I took a car that flew out of nowhere and drove to the dock, and a yacht sailed straight to the sea. Now I’m really attached to the soldiers. After taking the helicopter, I don’t know what else I need to do now. Will there be a submarine? But the fact made me guess that it turned out to be true until the yacht couldn’t see the coast. A submarine more than 20 meters long suddenly appeared in front of my eyes. I was speechless with amazement, but what surprised me even more was the person who got out of the submarine.

"Good brother, come and let me see if there is any change."
I rushed into my sister’s arms. This is the first time I have been so close to my sister. Although we are not related by blood, I have never recognized that I am not my sister’s brother.
"All big children still so weak how line? Come and I’ll take you to see my sister’s house. "
Everyone dived into the deep sea by submarine. I couldn’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest. I sneaked for three hours and finally reached the final destination, which is what my sister said. A semi-circular submarine building built in the deep sea was amazing before my eyes. I knew that it was impossible for science and technology to make such a huge building in such a deep sea now, but the fact is that the scientific and technological achievements are just nine Niu Yi hairs and more advanced technology is hidden in the hands of conspirators. It is the best way to make it when necessary.
My sister took me along and introduced this undersea building.
"This is the submarine base that our Oriental family has worked hard for decades and generations of scientific and technological personnel to complete. We call this base’ redemption’. Salvation is mainly to save the world."
I’m a little surprised to hear that. Why save the world? Isn’t the world very good now?
My sister saw that I was puzzled and said, "Now the world looks very peaceful on the surface, but the fact is that the earth’s resources have been undercurrent. After thousands of years, it has reached the brink of collapse. Energy such as oil, coal, solar energy, water conservancy and geothermal energy can’t increase the population, especially the disposable energy such as oil and coal. At this moment, there is still oil and coal left in the world that can be needed by the whole human world for three years."
"What? Three years? "
"But when these two kinds of energy are finished, the world will change, and it can be imagined that it will be energy competition. Modern people have completely relied on advanced technology and production and life system. Once they enter the realm of energy, peace will be broken, and the number of deaths will be billions."
I listened quietly. Although I have no idea about the population of the earth now, and I have no feeling about how many people have died, I have never been taught to make human contributions and sacrifice things. But I am still worried that the world will go into troubled times, and I am worried that it is not me, but the person in the game who worries me. Once there is no energy support, the game console will definitely stop. What will happen to her?
"And this base is built to solve the energy problem. Simply put, the only way to solve the energy crisis in the world now is" Speaking of this sister, she stopped and looked at me a little sad "with’ conscious life energy’"
I said, "does that mean we need five people to help?"
My sister turned her head and didn’t answer for a long time. I know what my sister thinks, and I know what our mission is. No matter what we think, we must complete our consciousness, and life can be discovered and transported, otherwise the world will fall into an infinite loop with no exit and shrinking, and eventually disappear into this universe because of human stupidity.
My heart is a mess, which is beyond my expectation. I never thought that several of us were born with world peace or were created only after solving the human crisis. It can be seen that the blue cloud is similar in difference. The blue cloud wants to control the world through us, while my sister wants to completely solve the human energy problem. But in the final analysis, I feel that I am being experimented with experimental materials, which makes me feel very uncomfortable. After all, I am a self-conscious person.
My sister hugged me from behind and said, "Don’t think so much. Maybe the result is good or not?"
Chapter 17 get together
I finally met the other four people in the meeting room of the redemption center. Li Chaoqiang’s real name is a relatively common name, but his appearance is outstanding. The name of handsome guy is not enough to describe. At this time, I don’t think he feels like the beauty of a pretty boy, but a feeling that he knows everything. Of course, he broke this feeling when he saw my performance.
"Elegant? Haha, I didn’t expect you to be such a thin guy, hahaha! "
With such a smile, everyone relaxed the tension (later called by the name in the game)
At this time, I observed that all the soldiers were a standard northeast man with a strong body and an unsmiling expression, which reflected a soldier’s sense of maturity in times of crisis. Qingyu, on the other hand, is a little girl who is less than 1.6 meters tall. There is still some evidence that she is stunted, but her chest is still flat, but her natural artistic temperament is the most eye-catching among the five people, even worse than the disease method.
Finally, the soldier is coming. I am still a young man like us, but I didn’t know that I was wrong about the one next to him until the soldier introduced himself. Lin Bing is already a 37-year-old man. I don’t know why Lan Fengyun will create an adult body in his twenties, but Lan Fengyun has created a lean man perfectly. This is why Lin Bing gives me the feeling that he is sitting and makes people feel a strong pressure. As soon as I return it, this is the supreme commander of redemption.
My sister sat in the throne, and I realized that the Supreme Commander of Salvation turned out to be my sister, and the soldiers were one of them. In addition to the four of us, there were several people who were very eye-catching. A delicate little girl named Chen Qianting was about seventeen years old. She kept glaring at me since I arrived. I wondered when I met such a little girl, but her identity was not to be underestimated. She was the only daughter of Chen Xingyuan, the president of one of the top ten enterprises.
There’s another one who has a better figure than the strong man’s sister. It’s also very simple to introduce this person’s experience. The world’s first mercenary doesn’t even say his name. Anyway, everyone calls him the mercenary king directly, and the number of mercenary groups in his hand is really unknown, but from saving me, I clearly know that his mercenary group is strong.
In addition, the delicate and charming big sister on the plane turned out to be Lops, the president of Pudar, one of the top ten enterprises in the world? Lei is in charge of most education, entertainment and other undertakings in the world.
There is also an old man like a doctor who wears a pair of presbyopic glasses covered with rings from the side. His age makes me feel tired, his hair is almost stripped off and his body is very thin. I estimate that he weighs about 60 pounds.
"Snow and the three of you." Sister named the disease method, the rain and the soldiers one by one before saying, "This is the doctor who made you come out of the sunset in the East."
A few of us were taken aback except for the soldiers. So this person is our biological parents?
Before we were surprised, the old man said, "Aren’t you surprised that I was one of them? There were seven people who participated in the project in that year, but the other six people were all dead, and I am lucky that I haven’t died until today. Maybe it’s to let me see you guys."
"Doctor, don’t be too impatient. Speak slowly." Sister gently stroked the old man’s chest to help him breathe.
"My desperate efforts should come to an end. At my age, I just want to meet her children."
The first reaction of the disease method was to brush the floor with a trembling voice and ask, "Who is she?"
"It seems that her children have responded well. She is your mother or one of your own." The old man looked at us with a puzzled look and gradually recalled, "The event has to be finished. I was a graduate student who assisted scientific research in the past 25 years, but I was probably in my thirties. But something shocked the world that year."
※※※※※※※※※ In the past 25 years, the world has fallen into a balance because of the ultimate weapon. Every country dare not launch a war casually, because everyone knows that once a war is launched, it will be the result of death, so big countries have shifted their battlefields to commercial aggression. In this year, a meteorite suddenly appeared 30 light-years away from the earth. The World Astronomical Center could not detect this sudden meteorite, but the distance of 30 light-years was almost like a person running for a kilometer. Fortunately, the meteorite was not large in diameter and hit the earth in an instant, but it also aroused strong currents, which caused a once-in-a-lifetime tsunami along the Pacific coast and caused great disasters in neighboring countries. Fortunately, there were not many casualties but the economic losses were incalculable.
When the disaster and remedy were over, people paid attention to this sudden meteorite, but it was not easy to salvage it in the deepest channel of the Pacific Ocean. At this moment, a researcher named Blue Seabed had a sudden idea that a giant magnet had sucked the meteorite. The news of meteorite salvage shocked everyone in the world, and everyone paid attention to this culprit that caused several people to fall into a broken home.
The meteorite is about three meters in diameter, and there is no difference between the surface and ordinary rocks. The difference is that the rock is too hard to be studied by any method, and there is still no progress for half a year, so the enthusiasm of the event is left out in the cold.
At this time, the deep-sea worker faced the rock almost every day. Somehow, the man actually reached a tune with the rock and heard the sound of the rock, but he didn’t tell the news to others. Instead, he chatted with the rock in an alternative way for a long time. The rock had its own consciousness and wanted to see what the deep-sea worker was like. Of course, the deep-sea worker was very happy to know what the man was like in the rock, but the man who came out of the rock scared the deep-sea worker.
Chapter 10 The Truth (1)
"If you want me to come out to see you, you can come out with me in your mind."
Deep-sea workers concentrate on coming out to see me as soon as possible. As he wishes, the’ man’ came out, but it also scared the deep-sea workers silly. It is a kind of human form, so ugly that people suddenly lose their nerve, so ugly that people are afraid to crack.
When other people found the deep-sea worker the next day, the man was already scared silly, and the rock was crowned with a mysterious and strange color. At this time, not many people dared to really study the rock, and no one wanted to be a crazy person, but one person insisted on studying the rock. This man was the deep-sea worker who was ten years old. He learned that his father had become an idiot overnight and could not even speak for himself. He was sad and had inexplicable hatred for the rock. At the moment when his father died in hospital for a week, the young man resolutely joined the research team.
With his excellent knowledge and family support, the young man was almost immersed in the rock day and night, and the young man was the second person to make friends with the rock after his father. When he knew that his father was scared by the appearance of the’ person’ in the rock, the young man decided to invite the’ person’ in the rock out whether he believed that there was anything ugly enough to make people stupid, but the’ person’ in the rock obviously didn’t want to make people who could make friends with him an idiot again, so he kept dragging on.
In January, 2005, the’ people’ in the rocks could not bear the young people’s reluctance to appear again. With sufficient psychological preparation, the young people were also scared and pale, but fortunately, the young people were not scared on the spot, but they could not face each other.
As time goes by, the relationship between the young man and the’ people’ in the rock is getting better and better, and the appearance is gradually acceptable. He even found something that surprised and excited him. The’ people’ in the rock can change their appearance at will, which is the appearance of the residents in his planet. With the contact with the young people, the’ people’ gradually became human, but the people in the rock turned out to be a beautiful woman who was as beautiful as a fireworks fairy. The young man almost stopped and liked this special’ people’.
Later, it was convenient to call her "Moon Mark", and she changed her name to "Moon Mark". The words in her family meant that race was derived from the narrow mark of the moon, but in fact, she was born from a planet. The more the moon mark came into contact with human knowledge, the closer she got to the perfect woman model in human beings, and the young man was almost crazy until another incident happened, and everything changed.
At the end of November, 2005, just as the young people were infatuated with the moon mark and liked him, another researcher named Oriental broke into the original world. The researcher named Oriental suddenly heard the language of the moon mark and had a good talk. As a result, the young man named Blue certainly disapproved of the differences between the two because of the moon mark.
An accidental experiment at the end of November, 25, made them know that the moon mark has a special ability to regenerate dead plants and make substances change qualitatively from one substance to another. This ability is completely beyond the modern scientific theory. Both of them are scientists and have temporarily reached an alliance to study this ability because of this discovery. Later, they came to the conclusion that this energy is what they call’ conscious life energy’. This energy is not produced but is derived from variation. For example, oil is a raw material that trees absorb various energy changes underground for a long time, and conscious life energy is.
Knowing this harvest, both of them are very excited because the earth’s resources have dried up. If we can master this’ conscious life energy’, the earth’s energy will be limited.
In December, 2005, the young man surnamed Lan was found out by his family for a moment. There was such a thing that the rock was immediately closely guarded and various experimental studies were carried out on the rock in an attempt to master the secret. Both the young man surnamed Lan and the researcher surnamed Dongfang opposed it, but the few families did not care what they said.