If you have two magnetic cards at the entrance of the apartment building, you can make international calls.

Changsheng trembled and dialed the number he should be familiar with, but he dialed the wrong number several times because of excitement.
It was so urgent that he kept cursing.
Finally, I finally dialed, and he put the receiver tightly to his ear, listening to it and waiting for a long beep.
After a few rings, the words were picked up.
"Hey, is it a stone?"
A soft waxy euphemistic voice came from over there.
There is no need to prove it again … Changsheng is sure that the other end of the conversation is his mother!
Because her mother’s voice is very distinctive, no matter how old she is, her voice has never changed. Anyway, from the memory of winning, his mother’s voice is so soft and tactful, just like a young girl’s voice.
Moreover, the more important evidence is that his mother called him this nickname … His name is "Changsheng" but his nickname is "Stone" because he was still in the womb, and his parents gave him a good name in the hope that their children would have a stone-like personality-strong and hard.
At home, if his parents don’t call him by his name, they all call him "stone", and once they call him by his name, it means that he will have bad luck and get a scolding, but it’s just a light and direct hit …
Changsheng didn’t expect that his parents still gave this Changsheng the same nickname at this time …
He has been convinced that the suspicious words are his mother’s words and his home is the other end.
"Why doesn’t the stone speak?" Mom, come again.
"Mom …" Winning lips trembled and shouted out the sound.
When he crossed over, he never thought about what his parents would do in that life, because he had the idea of getting ahead, being an adult and being a winner in his mind.
But at this moment, he suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, and he realized that he really couldn’t let go of his parents in his heart-I crossed over and I was happy. I could re-establish my career, but what about my parents?
Now it’s not a problem. My parents are his parents. My life is still intact without being separated.
"What’s the matter with the stone? Is your voice wrong? "
Changsheng realized that now is not the time to show weakness, because it is easy for sensitive mothers to hear the problem. He doesn’t want to explain why he will be dismissed by Real Madrid … Some things are long stories.
So he hurriedly hide "no, I just choked on my throat, something is wrong …"
"Don’t catch a cold? Be extra careful when you are outside. Although it’s summer, you should also pay attention to the fact that you like to sleep and get kicked. Your father watches the news every day and watches the weather and climate change in Madrid. Remember to add and subtract clothes. You should be diligent in the club. You don’t like to communicate with people, but don’t offend people. Don’t always stay at home and go out to relax when you have the opportunity … "Mom’s soft waxy voice used to make Changsheng feel ashamed because it didn’t sound like a mature mother, but it sounded more like his sister …
But now when he hears his mother’s unique voice, he thinks it’s the most fucking beautiful sound he’s ever heard …
Thank God I have a complete family!
I talked with my mother for a long time. By the way, I learned from the side that this possession of myself always wins privacy. Only then did I say goodbye to my mother, hung up the phone and climbed upstairs again and went back to my room.
Sitting in a messy bed is better than being in a daze.
This conversation with his mother reminded him of many things that belonged to him. These are all memories of his life. Some of them are the same as those that always win, while others are different. After all, they are two different people, even when they were born, they are ten years old apart.
Speaking of the date of birth … Chang Sheng suddenly remembered that his mother had told him that he almost had a brother or sister, or that he was almost replaced by his brother or sister.
His mother was pregnant once before he was born ten years ago.
However, in response to the national family planning policy of "late birth and late childbirth", the child was aborted when his mother was only 23 years old.
His mother later told him that she actually hesitated and suffered for a long time before making such a decision. After all, it was a life after all.
Later, when the couple were busy with work and having children, their thoughts faded. Although they tried several times, they failed, even more so.
It wasn’t until ten years later, in 192, that Chang Sheng was born. At that time, his mother was thirty-three years old. It was really late birth and late childbirth … prenatal and postnatal care …
So why does this person have the same name as Chang Sheng, and even his face is somewhat similar?
This may be because they came from the same root, the same origin and the same species …
In the first world, his brother didn’t have him, but in this world, his brother was born, so he naturally lost himself …
That’s why he crossed over to this person, from China in 212 to Spain in 1999 when he crossed thirteen years.
Perhaps this is because at this time, there is a person with the same blood and blood as himself who is attracting himself.
This is why Chang Sheng had no aversion to his possession, and even pinned his most precious things on him.
Because he believes in himself, they are here … Brother!
It is the feeling of blood connection that makes two people break through the obstacles and shackles when they meet, and it is also because of this feeling that makes my brother choose to believe that his brother can help him realize his unfulfilled dreams.
My brother came to 1999 from 212.
Where’s Brother Yu?
Changsheng looked up at the sky outside the window.
Will he go to 212 years to be filial to the same parents instead of himself?
He laughed.