There was a god and a magic Yi Long who knew what it was, and that person was Xiao Wen, who had the honor to see that kind of brilliance in the hidden market of celestial beings!
Isn’t that the culprit that keeps all the women in the whole celestial world ugly?
Isn’t that what Nan Yunqing has been searching for?
Although it’s not over, it’s definitely about the same.
Law! That is the pure law of heaven and earth!
The law halberd seems to be condensed by light, but it is more condensed than all the fairies in this world!
Its length is even longer than that of Xuanyuan Emperor, which is about a thousand miles high. The tip of the line points directly at Fang Zulong!
At this moment, there is nothing else worth noting. There is a battle between them.
Although Zulong was not satisfied with biting Xuanyuan Huang’s foot, he looked up when the distance was quite close and bit Xuanyuan Huang’s head!
At this time, Xuanyuan Huang’s body slightly relaxed and his arms suddenly burst into force. The halberd stabbed the faucet!
Zulong is fast, but the halberd is faster!
Zulong let his head pass the halberd slightly, but his neck was exposed at the tip of the halberd.
"hey! ! !”
It’s not the law of metal. When Ji pierced Zulong’s body, it turned out to be a sharp sword.
Xuanyuanhuang continued to exert his strength. The halberd went deeper into the meat, nailed into the dragon neck and pushed the dragon farther and farther away from Xuanyuanhuang!
Everyone didn’t think of a recruit XuanYuanHuang unexpectedly a recruit will ZuLong moved!
The rule that Ji enters the meat is almost next to the dragon head, which is definitely the key to the ancestor dragon!
However, just when everyone’s ancestors didn’t recruit anymore, the change started again!
Zulong doesn’t seem to know what pain defense is, so the body root is not its own brazen stand up and continue to bite Xuanyuan Huang!
"bursts …"
It’s just that the head of the French ancestor dragon really narrowed the distance from Xuanyuan Emperor quickly, but because it actively moved, the halberd naturally scratched it in its body, cutting a wound as long as two or three hundred miles …
That feeling is just like squatting down and hitting the top of your head with a sharp knife.
A large number of pale yellow Guanghua gushed out at the same time, and Zulong’s head finally came to Xuanyuan Huang’s chest and directly bit Xuanyuan Huang’s head!
Xuanyuanhuang suddenly loosened his left arm and stood in front of the dragon’s mouth directly.
"Click Cha! ! !”
Zulong bit the bones of Xuanyuan Emperor directly.
But Xuanyuan Huang didn’t even wrinkle his brow. He suddenly pushed forward with his right hand and one hand holding the law halberd!
Law Ji is finally stuck in a certain part of Zulong’s body. At this time, he tries his best to push forward and immediately pulls Zulong’s front section straight!
"bursts! ! !”
Maybe it’s too much energy loss, or maybe it’s too strong for the law halberd. Zulong unexpectedly bit Xuanyuanhuang’s left arm and brought out a large piece of flesh and blood, which was pushed outward by the law halberd.
At this time, they were already very close to the ground. Just after the dragon’s mouth was just loosened, they listened to a series of loud noises and finally slammed the dragon into the ground!
Later, more than the law, the halberd continued to move forward, and the ancestors were pushed back and slid away. How many hills and forests were flattened without sweeping down the body for more than a thousand miles …
The dust was as high as a thousand feet, and the thousands of miles of long ancestors were submerged in the surface.
But the dusty Fang Jinguang suddenly remembered that Zulongxian was not dead and looked up and bit Xuanyuan Huang! This time, because the body is nailed, it can already bite Xuanyuan Huang’s leg, so don’t choose.
However, Xuanyuan Huang didn’t give it a chance. The right-handed halberd pushed Zulong to the right, and his head slipped involuntarily to the right. At the same time, his left foot was early and he was stepping on Zulong’s head flagrantly!
"boom! ! !”
Xuanyuan emperor rigidly stepped on the tap and pressed it to the ground!
Then Xuanyuan Huanggen didn’t have much interest in talking with Zulong, and his body suddenly made a force. All the strength was in his left foot!
"Cut! ! ! !”
Xuanyuan emperor stepped on the dragon head and fell into the ground with more than his left foot!
The original was still struggling, and the dragon suddenly fell to the ground with soft strength.
At this time, the smoke just gradually dispersed, and everyone vaguely saw that Huang Jinlong, who was more than a thousand miles long, had completely lost all his strength and bent across the ground …
Zulong just died?
So powerful, people fought back and died like this?
But when everyone looked at Xuanyuan Emperor and the Ji in his hand, it was not so shocking.
Because Xuanyuan Emperor was stronger than Zulong from the moment he appeared!
In addition to his skyshatter LAN demon world wall some strength, then fight actually is not good at all.
Raise your left foot and pull out the law. Emperor Xuanyuan tilted his head and looked at the Zhengxian Club.
But it was just a glance. He didn’t do anything else.
Then it seems that out of pure curiosity, I took a look at the whole Tianlan demon world and said coldly, "The demon world?"
A simple word, but from his tone, everyone understood his meaning.
End the contempt!
It’s like he can destroy the whole demon world with one finger if he wants!
At this time, all the people in the fairy society still don’t know Xuanyuan Emperor’s voice. Although it is not big, it has actually reached all corners of Tianlan demon world. Every living thing has heard it and felt Xuanyuan Emperor’s emotions.
Then Xuanyuan emperor still saw the positive fairy meeting and Xiao asked to look at the buried purple Yan mountain peak, suddenly slightly short and then jumped up!
When he came, everyone saw that he was falling, but when he left, no one saw that he was walking, because he jumped out of this world so fast that he didn’t even leave a trace.
The day after Xuanyuan Emperor disappeared, all creatures in the demon world spoke for a long time.
While the people of zhengxianhui can also see that the big white hole in the sky is closing at an extremely fast speed, and finally there is a roar.
Finally, all the white light disappeared, and Emperor Xuanyuan left completely.