She also wants to be with him, but he strongly disagrees.

He told her to wait here. He told her that she was too heavy to take risks. She didn’t worry until she was safe.
It’s right to think about it, so she will wait here
But she was really worried.
This is a matter of life and death.
Let her wait here. She feels like she’s suffering all the time. I don’t know what’s going on outside. She feels like she’s going crazy.
No, she has to look outside.
Even if she doesn’t go to the scene, she can go somewhere else.
I can’t wait here alone, without a sound, and I have my own moving courtyard.
So thinking, I went into the house and took a cloak to shade my face and to hide my face.
Probably they all went to the execution ground street in the east city, and there were very few people.
It’s rare to meet a few people after walking for a long time
She looked outside the Jiefang and finally decided to go to the coffin shop.
The coffin shop is full of her people.
And although she knew that neon spirit was saved by Han Xiao, she never saw anyone. After all, her heart was at ease.
I don’t know if I’ve ever been back to the coffin shop
Her appearance shocked and delighted several people in the coffin shop.
But neon didn’t come back
In the wing, she saw her mother leave it there.
Because she had no memory for a year, she didn’t know how it came from, but it was kept in her living room. I think she must know.
She picked it up and flipped through it. She saw a page folded by herself.
At first, she thought it might be that she had seen what was here, and she folded it here to make a mark so that she could go back to her and continue reading.
Later, when she looked at the page, she found that Root couldn’t understand it, and she thought she might fold the mark herself, which meant to mark her doubts.
Either way, she can’t look at things in her heart now.
Just want to close a line of words is suddenly jumped into her eyes.
The execution ground in the face of phoenix shadow ink cross-examine Shen Meng some hesitation.
After a long time of deliberation, Heng said, "Zhang Shuo is the emperor!"
Simple words fall like thunder on the ground and the nest explodes at the scene.
Everyone was surprised.
Including Phoenix Shadow Ink, Mo Qianyu, Han Xiaoniling and Zhang Shuo himself.
Everyone wondered if they had misheard him.
Devoted to thousands of feathers, I forgot my neck and a sword across it. I can’t believe it. "What did Shen Xiang say? Zhang Shuo is the emperor? "
Shen Meng nodded
Mo Qianyu sneered as if he had heard a big joke, "How is this possible?"
Phoenix shadow ink didn’t say anything
Zhang Shuo is also confused at Shen Meng.
The crowd is also confused about.
Not long ago, didn’t Zhang Shuo say that he recovered his memory and remembered his identity? Was it former Prime Minister Zhong Yan Zhong Qingchen?
How did you become an emperor again?
Cann’t fight the emperor’s pole?
In all eyes, Shen Meng turned his horse and hesitated for a moment with a low sigh.
"Things have to start from many years ago, when the first emperor was still young and just inherited the unification. Zhong Yan was the prime minister. Because of his similar age and similar interests, the first emperor believed in Zhong Yan and occasionally went to Zhong Yan’s house to be a guest. Perhaps many people know that Mrs. Zhong was famous for her skill in the method of Jiao Shan Ling."
They all listened attentively to the interest.
Shen Mengyin continued.
"Once the first emperor went to Zhong’s house, which coincided with Mrs. Zhong’s school sister Chu Ningshan’s visit to Mrs. Zhong. The first emperor Chu Ning fell in love at first sight. The first emperor was deeply attracted by Chu Ning’s elegance, elegance and beauty. Chu Ning also fell in love with the first emperor’s extraordinary temperament, and they soon fell in love at first sight."