Ibrahimovic looked very happy. Although he didn’t play in the King’s Cup, he knew it was because he was going to start at the Bernabeu!

That’s why he is happy.
Ibrahimovic felt that he was retaking what belonged to him.
He will make Valencia inseparable. He must rely on his strength.
Only in this way can he have the qualifications of the head coach to negotiate conditions.
Therefore, he has worked hard in training these days and behaved very obedient in the competition.
He is simply obedient, and even winning often feels strange.
A week before the game, Changsheng announced the final tactics against Real Madrid.
The main body is naturally Valencia’s "mad dog" tactics, but it is slightly different from the former "mad dog" tactics.
In the game against Real Madrid, Ibrahimovic was at the front of the frontcourt, but the center didn’t score, but responded to the attack and pulled the opponent’s attack. When he pulled the opponent’s defense, the Valencia attacker suddenly inserted and shot.
Valencia are very good at that back attack, which is how they played in Cooper’s time.
Then Benitez came, and here’s the thing
Ba Laha is a typical example. He scores seven goals in various competitions every season.
Because he likes to insert back and score goals from a long distance.
Winning this game regularly is intended to give Valencia an advantage.
Actually, the later interpolation is also suitable for ikiaka.
Because after a series of passes, the opponent’s defense line can’t find the defensive target. At this time, a sudden back insertion is enough to achieve a fatal blow effect.
Ibrahimovic has scored many goals in these games, and there are even world waves. Everyone can see that he is in good shooting condition.
This is exactly the implementation of the post-insertion tactical plan for myself
I didn’t think I would abandon my state because I killed Real Madrid, just as Ibrahimovic wouldn’t let him attract defensive fire.
It’s not just a surprise in the game, it can also completely disrupt Real Madrid’s pre-match layout, which can’t be made up by an on-the-spot adjustment.
When Real Madrid focus their defensive attention on mendieta and Ibrahimovic, Guardiola, albelda, aimar, Vicente and others will suddenly break the balance of local power.
However, it is hard to say whether the Swedes are willing to do so at the expense of Ibrahimovic’s goal in such a good state now.
But Chang Sheng has made up his mind to do this regardless of whether the Swedes agree with him or not. If the Swedes don’t agree, he will go to angulo.
Then he went to talk to Ibrahimovic about it.
After he said the request, the result was particularly unexpected, because Ibrahim agreed without even frowning!
Chang Sheng froze himself, and he was ready to say as much as possible. The Swede didn’t expect the other party to say so …
Immediately let him have a feeling of a kick.
He couldn’t help thinking, is it true that his own king’s domineering spirit is a sign of this unruly people?
From then on, Ibrahimovic threw himself at his own door and became his faithful running dog … It felt good, too.
Ever-victorious YY in my mind a day later, Ibrahimovic in his own command to kill the quartet down a peg or two.
Feel very cool
In the future, there will be a player who is on a par with cristiano ronaldo, Messi and Kaka. What a sense of accomplishment it is to speak out!
Ibrahimovic agreed to let the last obstacle of winning this tactic disappear.
Then it’s simple to train this kind of offensive means of conscious post-insertion shooting and scoring.
Rudy Gonzalez and Guardiola worked together to design at least five different attack methods and then let the players practice them in training.
Of course, this is not a cold war.
Actually, even if I don’t play Real Madrid, everything I do now will be rewarded.
The more means and weapons to win the game, the better, which is what Changsheng believes in.
Because he doesn’t believe that you can keep winning by one tactic, your tactics will always be seen through. What will you do at that time?
If you don’t change, you will lose.
When you have enough good cards in your hand, others can handle this, but they can’t handle that. You can handle two, but you can’t handle three.
Then why didn’t the coach do it? All coaches are a set of tactics in a team at one time. Don’t they know that more weapons are better?
Of course they know, but they also have to abide by the realistic law that it is impossible for their players to accept multiple sets of tactics at the same time without confusing themselves.
Players and coaches have limited energy. They can’t train other tactics with limited energy in a limited time. It’s better to be good at one than to be good at one if you practice too much.
However, the situation of Changsheng is different. He has training skills to assist various powerful training skills, which can effectively shorten the training time and improve the training effect, making the idea of Changsheng a reality.
Naturally, he has lost his skills.
Now it’s really just a game.
Chapter 15 What a guilty nonsense
There is one thing that is absolutely indispensable to the real Madrid game, that is, the spat between the two sides.
Real Madrid and Valencia are not so good.
Now that the winning streak has come, it has deteriorated rapidly.
Changsheng raved about florentino’s Zidaga Pa Wen policy before the first round of the league.
Then he demonstrated to everyone in the competition how he broke the Zidaga Pa Wen policy.