Lin Yu raised his eyebrows and shook his head. He gave himself another shot to prevent being hurt by Fu Fengning’s rush to pheromones in the room for too long.

He tugged at the neckline and let himself breathe slowly. "Not any ega can stand the comfort of your top pheromone, especially an ordinary ega’s physical quality and glands are more fragile … You have to grasp that giving too much is" overcompensation ",just like if a person is thirsty, just give him a glass of water. If you throw him into the river, you will drink it, but you may drown him."
Fu Fengning’s face sank. "Is it so serious?"
Lin Yu hissed, "Your top alpha is too lethal and our ordinary alpha is not a species … and do you never learn how to take care of your ega?"
Fu Fengning doesn’t look good.
I haven’t learned it.
Top alpha learns to plunder, control and occupy, and no one has ever told him how to take care of it.
He has taken care of himself …
Lin Yu looked at Shen An wrapped in silkworm chrysalis "step by step …"
Fu Fengning looked too serious and focused. Lin Yu looked at him with a little more intriguing inquiry. "Take him to the hospital. Although there is no problem, he will be in a coma for two or three days."
When Shen An woke up, Fu Fengning sat by his bed reading notes.
As soon as he opened his eyes, Fu Fengning looked over. "Are you awake?"
Shen An looked at the garter st beside him, curled up his fingers slightly and felt that he was getting an injection.
His memory is fragmented and he can’t remember clearly. "What happened to me …"
After the question, those intermittent memories suddenly followed.
Shen An turned pale and now he is blushing. "I … I … am I … in your lounge?"
He was so ashamed that his toes curled up when he spoke.
The consciousness behind him is vague, and the only clear memory he has is that he is very eager for the ebony pheromone that is different in peacetime after entering Fu Fengning’s lounge.
Then I climbed into Fu Fengning’s bed …
He hasn’t remembered what happened next.
Fu Fengning lowered his eyes. "It is normal for ega to have a fever period. This is a normal person who should have a physiological reaction and have nothing to be ashamed of."
Shen An brain a blank "if I give you … sorry …"
Fu Fengning put down his notes and looked at him for a while with a dull voice. "Shen An, even if we don’t have a marriage, there is still an agreement. You have to remember that I am your name alpha. Remember that I am responsible for you and you won’t be trouble."
Shen An touched the back of his neck carefully. He felt that his body was a little different.
But he didn’t touch anything different through the barrier sticker
But he can smell an ebony smell wrapped around his pheromone, which is not like smelling someone else’s ebony smell. It seems to be his own body. He is scared and asks tentatively, "You … you …"
Did you mark me?
No, it’s strange to ask, but he really doubts that he has been marked.
He glanced at Fu Fengning and didn’t dare to look at him. He summoned up great courage. "Are you … are you giving me an inhibitor?"
Chapter 3. Chapter 3
"I marked you temporarily."
Fu Fengning put his hands on his knees and crossed his fingers and leaned forward to look at Shen An. His eyes were full of undercurrents, but his tone was businesslike reading PP at the meeting. "You were not very optimistic at that time. If you don’t mark it, you will be in danger."
He didn’t want to tell Shen An how embarrassed and helpful he was.
Shen An turned to face the light green wall and didn’t speak.
Fu Fengning waited for a while and asked, "Can I help you get up and drink some water?"
Shen Anyin small nasal "don’t want to drink water, how long did I sleep …"
His voice is hoarse from lack of water.
Fu Fengning nai "three days … do you blame me? I know you don’t want to be marked by me, and the agreement also says that you are favorable to refuse me, even if it is a breach of contract during the susceptible period, I will cooperate with you how you want me to compensate you. "
"No … don’t blame you … you are helping me … if I think so … unreasonable …"
Shen Anxian is relieved.
I’m afraid he just suspected that he had given him a permanent mark? Now I know it’s a temporary mark, so I can rest assured?
Shen An’s look was fixed by Fu Fengning’s eyes, and Fu Fengning’s eyes were dark. He couldn’t help but think how the child was so good.
But also so stupid
He believed what he said, but he didn’t want to be marked, but he forced the temporary marking. Fu Fengning, the former Shen An, would be angry and wronged, and he thought of ways to deal with it.
But wait for Shen An to say "don’t blame"
When Shen An finished the last bottle of nutrition nurse to get the needle for Shen An, Lin Yu followed.
"Will Shen An’s glands itch?"
Shen An hesitated to see the eyes Fu Fengning consciousness.
Talking about glands is a very private topic …
Fu Fengning was somehow pleased by his consciousness and smiled. "Doctors should tell the truth when they ask questions."
Shen An looked down at the foot "will itch …"
I do feel itchy from time to time, but there are always people around me, and he is not easy to scratch and has been enduring it.
Lin Yu seems to have seen through his mind. "Well, the bite marks will not itch after a few days of recovery."
He was still talking to Shen An, but he looked at Fu Fengning as if he had told Fu Fengning, "Remember not to tickle too much. I prescribed a smear every day before going to sleep for a week."
Fu Fengning left the hospital with Shen An in the afternoon.
Sunlight casts mottled shadows on buildings and vast grasslands through clouds and lush trees.
Shen An looked around the pleasant and quiet scenery and looked at the path where people hiding in the garden disturbed the courtyard building. "There are so few people here …"
Lin Yu, wearing a white coat and holding a file cover, looked at Shen An behind Fu Fengning and said with a smile, "This is the natural limited object of Fu’s private hospital. Not everyone receives it, right, General Fu?"
In the garage, Fu Fengning took the file cover and sent Shen An to the co-driver, who didn’t take a reason. Lin Yu opened the car and left with a foot pedal.
Lin Yu squinted and was forced to take a sip of car exhaust and take out his mobile phone to send a message to Fu Fengning. "There is a detailed medical record of Shen An in the file bag. After examination by the gland instrument, Shen An’s gland was seriously damaged. I didn’t see the problem because it was an old injury."
After a while, he added that "the causes of fever disorder in five to ten years should not only be psychological factors but also related to gland injury. The specific reasons are still being analyzed and given to you as soon as the medical records are analyzed."
At the red light intersection, Fu Fengning took his eyes away from his mobile phone. He rubbed his eyebrows and eyes rarely showed a moment of gloom in the light.
He looked at the vast road with his eyes, but he seemed to look into the depths of distant time through the cold asphalt, and saw something that he could not bear to touch and could not bear to look back …
He held the steering wheel so hard that he almost crushed it.