This time, the speech is even meaner … the greatest puppet master in the village, both in strength and status, is enough to be feared.

"They at least’ know’ that they will temporarily give up their infighting before solving foreign enemies."
"But Chiyo’s adult …" A young man saluted respectfully and dared to come to Chiyo … but he was doomed to have no future.
"Who allowed you to stand in front of the old man?"
It has been quenched for thousands of years, and it is toxic to see blood and seal the throat!
There is no chance that the target will survive in such a close shot.
The meeting room was even more silent …
Maybe it’s because Chiyo hasn’t shown her strong side for too long, and now the later generations have reached this level without knowing whether to live or die …
"Do you think you’ve been playing with you fools for three generations?"
Chiyo is sitting in the main seat, and Hai Lao Cang is beside him.
"There is a possibility … yes, the third generation is probably dead …"
At this moment, people forcibly resisted the impulse to speak …
"The important thing is who did it … who ambushed the three generations of wind shadows in Sharen village!"
"We have investigated."
Hai Lao Zang accepted the message. Obviously, the two brothers and sisters never expected this group of elders who had been scared by the six gods.
"At present, the biggest suspect … is Konoha."
Muye …
Winner of two consecutive world wars, the strongest konoha village in this world!

Sensitive people have smelled the smell. It doesn’t matter whether the murderer is a konoha or not for Sharen Village, which is now in a state of turmoil … Sharen needs a chance.
An opportunity to transfer the national crisis out!
This can’t be a small-scale conflict, but it must be a wave of turmoil in the whole forbearance world, so that Sha can get a break …
There is an attack that all villages hate konoha, so it is possible to move the whole forbearance world. Chapter one hundred and forty, Make an enemy and prepare a horse.
"How do you feel better?"
It’s brave to sit by the bed and gently stroke the vulture’s hair … The beauty’s eyes are covered with a layer of white cloth and her slightly pale cheeks are slightly ill … of course, it’s not because of a cold or fever.
In fact, for vultures, this is more like a new life …
There is no doubt that the kaleidoscope of sharingan’s power, regardless of the celestial photos and Harle, even ordinary illusion can exert unimaginable power with the help of these eyes! Not to mention the physical fitness of other aggressive ninja messengers has been strengthened …
But such a beautiful and powerful kaleidoscope is not perfect …
At this point, Zhen Yong and the vulture are all clear.
The more often the kaleidoscope’s vision is reduced … and the most consequence is that the kaleidoscope messenger completely loses light …
Sharingan, stronger than a kaleidoscope, has this cursed fate …
However, it’s never the same.
This curse is not impossible to untie.
And the price is to take your own blood relatives’ eyes!
Another person will lose the light forever to keep the kaleidoscope forever …
This is the ultimate form of sharingan, eternal kaleidoscope
"Much better."
The vulture frowned. Because of adaptability, these eyes didn’t match her. With the help of Zhen Yong and powerful medical endurance, they finally barely matched, and because of this, the pain in the operation was extraordinary …