"That’s right! The celestial world is more terrible than the mortal world, and all the forces of our sea family can’t escape … "Hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, Hai Tianqiong paused for a while and muttered to himself.

"I won’t go to the celestial world if I meet people around me!" Zhang Xiaotian shook his head and said, "There are no other laws of heaven in this mortal world, but I can understand them mysteriously! No matter how good the fairyland is, I don’t need to go there! "
"Mysterious posture?" Hai Tianqiong paused for a moment and then hesitated. "I seem to have heard of this posture in the celestial world!"
"There are also celestial beings?" Zhang Xiaotian first surprised way but soon relieved "right! It is also normal for the strong in the celestial world to have a few meetings! "
Hai Tianqiong shook his head. "There is a temple sect in the celestial world. If I didn’t guess wrong, their unique secret method is this kind of mysterious posture! You can quickly understand the laws of heaven in the first and ninth roads! "
"The first and ninth roads?" Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, can’t move without conjuring up a figure and nine figures?
"If it is really the same type of posture, I think the boss must be mentally prepared!" Speaking of which, the sky and the sea stopped
"Be prepared? What? " Zhang Xiaotian some curious asked.
"Because of this posture can’t let a person really enter heaven! And once you practice this posture of getting started in Heaven, you will be there again! " Sea sky eyes looked at Zhang Xiaotian said flatly.
"What?" Zhang Xiaotian was a little shocked.
"Law practice to the level is an introduction to heaven! This posture can make people practice quickly to level seven! Once there is a way to practice in heaven, this posture will be taken again! That is to say, if the boss practices to the level or which way of array practice to the level, this posture will be in the boss’s body! " Sea sky eyelid droop lightly say
"Is there such a thing?" Zhang Xiaotian was shocked that his strong strength mostly depended on this posture! Heaven and earth help the foundation, which is indispensable! It is also because of this posture that he escaped every crisis! Now hearing that this posture will fail makes him not only a little wrong! There is a feeling of being caught off guard!
"I’m not sure if the boss’s posture is like this, but that’s the secret method of the celestial palace! I don’t think Heaven will allow this large-scale body to go against the sky! " Sea sky slowly said.
Zhang Xiaotian was silent! The intersection of the two postures can realize the heaven! This posture is really against the sky! If we can really limit the promotion, then …
"actually! The reason that I am most sure is because I can’t make these gestures! " Sea sky see Zhang Xiaotian fell silent and continued, his eyes staring at Zhang Xiaotian.
"Come on! Ordinary Wushu can’t be practiced until the ghost will come! We should be satisfied that this method can transport us to the seventh-order repair! " For a long time Zhang Xiaotian sighed and said slowly.
Listen to Zhang Xiaotian’s words. There is disappointment in Haitianqiu’s eyes.
"I’m sorry Let you down! I still have them around me! " Zhang Xiaotian looked back at Haitianqiu with a face of apology and said that he knew Haitianqiu was good to him not only because of the fusion of fat memories but also because of this layer! But also because of this let Zhang Xiaotian and pulled a little distance with him!
"Eldest brother don’t need to say sorry to the sky! The boss should not have looked at Yang Xiaodi, Qin Wanbing, Ling Huo, Ling Sanying, and everyone around him! Look dim and said
"The sky of genocide can’t forget and dare not fail to report! When there is a chance, I will find the life fluid to pay off the fat boy’s debt! " Sea sky look back to Zhang Xiaotian light said.
"What?" Zhang Xiaotian was frightened when he remembered that Fat Boy’s true spirit was still in the sky.
"The two drops of life liquid appeared in the celestial world 100 million years ago!" Sky responded and said slowly
Zhang Xiaotian leng for a long time and fell silent again! In his mind, the position of the sky and the sea is incomparable with that of the fat boy! When you are down and out, when you run away, when you are lonely, when you are lonely, the fat boy will never leave and follow him! Trance Zhang Xiaotian seems to see that gluttonous and sleepy fat boy again! A snow-white pug is extremely cute! A shota in a red Chinese-style chest covering is so charming! During the trial of the forbidden cave, it was also because of the fat boy that he and Qin Wan got closer! It can be said that Fat Boy is the matchmaker between him and Qin Wan! All this proves the deep affection between him and Fat Boy! All this is incomparable to the sky and the sea! Besides, the sky and the sea are still
Chapter two hundred and ninety-seven Heaven fusion
"Is there no life fluid in the mortal world?" Zhang Xiaotian hesitated for a moment and looked up and asked.
"no! Never heard of it! Only two drops of life fluid appear in the celestial world! " Sea sky shook his head and said slowly
Suddenly, Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, remembered something and asked, "You said that fairies can’t be mortal, so how does the fairies know about mortal things?" Speaking of which, Zhang Xiaotian is already suspicious.
Sky shook his head with a wry smile, "or lead the boss that rule is dead or alive! Immortals are not allowed to be mortal, but their immortal knowledge can penetrate the world! "
"Fairy knowledge?" Zhang Xiaotian slightly one leng.
"Is the spirit to find out! Cultivate profound immortals and explore the mortal world through the world! When the repair reaches a very high level, it can hurt people across the border! " Sea sky nodded lightly and said
"Hurting people across the border?" Hearing this, Zhang Xiaotian was shocked! I’m afraid of the fairy Zhang Xiaotian! Zhang Xiaotian is not shocked to hear that they can hurt people from across the world!
"It’s just a saying to hurt people from across the world! Fix that highest level in the celestial world can only condense a phantom avatar with no pow in the mortal world! " Sea sky smiled light said
"so!" Zhang Xiaotian this just rest assured.
"I suddenly feel …" There was a silence for a while, and Hai Tianqiong spoke again, but he hesitated here.
"What do you think?" Zhang Xiaotian asked
"I suddenly feel that the boss seems to have become a little timid!" Sea sky bowed his head and said awkwardly
Zhang Xiaotian leng silence! After a while, I whispered, "I don’t know how to cherish until I lose it!" I almost died just now! What will they do if I die? " Zhang Xiaotian twist a head to look next to a crowd, etc! Look a little lonely!
"That’s right! Boss! How did you get through the silence just now? " Hearing this, Zhang Xiaotian asked with a twinkle in his eyes.
Dead silence! A narrow escape! He saw a family elder die in this realm! He is very curious about Zhang Xiaotian’s ability to survive the dead!
Zhang Xiaotian glanced at Yang Xiaodi and Qin Wan, who were also waiting for the answer, and finally stared at the sky and slowly spit out four characters: "The original black bead!" Smiling indifferently, Zhang Xiaotian went on to say, "When I was dying, the original black bead saved me! Otherwise, I will definitely die! "
Hai Tianqiong opened his mouth slightly, looked dumbfounded and finally shook his head and stopped asking! The original black bead body is a right thing! What kind of ability is not surprising!
"The magic xuan zong not the kui is the first faction in the underworld is not simple! A first master can make a second-level array attack! " After a while, the sea sky mouth way
"Second-level array attack?" Zhang Xiaotian some surprise!
"well! Second, spiritual practitioners can use the second-level array attack! If the boss is not promoted, it will be really tough! " Sea sky nodded and said slowly
"Yes! Seventy masters, the lowest is the peak of the sixth order! Many of them are in the seventh order! If you attack together … "Yang Xiao said.
"It seems that the earth treasure king really wants me dead!" Zhang Xiaotian eyes mans a flash said coldly
"Eldest brother die he will offend the magic xuanzong! The first master is still so much better than the first seven masters! " Sea sky face expressionless light said
"Hum! Come and kill one, come and kill a pair! " Zhang Xiaotian cold hum a light said.
Hai Tianqiong opened his mouth slightly to say something, but in the end he didn’t say it.
Zhang Xiaotian, glancing at the sky and sea, pondered for a moment and said, "After one thousand years, if you can’t show life fluid in mortal world! I’ll think about whether it’s soaring to the celestial world! " Speaking of which, Zhang Xiaotian glanced at Qin Wan and Yang Xiao! Fairy fairy can’t come to mortal world! He’s really afraid that he won’t come after he flies up!
"Really!" Sea sky eyes a bright surprise asked
"Fat boy! I won’t let it die! " Zhang Xiaotian stared at the sky and said slowly, deep in his eyes, there seems to be a sense of poverty!
It seems that there is no meaning of Zhang Xiao’s heaven and earth now. Hai Tianqiong is happy and a little overwhelmed! I don’t know where to put my hands half stretched out!
After a while, Haitianqiongkou said, "That’s right! Boss! There is one thing you must pay attention to! " There is some hesitation in the tone.
"What is it?" Zhang Xiaotian asked
"If this mysterious posture is true and celestial palace secret method is the same type! I think the boss had better not deduce the fourth way array again! " Sea sky hesitated a slowly said
"Huh?" Zhang Xiaotian first one leng then frowned as if thinking something.
"Just now, I said that this secret method should be practiced all the way to the level or the strength to reach the order! There is no place anymore! Boss, if the fourth way array is deduced to level, then all the posture bosses of this type can no longer! It would be a pity to do so! Boss, it’s best to deduce all the six-way formations to level seven before entering the stage! This will be more cost-effective! This is the case with the Fairy Palace! " Sea sky light said with a smile
"Why did you wake me up?" Zhang Xiaotian thoughtfully for a moment and asked.
"This simple truth even if I don’t wake up the boss will soon be able to think of! And in the Millennium, it was enough for the boss to deduce the six-way array back and forth several times! " Haitianqiu said with a smile
"The most important thing is that once what kind of law of heaven is practiced successfully! Will immediately soar to immortality! Whether you like it or not, you can stay in the mortal world for one day at most! So unless the boss doesn’t want to go further, he can’t escape the celestial world! I want the boss to have better practice ability before and after he rises to the celestial world! " Sea sky went on to say
"Hissing-"Zhang Xiaotian gasped. I didn’t expect heaven to have such a hegemonic power to force people to soar to the celestial world! My heart is also a little scared. If he doesn’t say that he will fly to the celestial world in a thousand years, I’m afraid the sky will not wake him up. He has been waiting for him to practice immortality and automatically fly to the celestial world! If you want the fourth array to reach the level of mystery, you can’t go any further. I’m afraid there is also a way to soar to the celestial world!
"Aren’t you afraid that I’ve been in the mortal world and I won’t soar?" Thought of here Zhang Xiaotian asked coldly.
"If the boss speaks, he won’t go back on his word!" Hai Tianqiong smiled lightly and said that there is no worry about it all! I’m afraid that you don’t need the boss to practice to the order, that is, the celestial world integrates two or three laws of heaven and the fairy can also fight against the boss! "Then the sky jokes.
"Are all the six-way arrays integrated?" Zhang Xiaotian said with self-mockery, "Your sea home achievement method still needs 5,000 years to fuse the two methods below the level! I don’t know what year it is to integrate the six-way array! "