God’s mind spread violently to Jinyang, slowly feeling the unique realm. Finally, he muttered, "This unique realm is indeed a good place to start all the laws, even if they are better than three sweeping laws, but they still have to constantly strengthen their self-cultivation. After all, they can’t be a little puss-head forever."

"It’s not the way to get a batch of experts from people as soon as possible, but I can’t see the slightest popularity in such a broad unique domain. The aura in the unique domain is much higher than that in heaven. Naturally, it’s faster to practice and a lot of strength is the most important thing. Even if Sanqing wants to move me, I’m afraid I have to consider it."
Thought of this, Jinyang called Taoist Tianjue, the guardian outside the palace, and ordered, "Tianjue, you go and call all your other disciples, and Martial Uncle Yichen also invited the teacher to have something to announce."
"It’s a master!" Road flyover Tianjue hurriedly respectfully brought life and hurriedly drove Xianyun to fly outside the palace.
Road flyover Tianjue, that is, the eldest ten people in the ten days by mistake, all have demon bodies and strong bodies, and they have condensed three souls and seven spirits, all of which have just escaped from the shackles of the 10 th array and all of them have true fairy steps.
Ten people rely on the Ten Commandments to be reborn, and they all have great powers, especially those who are particularly proficient in a certain spell. The names of their ten people are Taoist Tianjue, Taoist Dilie, Taoist Fenghou, Taoist Hanbing, Taoist Jinguang, Taoist Xuehua, Taoist Flames, Taoist Desperate and Taoist Hongsha, respectively.
Smelling the golden sun beckoning ten unique ways, people are out of their palace, driving a fairy cloud and quickly rushing to the golden sun seat to see Jinyang sitting on the jade bed with his eyes still closed. Jinyang is learning something, and no one says much and waits respectfully.
Soon the magic eagle and other pro-guards quickly flashed into the hall, still waiting for their feelings, followed by a dust-driving fairy cloud floating in. He recently made great progress and was promoted to a real fairy, and he did have a little superior demeanor. Hade then rushed to the crowd and looked much better than when he first entered the unique area.
They fought against more than 10,000 Jin Xian masters when they were guarding Jinyang outside the country. All of them were injured seriously or lightly. After Jinyang sent them away, they were all asked to find their own chamber for healing. After a few days of exercise and strong aura around them, the injury base has been restored.
At the moment when Hades and others entered the temple, Jinyang opened his eyes, gently waved the colorful light with brocade sleeves, and slightly flashed in the palace. Then there were two more stone benches. Hades, please sit down first. Others still have two qualifications. There are no other ideas for others.
When they were seated, Jinyang took something out of Zijin Gankun Belt, and everyone looked intently and found that it was a flame, in which colorful winds and dazzling hot air attacked people and Jinyang threw it at a dust and said, "This thing is back to you. I added two things in it, which should be much more powerful than before!"
This flame was nothing but the lightning strike of the Five Elements God that day. Although it was damaged by the lightning strike of God, the purple feather of the magic weapon did not hurt the root. Jinyang fished it out of the sea and added Suzaku Shenhuo Santui Sunsun Fire. After some sacrifices, it was more powerful than before.
A dust suddenly jumped up, grabbed the fire, and instantly turned into a feather fan. You can see that the fan is full of flames, and there are two more rosefinches, one foot and three feet. The sun and two birds are all beasts in the fire, and it is particularly terrible to fly on the fan with their heads held high.
A dust fell back to the ground with great joy and said respectfully, "Thank you, Master!"
Sitting in Jinyang with a full face of joy, I said, "I’m going to build a passage for people in heaven to put my Yanyang Temple in a unique place. You and Hades go for a walk, refine my sacrifice and recite the array baseband, and install it at the entrance of the mountain to recite all the people who have robbed the realm, leaving one thousand people to cultivate into Vulcan."
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Celestial Volume Chapter 34 Lingzhu III
Celestial Volume Chapter 34 Lingzhu III
In the early morning of the next day, Jinyang woke up from the meditation. Millions of years of experience of the God Emperor really can’t be formed. It has been digested and absorbed for many days, but it has just been digested for ten thousandths. Many experiences have benefited Jinyang a lot, and it has been continuously understood and made Jinyang travel thousands of miles a day.
Really understand the horror of memory, but let Jinyang lose heart. It was a narrow escape on that day. If it wasn’t accidentally absorbed by the God Emperor, Jin Yang secretly estimated that he might have been completely overwhelmed by the horrible memory when he accepted the memory. Even if he was lucky enough not to die, he would probably lose seven’ o, which is not much different from a vegetable.
Suddenly, Jinyang’s eyebrows moved slightly, and he secretly controlled the whole unique field for several times. Then he called the magic eagle who was waiting outside the door and ordered, "That will arrive at the entrance in three and a half minutes. You will personally take ten pro-guards to meet and bring him here."
The magic eagle was brought to life at once and then flew out to Jinyang to defend himself. The magic eagle has always been very competent. It always puts Jinyang’s safety and words first. Although everyone is now in a unique area, the security problem is absolutely guaranteed. However, no matter where Jinyang goes, the magic eagle will still take other pro-guards to the Jinyang to meditate and practice the magic eagle, and will guard the law outside the door.
Jinyang, who is so competent for the magic eagle, can’t blame him for saying that he hasn’t been able to continue like this for many times, and Jinyang secretly has already had a dispute. After most people are sent, Jinyang is ready to let the magic eagle continue to bear the position of the Vulcan army commander and the pro-guard captain, and then change it.
Anyway, at present, Jinyang pro-Wigan can’t be protected, and many times it needs Jinyang’s efforts to protect them. Magic Eagle is a very capable person. It’s really a wave of talents to put it in the position of pro-Wigan captain. The Vulcan Corps will need the magic eagle to kill the gods in the future and practice in person.
Jinyang’s strength is there. Although the Vulcan Yuan body is scattered, the realm is still true and the way is much higher. According to Jinyang’s own calculation, there should be a Xuanxian step, and with the memory of God’s emperor for millions of years, understanding the way is also a thousand miles a day, and naturally it will follow.
Soon the magic eagle walked into Jinyang Palace with a full face of joy. Now that he had finished the magic eagle, he quickly withdrew from the palace and continued to perform his duties as a pro-guard captain. He meticulously completed the work of a pro-guard. No one would enter the palace without Jinyang’s call unless he stepped on his body.
Seeing that Yi came in, Jinyang hurriedly got up, and the two of them suddenly had a greeting. It wasn’t long before Yi came to visit friends and relatives and went straight to the subject. After a detailed explanation by Jinyang, the specific practice of Yi was white anyway, and there was not much risk. At most, it was just a matter of losing the first repair. Anyway, his heavenly god and general forces also didn’t dare to provoke the demon temple as a super power. He would never bother to repair it and lose it, and then slowly repair it back.
Since it’s okay and the performance is so urgent, Jinyang naturally doesn’t want to delay. The two of them led by Jinyang went to the bottom of the cave and were inspired by Jinyang. The bottom was cast into a bronze altar by ten Taoist priests. The diameter of the altar was 20,000 feet, and the surface was made of copper. The dense spells kept gathering aura in the bronze altar for later use.
Nayi obeys Jinyang’s instructions, sits on the altar, closes his eyes slightly, and works physically and mentally. His mind has also completely sunk into the depths of the Yuan God, but he doesn’t know anything about the outside world. He is very relieved that Jinyang decided not to take charge and gave the flesh to Jinyang to cast Fagen, so he wouldn’t worry.
Then, in a dust, the Taoist Ten Commandments quickly arrived and flew to the altar without waiting for other people’s orders. According to Jinyang’s prior arrangement, ten people each set up a party to take out the Ten Commandments given to them by Jinyang, and use the secret method sacrifice on their heads to wait for orders, so they tried their best to use the Ten Commandments.
On the same day, the Ten Unique Taoist Priests left the array and became demonized into human beings. Then Jinyang gave them three souls and seven spirits to achieve the real immortal way. Afterwards, Jinyang sacrificed and refined the abandoned Ten Unique Taoist Priests again, washed away the brand of the original gods in the array and added Jinyang’s own mark, and then gave them back to the Ten Unique Taoist Priests.
In Jinyang, people have used secret methods to mobilize their origins to destroy the array. Ten people are one and once again play the greatest power of the array. Suddenly, the cave is covered with dark clouds, and there are even thunder and lightning in the dark clouds. The whole cave is also dark and can’t see five fingers.
Before Jinyang, he ordered the Taoist Ten Commanders to build 100,000 palaces. Although all of them were simply built with ordinary bluestone, they were built in a total of 100,000 palaces according to a fixed array, which just constituted the base of the Ten Commanders Array. Jinyang learned from the Ten Commanders Array. Although it is not as flexible as the Ten Commanders Map, it is larger in scale and can gather aura at ordinary times.
"ooh ~ ~ ~"
Ten people roared, showing that the strength of the demon body suddenly increased several times. Ten thousand palaces behind each person also quickly released the condensed aura and quickly entered the demon body. It is not the kui that the demon body is refined and refined by the ancient secret method. It is tough and abnormal, and the aura is several times higher than their body. It is still not exploded.
Finally, I gathered reiki in 100,000 palaces for several days to help the Taoist Ten Commandments. Finally, I tried my best to use the Ten Commandments. This ancient fierce array finally reappeared in the world, killing all the fierce breath. In an instant, the screen wall of the world was pulled by the golden sun spirit, and soon I found the brand of the God of Sendai, who stayed at the mountain gate years ago.
Seeing that the passage has been played in accordance with Jinyang’s prior command to Hades, the two men hesitate to jump into the passage. If Jinyang’s pre-refined recitation matrix is installed in the ascending Sendai passage, it can stay forever, and the red bronze altar can gather aura to maintain the daily energy needed by the passage. People can sneak into heaven in batches through ascending Sendai.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 341 Lingzhu IV
Celestial Volume Chapter 341 Lingzhu IV
Watching Hades enter the channel and nothing strange happened, everything went quite smoothly. Jinyang himself turned his attention to the smashing of the barrier without authorization, which will definitely attract many people’s attention. Jinyang used the smashing to hide people’s eyes and ears.
Slowly kill the lotus body with the help of the supernatural evil array. At this moment, the lotus body uses the spirit bead to reappear to cover up Jinyang’s broken barrier. This is also the reason why Jinyang invited it into the realm that day. Otherwise, the rule of the realm will never let a fairy master enter it, let alone let hundreds of heavenly soldiers and generals follow him into the realm.