"Looking at them is like seeing us."

"I remember when I was young, Lao Kuang and his grandson said exactly the same thing. He dreamed of going to the battlefield as a soldier and didn’t want to be a spiritual teacher, or his father beat him up before he was honest. I didn’t expect to beat up his grandson like this when he was old."
Kuang Bingsheng said, "Don’t be embarrassed in the past. That kid’s genius is also full of bad things around him, but he is not as honest as I was."
"Then you won’t expose him?" An old man asked
Kuang Bingsheng smiled. "Let him be happy for a while."
In this way, the name was inexplicably pulled into Taotao private class.
He Li’s bone work was like a sudden thunder and high wind, and it was carried out on the day when the bell ringer was trained.
After breakfast, a little spiritual master sent a bowl of black things for Taotao to drink.
It is said that it can improve memory after drinking it, and the course will officially begin when Taotao holds her nose and drinks it.
The class place is in the wind yard.
Three teachers and three students are fully booked from morning till night.
In the afternoon, Kuang Bingsheng taught spells and seals in the afternoon, and in the evening, Julian Waghann taught her the knowledge of the spiritual world and the common sense that a bell ringer needs.
In the middle of the night, Taotao will go to He Li Bone.
He took her to review the knowledge during the day and taught her everything she didn’t understand and forgot again.
Taotao feels like a water injection pig. Every day, she is forced to cram a lot of knowledge into her brain. Fortunately, her learning ability is very fast and she can pass the He Li bone quiz every night.
Feng occasionally goes out to do something, but most of the time he stays in the yard with a piece of wood and doesn’t know what to carve.
The Nangong Dust has never appeared once. Taotao knows that he is recovering from the broken wind cliff, and she hasn’t looked for him once since she left that day.
Not only because I don’t want to see him, but also because she is too full when she is busy.
So the three of them studied day and night for five days.
Taotao is nourished by all kinds of spiritual things every day. Fortunately, Yuan Tianhe and Kuang Qingming almost learned to vomit.
Kuang Bingsheng handled the rest and daily diet of the three of them.
He is very strict and always has a pointer in his hand. If anyone is distracted, the pointer will fall directly on his head.
Not only Qing Ming and Yuan Tian, but also Taotao.
Taotao has a bad temper and was hurt several times. She asked faintly, "Aren’t you afraid that I will take revenge after I become a bell ringer?"
Kuang Bingsheng replied to her faintly, "I am not afraid that I should have been buried by then."
Taotao "…"
It’s getting dark. It’s time for dinner.
As soon as teacher Yu had a class, the little spiritual teacher brought the meal.
Kuang Bingsheng’s harsh class is as good as he can for them.
For example, he can buy whatever Yuan Tian wants to eat, except that the peach and peach diet is a variety of changes in the law of nourishing the body.
Early Kuang Qingming casually said that he wanted to eat pizza. Kuang Bingsheng specially invited a spiritual master to go to the city to buy it.
Dozens of kilometers away, it makes no difference whether it is hot or just out of the oven when the fire property is sent to them.
Taotao is going crazy. After eating for five days, she can’t swallow anything, even if she sees a sesame seed cake, her mouth is watering, let alone pizza.
However, she has a limited appetite, so she can’t eat enough after eating.
Before she left, Kuang Bingsheng specifically told her that she couldn’t eat anything else unless she finished eating the spiritual object.
But after eating those things, don’t say anything else, just smelling the food will make you sick.
Her eyes were fixed on the pizza in Yuan Tian’s hand, trying to gather together to have a bite.
Yuan Tian stuffed pizza into his mouth like he didn’t see her eager eyes and looked at Kuang Qingming, "It’s very kind of your grandfather."
Taotao turned to look at the pizza in Kuang Qingming’s hand and turned away.
Kuang Qingming also stuffed it into his mouth. "It would be better if I didn’t have to be a spiritual teacher."
Taotao "…"
"Are you still going to run?"
"Of course, it’s the Salvation League line meeting. Grandpa went to the mountain to receive the spiritual master at noon. It’s such a good opportunity to run for nothing."
Taotao can’t eat pizza, and she is tired on the table.
She was too tired to move after studying all day.
In just five days, she poured a lot of knowledge into her mind, some chewed it up, some absorbed it, and some forced it into her mind.