"I wish you knew ~!"

"You really have nothing? !” At first glance, Simon’s bloody and nine-fold entanglement came to an end, and Butterfly Lovers timely interjected with Nine-fold Road, "I know about what happened to you in reality from Ximenkou!"
Nine bright smile "you just put your heart in your stomach, how could I be fine ~? !”
"Ha ha is right!"
"What the hell is going on? !” Simon soaring blood correct attitude detailed inquiry way
In order to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, I took Jiuzhong and told the whole story to three people. Then I spread my hands. "That’s it!"
"I didn’t expect this Jiugong Great God to be so vicious …!" After listening to the butterfly lovers, there is a trace of indignation. "In the game, it is not our opponents who want to do things in reality!"
"Strictly speaking, the practice of Jiugong Great God is not wrong for him!" Simon soaring blood holding the shoulder, "the current situation in the Japanese area, he may be hoping to make a comeback in reality! However, if he dares to stir up trouble openly in reality, then he should be prepared to accept the retaliation we will launch in reality! Nine times your background, I think you will definitely not let this little thing go! "
I already know the identity background of Jiuzhong in reality through the blood of Xiang Xiang Princess Simon.
"… of course!" Nine eyes flashed a trace of cold "being moved by people, my woman. If I still swallow my words, am I still a man?" !”
"If you need help, I will spare no effort to help you!" Simon’s bloody smile is indifferent. "Although I can’t help you in the game, I still have a little ability to ask myself in reality!"
"Hum ~!" Jiuzhong smiled. "Even if you don’t say it, I’ll pull you. With the help of your fellow backer, it’s definitely God’s way of stopping the killing of gods and buddhas!"
"Hum!" Simon blood pie pie "it was a girl’s extroverted fragrance. This girl is really telling you everything. I’m afraid I’ve been exposed upside down!"
"Who are you talking about? She won’t tell me who to tell!"
"If you want to deal with this big myth of Jiugong in reality, I think I can help a little!" "Don’t forget to call me when you act!"
"Ha ha, don’t worry about this!" Jiuchong hand in hand with butterfly flowers and fragrant shoulders said, "As the saying goes, men and women are not tired of working together, of course, butterfly flowers and beautiful women are indispensable!"
"Uh …!" At this time, Apple, who had been listening without words, suddenly raised his hand shyly and said, "If you need something to hack through the Internet, I think I can also contribute!"
"Yo ho!" Jiuchong leng said, "So Apple, you are still a computer expert in reality? !”
"Cough … the other half of my life is the brain!"
Jiuzhong and Ximen screamed at the apple and gave a thumbs up. "The cow is really an enemy otaku!"
"Ha ha!" Apple smiled shyly. "Well, boss, can I report the situation to you these days now?" !”
"I almost forgot all the business!" Nine heavy a clap forehead "hurriedly say, how did the invasion of Japan war play these days? !”
Then, I added apples from the side of recent butterfly lovers and Simon’s soaring blood, and made a detailed report on the front-line situation of Japanese area with Jiuzhong in these days, and then continued, "At present, 95% maps of Japanese area have been completely incorporated into the last map of the core of Tokyo in China’s Turi area. In this last map, players in Japanese area know that the meaning of dispersing troops to defend too many players’ cities will be more easily eroded by our Chinese people, so in the Great God’s overall planning, players in Japanese area will give up all other meanings, and the ten players’ cities with the largest defense scale will be the bonfire joint venture
"So …!" Nine heavy hands touching the earlobe thoughtfully "it’s easy! It’ s a joke that they can fight hard in the middle of the army! "
"It seems that you have thought of coping strategies? !” Butterfly Lovers said, "In the face of their extreme defensive strategy, we are worried that we have been madly attacking for almost two days, and we have not even brought one of the last ten cities!" There are too many defensive forces in these ten player cities! "
"I can imagine this!" Jiuzhong nodded with a smile. "All players in the whole Japanese area defend the last ten player cities with np forces, so the guard force of each city is one tenth of the total force in the Japanese area!"
"Yes, if they were evenly distributed throughout the original Japanese area, there wouldn’t be many roots, but now it’s really an inexhaustible feeling that their defensive forces will not be reduced at all regardless of our crazy attack! The root is that the whole city is filled with people’s heads, and even birds are not allowed in! " Ximen Biao Xue Dao
"In the face of such people, it is difficult to say that it is difficult to do, but it is easy to do it!" Nine unfathomable smiles
Three eyes in nine heavy body "easy how easy? !”
Chapter six hundred and fifty-nine Spirit is commendable
"Go directly to the front and you will know." Jiuzhong deliberately sold it, started the function of sending the ring body at a fixed point, rolled up Simon’s soaring blood, recent flowers and apples, and directly moved away from during the battle and ran to the front line of the Japanese area.
Led by the first three alliances of the Holy Alliance, since the invasion of Japan, it can be said that it has been sweeping all the way, devastating and unstoppable, and the prospect of war is bright.
At the beginning of the invasion war, most of the players outside the three major leagues in Huaxia District took a wait-and-see attitude and were watching the fun. However, with the rapid progress of the three major leagues, the busy people finally couldn’t sit still, and they all threw themselves into the tide of invading Japan.
With the continuous influx of this huge group, one side of Huaxia District has almost a limited number of soldiers, which can continuously strike at the Japanese area. It is in this ultra-high intensity of continuous pressure that players in the Japanese area will be defeated one after another.
It’s not that their own combat capability is much worse than that of Chinese players, but that they can’t bear this constant consumption. Even if they can stand it in the virtual game, their spirit can’t bear it in reality.
This is the disadvantage of fewer people.
Coming to the front line, outside one of the last ten player cities in the Japanese area, Jiuzhong looks around, and you will see players in Huaxia area rushing from all sides, just like the tide, wave after wave towards the cities in the encirclement, and the np mixed forces of the players stationed in the Japanese area in the city and China are fiercely fighting together.
Looking at these milli formations in front of me, there is no so-called teamwork. Like bandits and bandits, I know that I will kill the players and attack the siege troops. Jiuzhong can’t help but be one leng. "Shit, it’s not like our alliance team, it’s too conformal."
"Yes," Apple nodded and said, "These are really not our fighting forces. Today, our alliance forces are just finishing in shifts. Now, the siege forces and departments are all scattered players who spontaneously joined the invasion war in Huaxia. Seeing that the war situation in our invasion of Japan is excellent, all of them come and join in the fun. One is kind, but the other is just to maintain the weather for 24 hours. We are also short of hands, so we have joined them in the shift, and we didn’t expect them to be able to.
"What do I say …" Nine heavy suddenly nodded, and the fighting quality of these players is much worse than that of the first batch of free players he recruited before. "But even if it’s just a slap in the face, they’re not too fooling around. Although this kind of play is huge, it’s actually extremely low in effect, and the loss will be very serious."
"I have woken them up like this and asked them to make some adjustments, but …" Apple Nai shook his head and said, "These people are really mixed, and the good and the bad are intermingled. It is very rare to listen to my overall scheduling and stop fighting on time. It is said that it is impossible to command them to fight like a regular army of our alliance."
The situation in front of the city is indeed as predicted by Jiuzhong. Although the offensive momentum of players in Huaxia District is extremely fierce, it is simply like a mountain calling for a tsunami and a raging sea. However, there is not much deterrent for players in Japan who are already desperate. Plus the players in Japan who are guarding the city, they should arrange their troops and form the most scientific offensive and defensive front, just like a huge war meat grinder, which reaps the lives of players in China, and the players in China have suffered heavy losses
"Hurry and let them come." Looking at the situation ahead, Jiuchong frowned. "There is no such fight in the war. Although the spirit is commendable, it is simply giving the kids a free experience, not only to attack the city, but also to let the kids fight and keep fighting, and the more they fight, the stronger they get."
Apple nodded, and the horse hit the battlefield and set up a special temporary command channel to instruct the players who attacked the city, "No.13 city siege troops, don’t beat the horse again."
But at this time, the siege players have already killed their red eyes. Although Apple specifically told them before the siege, which channel they were commanded and dispatched by, but now they are hot-blooded, and they have already thrown this crop behind the second gate. They didn’t expect this order to be launched against them, and they are still fighting hard for the players in the city.