Save your strength and rest for one night. The next day, Jiuchong sneaked into the imperial city as usual to continue the unfinished business yesterday. The NPC blacklisted him and waited for an opportunity!

Because Xiaoyu can produce two methods every day, the output is lower than that from the fifth day when Xiaoyu was harvested. Up to now, the number of methods in Jiuzhong is limited, so it is impossible to make large-scale efforts to target a few key NPC hands!
There are two people in the imperial city. One is the Imperial City Guards who are responsible for protecting the imperial city. The number of people in the imperial city is around 20,000. The other is Shenwuwei, who specially protects Li Shenzhou’s personal forces. The number of troops is around 500!
Too many people can’t turn their department into a magical person. Some of them can bear the brunt. Naturally, the leaders of the two forces, the Grand Commander of the Guards and the Grand Commander of SHEN WOO, must take it. In addition, there are five deputy commanders of SHEN WOO Wei, the captain of each detachment of the Guards; In addition, Jiuzhong also specifically targeted the Golden Shield Guards of SHEN WOO Wei Defence Force and targeted some of them!
These people account for 30 places, and there are no more, because there are more than 20 places left. It is important to leave them to the Golden Temple to guard the gates outside the imperial city!
Everything is done according to the established plan. After a heavy day, the imperial city is finally settled by two people!
At this time, I went to spy on the defenders of the imperial city gate, and the master of the four gates also successfully completed it. It took two days to finally finish it because there was no nine-fold convenience stealth skill!
Li Yuanzhen handed a dozen data sheets in his hand to Jiuchong Road. "Let’s have a look when the faucet is finished!"
Jiuzhong read the data sheet in his hand from beginning to end, and finally took out some of them and left them to Li Yuanzhen. "Throw them away!"
Zhou Dingguo rubbed his hands and asked, "faucet, I don’t know if I should speak improperly." !”
Chapter ninety-four Seek the usurper
Nine heavy a smile "you don’t like the shy person what is it? Say! "
Zhou Dingguo lower their voices with nine heavy way "leading you told me to find out whether the defenders of the imperial city are true or false … want to seek the usurper? !”
"Hey … what do you say? !”
"But I heard that this system is the boss behind the main city, but will all the games allow this to happen? !”
Nine corners of the mouth become warped become warped way "this is not what you worry about, do you think if you don’t have a chance, you will always be silly to do this? !”
"Of course not! Hey … white ~! " Zhou Dingguo a face of excitement, "that we can show action now? !”
"No, it’s almost over!" Jiuzhong called the four people near and showed them the video when he first entered the palace. He pointed to the civil and military officials in the video and said, "You have to dig up all the information about these people for me!"
"Give it to us! !” When the four brothers went out again to inquire about the civil and military information of the misty city!
Unlike before, there were thousands of people spying on the Imperial City Guards. This time, there were not so many people, and they were all prominent people. It was much better to spy on them. On the afternoon of the same day, the four gates had already collected the civil and military information of the Manchu Dynasty!
Jiuzhong carefully read the civil and military details of the Manchu dynasty from beginning to end. The civilian officials put away all the military commanders’ information, told the four brothers to disband and rest freely, and then left the Houfu in a hurry and didn’t come back until ten o’clock in the evening!
Li Yuanzhen, Zhou Dingguo, Zheng Jia and Han Yi have been waiting for Jiuzhong to call the four people to the front and say to them, "You go online now to prepare for the 40,000 members of the Kowloon Club in the game before 9: 00 noon!"
"white! !” Four people immediately went online.
Jiuzhong also announced to all the members of the Red Niang Army through the head limit, "If you pay attention to the online, listen to it. If you are not online, you should try to tell each other that there will be a major battle in one day and all the members will be on the line before 9: 00 a.m.! And now it’s still online. Go to sleep on the horse line in the League Department! !”
Seeing the nine-fold announcement, the members of the Red Women’s Army don’t know what the major battle in the nine-fold announcement is, but they can feel that it must be serious from the words in the announcement!
I dare not neglect that in the next ten minutes, all the members of the Red Maiden Army have been connected one after another!
See notice Shen Yue find nine asked, "what are you doing? !”
Nine heavy mysterious way "guess ~!"
Shen Yue thoughtful way "don’t … with what you said before that big conspiracy? !”
"Cong ~!"
"What is the big conspiracy? !” Shen Yue limit curious way
"Hey … God, you’ll know!" Jiuzhong hugged Shen Yue with malicious intent and said, "Let’s take a good rest and save your strength for one night!" "
See nine heavy this pair of faces Shen Yue where I don’t know what nine heavy thinking qiao face a red mercilessly in nine heavy waist to a "big Wolf … all day thinking about doing bad things to bully me! Aren’t you tired of doing it every day !”
Jiuzhong clenched his fist and said impassioned, "I have spared no effort to live a harmonious life and then I will do whatever it takes!" !”
"get out ~!"
At nine o’clock the next afternoon, Jiuzhong and Shen Yue entered the game on time. Forty thousand members of the Kowloon Club and fifty thousand members of the Red Niang Army had already arrived and everything was ready.
Nine heavy came to the front of the crowd and cleared his throat. "I think everyone is very curious about what is the major battle I will call everyone today!" Now I can tell you that our battle today is …! " Glancing at the crowd, they said, "Attack the misty imperial city and seek to usurp the throne!"
"Ah …? ! !” Hearing this, everyone except the four-door master was stupid and didn’t react on the spot for a while. There was something wrong with his ears!
Jiuzhongyi laughed. "I don’t doubt that you heard me right. Our battle this time is to attack the misty imperial city and seek usurpation!"