"No giggle" Scarlett just wanted to say that her absolute defense could not be broken by anyone, but the horse couldn’t laugh because the satin actually tore the water curtain and wrapped it around her wrist.

Chapter 524 Can be coarse and fine and can be long and short.
Scarlett suddenly panicked, and she couldn’t figure out what her own field was proud of and what her absolute defense was. In front of this woman dressed in black, her roots were weak. She tried her best to pull the black satin with her other hand, but then the satin suddenly became longer and circled around her body.
In a short time, Scarlett was wrapped in black satin, except for her head exposed, and she was wrapped up and turned into a black mummy.
Scarlett struggled hard and twisted like a silkworm chrysalis without supporting the water curtain to protect herself and exposed herself to Dou Re-mei.
No matter how hard she struggled, the black satin just didn’t move.
"How’s my little sister? Do you want to talk about it now?" Douremei a face of charming smile said
"Let me go" Scarlett looked at Dou Re-mei with a full face of anger and shouted that her proudest defense was easily broken, which made her angry.
"Little sister, don’t joke with your sister, okay?" Dou Ruomei said, "Sister finally caught you. Can’t we have a good conversation?"
I don’t want to talk to you, thought Scarlett.
Scarlett didn’t answer. Dou Ruomei did suddenly get a mist, and then she got wet.
It is true that she is wet.
Wrapped tightly in black satin, the body suddenly gushed out a lot of water and was still steaming.
Dou Re-mei was also surprised for a moment that this woman could burn the water and was not afraid of scalding herself.
Scarlett’s idea is very good and naive. She wants to soak the black satin in water and then struggle to break it, but it takes a long time to get wet and the satin is still motionless.
"Giggle, don’t worry about my little sister." Dou Ruomei giggled. "To tell you the truth, the name of that thing on your body is black silk, but my best magic weapon is how long, short, thick and fine it is. Are you satisfied now?"
Scarlett doesn’t know what a magic weapon is, and she doesn’t know what a black silk is. She glared at Dou Re-mei and continued to struggle.
"Your little girl is really disobedient." Dou Re-mei saw that Scarlett was still struggling. Nai said, "This black silk is my magic weapon. I don’t know if it’s been hundreds of years, even if your emperor comes, it’s not a mistake. You are struggling to be disobedient and honestly go there with your sister."
Sure enough, Scarlett stopped struggling when she heard Dou Re-mei’s words. Although she didn’t believe it, she couldn’t even tie it to the imperial city, but now she really couldn’t break free.
So Scarlett cried, not knowing whether it was because she was defeated or wronged, or because her troubles had not stopped.
Dou Re-mei didn’t care how much she saw Scarlett, so she grabbed one end of the black silk and flew Scarlett in the direction of Qin Shaojie Thor.
Dou Re-mei tied Scarlett, but Qin Shaojie’s side was just the opposite. The thunder chain tied Qin Shaojie up like a prison.
"how about it? Is my field very interesting? " Thor satisfiedly smiled.
Qin Shaojie is also struggling, but no matter how he struggles, the thunder chain is still wrapped around his body, and it keeps flowing when Qin Shaojie is struggling.
Fortunately, Qin Shaojie has Raytheon wings. Without Raytheon wings, I’m afraid Qin Shaojie has been a pile of coke by now.
"Don’t fall into my hands, Xiao Ye, or I will definitely give you the top ten tortures in the Qing Dynasty." Qin Shaojie said angrily.
This guy is too lazy to play with such obscene things all the time.
"Hum, you can talk fast now." Thor snorted scornfully.
Qin Shaojie is so angry. This product is really shameless.
If according to the repair, he can be regarded as the peak of the Leijie period, but as a result, this guy used that special field to imprison himself
The second time, Qin Shaojie secretly scolded him in his heart, which is the second time that he has suffered in the field of power.
"Amber Sword Royal Magic Sword Array Defense" Nai Qin Shaojie once again called out the amber sword and immediately surrounded the blood-red sword around Qin Shaojie, constantly changing its position to protect Qin Shaojie.
"Raytheon Ray, your uncle has something for you to come over" Qin Shaojie shouted arrogantly.
There is an amber sword to protect himself. Thor is absolutely afraid to get close to that guy, which belongs to ranged attack. Melee is rubbish, but Qin Shaojie is not afraid of the thunder. Even if Thor tries to hit a thunder chain, it will only hurt Qin Shaojie. Even the thunder in the sky can’t be split. Qin Shaojie is Thor.
Thor couldn’t help it. He didn’t dare to go there. He also knew that once he fell into that sword array, he would be defeated.
At that time, they were caught in a tangled state. Qin Shaojie broke free from the chain of thunder, and Thor dared not break into the sword array. So you looked at me and I looked at you, and we stared at each other with small eyes.
Qin Shaojie is waiting. Anyway, he has the protection of the royal sword array. Just follow Thor. When you run out of spirit, you will come out yourself.
Hum, Qin Shaojie thought to himself, when the time comes, you must try the top ten tortures in the Qing Dynasty on you.
Suddenly Qin Shaojie rolled his eyes and laughed. He looked at Thor and said, "Hey, it’s not a way to waste so much time. Why don’t you give up?"
"Huh?" Thor was thinking of a way when he suddenly heard Qin Shaojie say that he would throw in the towel and suddenly became speechless.
"How about really giving up?" Qin Shaojie continued, "In this case, I will put away my sword as a sign of sincerity."
Said Qin Shaojie really put amber sword back.
"I know what you mean by coming to me. Isn’t it because I killed you four powers?" Qin Shaojie said, "To tell you the truth, none of them are dead, but I just arrested them. If you let me go, how about I tell you where they are?"
Thor didn’t speak but looked at Qin Shaojie with a face I don’t believe your expression.
"Oh, why don’t you trust others?" Qin Shaojie said with a dissatisfied face. "I’m sincere enough. Why don’t you come over and I’ll tell you where they are first, and then you can let me go? I have a lot to do, and I don’t want to fight with you in the Temple. What do you think?"
Thor still doesn’t talk. Look at Qin Shaojie suspiciously for a long time. See Qin Shaojie say so sincerely and forget it. It takes about two seconds to form the sword array, and if anything happens in these two seconds, it will be enough to run far by yourself.
It took Thor a long time to agree to come. Anyway, he has fallen into his own field and is not afraid of his intrigues.
Chapter 525 Women Suffering Women
See thor while staring at her slowly close to yourself Qin Shaojie disdain left pie mouth andao this guy is really careful enough to see the posture is not ready to run.
After dawdling for a long time, Thor finally came to Qin Shaojie and stopped when there were still two meters away from Qin Shaojie.
"Tell me where you’ve taken them and I’ll let you go," Thor said.
When you say that, you’re thinking, say it quickly, say it quickly, and my horse will kill you.
Qin Shaojie is not stupid. He also knows that if he says it, it is purely a dead line, and these powers will go to China. Then China will be turned upside down by this group of people. This kind of suspicion is that Qin Shaojie will not do it if he shoots himself in the foot.
"I’ll tell you a person if you come a little later," Qin Shaojie said. "Think about it. You came to kill me, but at the same time you can save Caesar’s men. Is this a credit?"
"Calculate" Thor said honestly.
"Right?" Qin Shaojie said. "It’s wrong to say that there are other people in the partition wall. It’s a cloud that has ears. Come closer. I’ll tell you that you are the only one. When the time comes, you can let me go. I promise not to appear in front of you. No one will find anyone in trouble. It’s great to be happy."
Hearing Qin Shaojie’s words, Thor meditated and approached Qin Shaojie again.