Suddenly raw.

Blood foam and minced meat can be seen faintly in the whip, and there are large and small whiplash injuries in Meirenqu’s body, and the painful wailing is one to one miserable.
No one dares to stop it, everyone is watching quietly.
Watching Buddhist Longbai so viciously abuse Meirenqu slowly become a bloody person, it can be seen that a large number of blood roots are constantly oozing from the bone wound, which has not made him live. Everything is fatal.
The flying whip brought blood flying around, and people’s faces didn’t even have the courage to stretch out their hands to wipe them. At present, they were red, and they couldn’t tell whether this was reality or dream hell.
What you can see in front of your eyes is bloody as well as bloody.
A corpse on the grass was whipped and couldn’t see its face clearly. No, maybe it wasn’t, because it could still feel the faint breath.
Long Bai looked at this and slowly raised his hand with a faint smile in his light voice. "Life is worse than death! Give her to Empress Mei Fei. I think Empress Mei Fei must like it very much! "
Where is like the root is scared?
There’s no skin at all. It’s just a bloody mass.
Until the dragon white leaves this dead and disgusting smell, it is still a way to eliminate the dragon white biting. They have not seen it once or twice, and they will not care about such things because of their prized roots.
Watching the soft car disappear quickly, NaLanQing stretched out his hand and touched the thought.
It’s a man who pretends to be a woman and says he wants something.
Maybe we can test one.
"I said don’t mess with Long Bai or you don’t know how to die!" San huang Long Che moment saw NaLanQing mouth ponder consciousness warning.
"Are you afraid of him?" He Lanqing slightly narrowed his eyes and flashed a faint cold light.
"I don’t want to provoke. How dare you provoke your father?" San huang Long Che squinted at Na Lanqing’s eyes, and the faint mockery definitely made her face black.
Silently biased
Well, I don’t want to mess with that scary man yet
If Longbai is a demon, then Nalanling is a demon, right?
This character is really extremely similar
Na Lanqing suddenly recovered and stared at him. "Don’t talk to me. I can’t afford to provoke the Three Emperors Hall!"
"Why are you still angry?" Long Che low smiled two eyes gently look at the NaLanQing side face.
"No one dares to be angry with the Imperial Palace!"
Long Che smiled behind his hands. "Brother Qing, I didn’t mean to forgive me once, okay?"
"Unless you can let the dancer drink with me, we will talk!"
Long Che raised his eyebrows. "Brother will accompany you to drink in person?"
"Don’t who want a rough gentlemen to accompany to drink? Don’t think I can forgive you without a beautiful girl! " NaLanQing abandon pie pie don’t give appearance amused Long Che.
"good! Brother, please let the dancer accompany you! "
"That’s more like it!"
The appearance of two people talking and laughing has attracted many people’s attention, but the traces left by Long Bai at the scene are too shocking to people’s hearts, and I also wonder if Na Lanqing is friendly with san huang.
Soon someone carried Meirenqu to Empress Mei Fei, and no one knew what would happen there.
This is a selection of Emperor bandu, and it is also a competition among families. The selection is not only literary talent but also martial arts.
Of course, unless the emperors have special tastes, it is also possible to choose a text that can’t be martial and can’t be bandu
The men and women present are Lin Jiangfu, Zhang Jiagu, Baili Prime Minister’s House, Liu Gonghou House and Jade House … Of course, the most noticeable is Wu ‘an Hou House.
Wu’ an Hou’s personality has become low-key in recent years because of the appearance of Long Bai, but many people still remember his character of treating human life like a worm and paying great attention to his daughter’s nature.
But except for a wan ku Na Lanqing.
Emperors are coming one after another. In the future, in groups of three or five, emperors are looking for their brothers who want to win over their families, while aristocratic brothers are looking for their target people one by one.
LanQing smile looked at curry favor with the nobles, she laughed coldly.