"It’s the early days of two ancient demon people and one god," Yanglingtian said lightly.

"Ancient demon people?" Simon’s head shrank back slightly and looked warily into the distance. Nangong Yan and Hu Yancheng had already said that the ancient demon race was terrible because of its talent. The demon race in the same realm was often several times worse than the fighters in the same realm.
Although I don’t know what the state of Yanglingtian is now, according to Nangong Yan, he is at most the peak of the earth god, but the other side is the early man of the god. Although there is a thin line between the two levels, it is an insurmountable gap.
Even worse, many ancient demon families are worse than ordinary fighters.
Yanglingtian’s brow is slightly wrinkled, and he looks dignified and looks into the distance. If it is a god’s early fighters, he will be held back even if he is defeated, but there are still two early fighters of the earth god. Once they fight, the early fighters of the two earth gods are suspected of killing Nangong Yan and others.
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ Do you know that you can’t escape and wait here for a leniency?" Three figures flew from a distance. The young man with the white crown and jade belt in front looked at "no escape" and Yanglingtian and others nodded with satisfaction. "Well, when you know this, you will leave a corpse when you hand over my father’s sword."
Say that finish before Yang Lingtian and others answered that he had turned around and looked at the two men who came behind him. "Huang Peng, Master Chimang, should I be called kind by my father?"
"That’s ~ ~ that’s ~ ~" Red Mountain hurriedly bowed down and nodded. "Master Kun is a well-known patriarch in the Terran."
"Yes, yes, a few dirty little ants. If it were me, I would eat them in one bite. They are still young master Rende." The red mans words fell to Huang Peng immediately as if they were afraid of being robbed of the limelight, which deepened the compliment.
"Of course, you don’t look at who the master is. After that, the leader of the ancient demon master must be all over the world," said Red Mountain, unwilling to lag behind.
"That’s necessary and I think it should be more than that."
The war with Yanglingtian and others has not yet been shown, and the compliment war between the two people has been filled with smoke.
Simon and others gaped at-before this a few guys how to look a bit like to kill yourself and others? Don’t these guys are all cattle breeding majors, and what they are best at is to "brag about their magical powers" and want to blow themselves to death?
Doubt Sun Ning smoke also turned to look in the direction of the five alliance patriarchs. I have already doubted whether the other party’s words that he is an ancient demon race are true or not. Otherwise, how could it be that the gap between the three ancient demon races is so big? At present, Huang Peng is waiting for "cuteness".
Miss Sun, of course, can’t know that the ancient demon clan chiefs have made their own contributions stand out. It’s not bad to send two repairs specially, but the IQ is recognized by the ancient demon clan as an idiot guy to accompany her son. Although the IQ of the "Master Kun" is still normal, it has been complimented and grown up since childhood. These are all things that should be used to, so it has caused the scene at hand.
Time goes by slowly
The sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains and rivers in Huang Peng’s mouth and Chimang’s mouth all trembled because of the great virtue of "Master Kun" wanting to leave all the corpses.
Master Kun finally waved his hand with satisfaction and stopped the two from talking long, but when he turned his head to see Simon and others dumbfounded, his brow wrinkled in disbelief. "Why? Aren’t you moved by your kindness? "
"Yes, why don’t you kneel down in tears and offer something to the young master and then commit suicide?" Huang Peng, red mans is also a full face of doubt that his master is so merciful. Why don’t these guys have any reaction at all? Don’t they all have no feelings and don’t know how to be grateful?
"Oh, I know." The two men looked forward to Sun Ning’s growing up and finally closed his mouth and nodded gently.
"Turns out to be a little slow." Huang Peng suddenly nodded and waited for each other to cry with both hands.
"I see you are idiots!"
Huang Peng and Chimang’s four eyes were confused and didn’t react yet. How can reality be so "skinny" compared with their imagination?
However, Master Kun’s face suddenly turned red and his IQ was normal. He had realized that he seemed to have been played. Suddenly he couldn’t help but be furious and "kill that girl for me."
Kill her? What? She is the first person in this group to react, and soon Master Bai will be generous.
Huang Peng, red mans some doubts in their eyes Sun Ning smoke these people the fastest return to absolute being, although she "answers" some mental derangement trends, but after all, she is the smartest of these people. If she returns to absolute being, she can certainly infect others and realize that the young master is great, which makes them wonder that the young master would hate this "smart" girl so much.
Although confused in my heart, the young master is a young master after all, and his orders must still be obeyed.
"Alas ~ ~ ~ little girl, I’m sorry. Master doesn’t like what you want. You’re going to die."
Huang Peng, red mans light sigh a nai to step in the direction of sun coagulation smoke.
"Little girl, don’t worry that you are so clever, we will let you die painlessly and gorgeously." Looking at Sun Ning’s clean face, Huang Peng still couldn’t help but gently comfort one.
At the same time, the hand is also very responsible for responding to the declaration of "Let the other party die gorgeously". The golden light should rise from the hand and the red light from the red mountain will form a gorgeous flower and slowly fall to Sun Ning’s cigarette butt.
Gorgeous flowers are solemn and holy with seasonal tremors and threats.
It’s not "gorgeous" to die like this
Even Huang Peng and Chimang themselves can create such a perfect death and feel sad "artistically". In addition to today’s state of mind, it is difficult for them to reproduce such a sad and beautiful death.
This is an absolute reproduction of art.
It’s a pity that someone just wants to destroy this perfection.
Across the street, the young man with a cold face and white hair suddenly moved his hand gently.