of the question to raise the True Solution of Vulcan to the sixth floor in a short time.
Looking at it, I immediately became good. Qing Jiao Jinyang slowly ordered, "I need everything to slowly improve my strength first. I have already prepared for you to slowly expand your power in secret. Don’t deal with those demon kings for the time being until I inform you." Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Green dumpling immediately grateful way "white boss"
After thinking about Jinyang again, he added, "Ask more questions before you enter the WTO, and always remember to be cruel to the enemy and be kind to your own people. Those old demons who take refuge in you either swear allegiance or directly kill Hydra Tsing Yi, who has no third way. Although he is a real demon race, his ancestors are my cronies in the wild race."
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The celestial volume Chapter 321 has begun to take shape
The celestial volume Chapter 321 has begun to take shape
With green dumpling out of the palace, I looked at the square in front of the palace and crawled nearly a thousand little demons. Jinyang said slowly, "These are all my preparations for you. They will all be able to turn into human beings when they wake up from their meditation. Although they have the strength to survive, they will be very obedient and listen to you."
Looking at the green dumpling brow with a slightly grateful look, Jinyang is also somewhat gratified and continued, "A dust in the layout of the seven-star magic array is notorious for its magic array, but it can also block the leakage of aura, and the aura of the large array of Juyuan can’t get into the Qinglong Palace. The aura will become stronger and stronger, and the strength of these little demons will become stronger and stronger."
Qing Jiao was very grateful and said, "Thank you, boss, for your cultivation!"
Jinyang smiled gently and said, "I really won’t give you so much for nothing. Maybe I need your help that day, and that’s when you pay me back, but since I gave it to you, everything here will always be yours."
Suddenly, the green dumpling eyebrows are wrinkly, and the aura around the body is changing rapidly. The aura concentration is even more than doubled in an instant. Jinyang suddenly smiles. It seems that a dust of old ghosts in The Hunger has been completed. I can feel that there are a total of 36 large arrays of interlocking attacks and defenses in Qinglong Palace.
Soon, the water force in the river area near Qinglong Palace can be seen by the naked eye, and the speed swarms and instantly gathers in Qinglong Palace through the magic array of seven stars, increasing the aura concentration of the palace.