Perception ability on Sunday; Surrounded by the Ministry of the environment, it was printed into Sunday’s mind and all the way through the past; It was not long before Sunday that I felt that the demon worm was happy in my heart; On Sunday, without saying anything, it ran towards the place where it was sensed by itself.

Yes; On Sunday, when I found the demon insect; The other party also found Sunday at the same time. After all, it is not much weaker than Sunday. The demon insect’s perception ability is more outstanding than Sunday’s; When it was discovered on Sunday; The demon worm but also has been induced such a situation; Sunday was chasing it while the demon was there; Is also has been escaped.
As Sunday thought; Because I didn’t expect Sunday to do something like that, when facing Sunday’s attack; The demon insect arrived at the root in advance and was unguarded. Although the demon insect escaped with his own talent and ability at the head of the crisis, it still suffered a lot of damage before getting away because of the slow movement.
Meanwhile; In order to get rid of the demon insect, he also consumed most of his heart, and now he is not only injured; The number of hearts is already less than half, and I feel that my strength is not as good as the first half. Although I don’t recognize that I can’t compete with Sunday, the demon insect already knew it at that time. I want to win, but it is already impossible.
Since you can only ensure that you are unbeaten and the law has won a real victory, the demon worm naturally doesn’t want to fight with Sunday.
Although it was not as bad as expected on Sunday, the demon insect didn’t want to fight on Sunday, but his idea was guessed right by Sunday. Even if he was sure not to be defeated on Sunday, the demon insect wanted to leave rather than fight on Sunday for the first time when he came out, and now it is the same; Even if it has the strength of World War I on Sunday, it was discovered by Sunday. What the demon thinks is to escape from Sunday instead of turning around to fight this situation on Sunday; It is to let Sunday mistake himself for guessing the other party’s situation, so he will chase it even harder.
If you have a half chance of winning; On Sunday, I won’t give up killing the demon insect. Now that I recognize that the demon insect has no fighting power, there is even more reason to let each other go on Sunday. In such a situation, if it is not Sunday’s inability, Sunday Eye can’t wait to jump directly in front of each other.
This situation lasted for quite a long time until after running for about tens of minutes, Sunday slowly drew the distance between the two sides by relying on the advantage of speed. After that, the demon saw that he could not escape, and it stopped at that time. Looking back, he put on a defensive posture with a face of alert.
Although the eye state is already a bit poor, the demon has never recognized that he will defeat Sunday, but he has never recognized that Sunday will be stronger than it. The demon just didn’t want to be energetic on Sunday, but he is not afraid that Sunday will put on such an adamant performance. Even if he knows that his eyes are good, it is likely to lead to a big war. However, due to repeated provocations by Sunday, the demon has made up his mind to teach Sunday a lesson.
And Sunday doesn’t care about the demon’s idea. It’s hard that the demon stopped to prevent the demon from escaping again. Sunday didn’t even stop. As soon as he got close to the demon, he didn’t say anything. Immediately attacked it.
Take out several swords from yourself; On Sunday, after aiming at the demon insect, he directly threw it at it …
In the face of such an attack on Sunday; Without thinking, the demon worm directly used its natural ability once again to explode a heart, and directly disappeared in front of Sunday’s eyes. Let Sunday throw out those weapons and finally hā fell to the ground.
For the eye, it is psychologically prepared for the result of Sunday, no matter what it is said; That demon insect is in a bad state; Its empowerment ability has not been lost, depending on the other party’s ability; If you want to kill it on Sunday, it can’t be an easy thing. You won’t be discouraged if you return on Sunday. You will quickly rush to the area where the worm disappears and then you will pay attention to it nervously. Watch out for the demon insect that may attack at any time.
Then on Sunday, be careful to guard against the monster; The demon worm has never appeared in the sight of Sunday, but it feels wrong on Sunday, but it is hurriedly released its perception ability without wanting to; On Sunday, as soon as his perception ability was released, he immediately felt the demon insect in the original; After the demon insect stopped to prepare for the battle, it was there for Sunday to see, so it stopped on Sunday to guard against its sneak attack. The demon insect had already escaped from the original place for its own talent and ability. When it was discovered that something was wrong on Sunday, the other party had already pulled the distance between the two sides again during that period, but it was necessary to chase the demon insect again on Sunday.
When I found this situation, it was naturally impossible for me to be angry and chase for so long; I finally chased each other but didn’t want to ask each other for World War I, but the other side played such a small trick to face such a result, even if it didn’t suffer in the other side’s hands, Sunday was still angry, almost at that time; It’s already to hate that demon insect.
I didn’t mean to give up, but I spent it with that demon on Sunday. Didn’t I want to escape from myself in this way? I’m not as partial as it means, no matter how hard it is to chase myself, I have to chase myself. I don’t believe it on Sunday. How long can the demon’s body and heart keep it going? Wait until its body and heart make it, and then on Sunday, I’ll see what ability it has to escape from myself.
Sneer at the same time in my heart; By the demon insect gas on Sunday, the speed is not reduced. When the demon insect escapes quickly and the speed is faster, it will be chased towards the other side, which is also not too long. On Sunday, he chased the demon again and attacked it in the same way.
And the monster’s reaction is the same when facing Sunday’s attack; Without thinking about it, he brought out his talent and ability, and as a result, Sunday’s attack didn’t hurt it, and it disappeared from Sunday’s sight at that time.
Because of one thing; On Sunday, when I saw that the demon disappeared, I immediately released my perception ability. On Sunday, I won’t give the demon another chance to get away, although I will go there like that. The demon worm’s heart will consume him bit by bit, and he will have a better chance of winning. But if the demon worm runs to one of its strongholds, it will be difficult to kill it on Sunday, not to mention that the draft is not good, but he will be in danger.
In such a situation; Sunday is naturally impossible for the other party to escape from their hands in that way, which is precisely because of such an idea; In the face of the disappearance of the demon insect, Zhou Tiancai was conscious of his own perception ability because of his previous experience, and he felt the surrounding situation.
But Sunday didn’t think it was; This time, he released his perception ability, but the demon didn’t escape from the original place as before. Maybe the previous move was a trap from the beginning. Maybe it was because he saw Sunday and chased it so hard that the demon was annoyed. Anyway, whatever the reason, when the perception ability was released on Sunday; I didn’t perceive that the demon insect escaped, but instead; Then on Sunday, his perception was released, but his harvest was lost. At that time, the demon insect appeared beside him.
This time, the monster didn’t escape but chose to attack Sunday. On Sunday, I took precautions once, but this time I didn’t take precautions against such a situation because I was misled by the demon. In the face of the demon insect attack, there is really not much possibility that the performance escaped from the demon insect on Sunday.
Demon insect ability is too weird. Some Sundays are intentional precautions and dare not say that they can avoid each other’s attacks. When the eyes are on the other side, they are unprepared to face the demon insect sneak attack. On Sunday, it is even harder to have the ability to hide.
With the strength of Zhou Tianshen; In the face of the eye demon insect, this sneak attack is almost certain; On Sunday, it was definitely predictable to get things, but fortunately; Zhou Tianshen has other life-saving abilities besides his own ability to face the sneak attack of the demon insect; I know that I definitely have a life and death situation after I am recruited, and I dare not hold back on Sunday; Will play directly will flicker to hide in.
Playing on Sunday is just a problem of mind movement. Even on Sunday, the body didn’t react when the demon attacked, but on Sunday, after learning the situation at that time, it still succeeded in playing and dodging into it, which finally made the demon’s original attack as certain as falling.
Not only that; Sunday escaped the sneak attack of the demon insect. This is still a week. Naturally, it is impossible to just end it like that. How do you say that the sneak attack of the demon insect almost succeeded in hurting Sunday? If you really don’t mind it at all, it is absolutely impossible that your eyes have just escaped through your ability. On Sunday, it was immediately at that time that you fought back against the demon insect.
Because of the different speed of the time and the outside world, although it was said that it was hiding and coming out of it on Sunday, it didn’t take long, just less than a second; Sunday will once again appear in the original place, if you don’t know what ability Sunday has made to watch Sunday’s performance; I am afraid that most people will still be able to move on Sunday.
Of course; No matter what kind of ability eye Sunday escaped from its hand, for that demon; Now all this has no much meaning for it, and Sunday’s ability is different for the demon. Anyway, Sunday has escaped the sneak attack of the demon, which is a result for the demon. It is already a disaster.
Have had personal experience; The demon naturally knows what kind of field it will be if it falls into the hands of Sunday, and it is for such a reason; When facing Sunday; That demon has always been careful to avoid such a situation, but now it can be seen; It seems that the demon insect wants to avoid that situation no matter what the result is; Now it seems that no matter how hard it is to avoid the situation, it is already a matter of attention that it will happen.
On Sunday, because of the fast movement; The time from flicker to reappearance was so short that the demon didn’t even take back his tongue. Naturally, it give Sunday a chance to attack it.
As before; Sunday is impossible to miss such a good opportunity to attack, so the demon found Sunday instantaneous; On Sunday, I reached out and grasped the demon’s tongue directly, and then there was a scene in the underground passage, and it was once again reproduced on the ground.
Fall left and right …
Sunday’s discovery is definitely the biggest weakness of the demon when it comes into contact with its body on Sunday; The talent ability of the demon insect will be lost, but the attack of the demon insect is based on its own tongue. Now that the tongue is caught on Sunday, the demon insect is equivalent to being caught on Sunday. No matter in which way, the fact that the demon insect is in that situation has no chance of winning on Sunday.
If it weren’t for good luck, the demon insect should have been killed on Sunday when he broke his tongue in the underground passage. Now, when he is in the underground passage, the demon insect escaped good luck but didn’t want it to run to the ground. When he saw it, he was going to win. The situation fell and he let Sunday seize the opportunity to stop it again.
This time, the demon worm is no longer as lucky as before. On Sunday, Tianli wrestled, although his body still had many hearts, but it was on Sunday that it looked a little barbaric and simple, but it was just bit by bit that the strength was not there. A big monster beast was so killed.
When I found that the life breath of the demon insect had completely disappeared; On Sunday, I couldn’t believe I got that information. After all, the strength of the demon worm was not in his words on Sunday. It is impossible to kill him in this way, even if it falls for 10 thousand years; Sunday will not be hurt.
Although I knew that the demon body might be fragile, I didn’t think that I could hurt it in that way on Sunday. After I won the final victory by that means on Sunday, I couldn’t believe that I won, but I fell the demon body a few times later. This just stopped moving at that time.
Won; The victory came too suddenly, and some of it came so suddenly that the winner on Sunday didn’t think he would win until the demon died for a long time; On Sunday, it was at that time that I digested the phase information and finally accepted the fact that I won and killed the demon worm in that way.
Although the situation is somewhat unexpected on Sunday, we can win the final victory anyway; This is a good thing for Sunday over other things; Eye on Sunday is too lazy to take care of it, and I don’t have the ability to take care of it. It was only on Sunday that the body was put into the person at that time, and at that time, I felt a sense of collapse and collapsed directly.
Achieved the final victory; But on Sunday, I didn’t feel happy. It was too dangerous to fight this time. Although Sunday won in the end, it was a blessing. If I didn’t have this big card in the end, I might really die in the attack of the demon insect.
And before the battle, Sunday is not generally difficult. Even the strength of the demon worm is not weaker than Sunday, and it can win on Sunday. 30% depends on strength; More than 70% depends on luck.
But anyway, the general rule now is that Sunday has won the final victory, even if it was a little dangerous before, but since it is your own victory, the rest is naturally not to be said any more.
He was exhausted because he had just experienced a battle. At this time of the week; But I didn’t do anything else, but I entered at that time without saying anything.
Although nothing has happened outside, Sunday always thinks that it is not safe enough outside, and his eyes are no longer suitable for fighting when he wants to rest; Nature is the first thought of.
Yes; Sunday didn’t expect it, but when he entered, he met Lele at that time.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-one Avenue machine
Chapter two hundred and thirty-one Avenue machine
"master; Where did you get the corpse of the worm? "
"well; On the way, I met that guy who ate people’s hearts and killed him. Do you know that monster? "
I saw a look of indifference on Sunday, but Lele’s expression collapsed and he put on a very serious expression and said to him, "This guy is not a demon; It is a collection of alien creatures ~ vertex city friends whole ~ reason ~ "
"Alien creatures?" Don’t understand; On Sunday, after listening to Lele’s words, I didn’t understand what she meant. I asked Mi to look at her with a puzzled expression and wait for her to explain herself accordingly.
Performance before Sunday; I have already expressed my meaning clearly on Sunday. I don’t know the origin of the worm. Although I have too many questions in my heart to ask Sunday, Lele still has to explain the origin of the worm first when she puts on a puzzled expression on Sunday.
"There are hundreds of universes in the world, such as our hometown, which is already an extinct technological universe. You were in the Galaxy Universe, and now we are in the Pangu Universe. Among them, we are in the Pangu Universe, which is the most powerful and the most complete universe. The comprehensive strength of Pangu Universe is the strongest, but other universes are not as powerful as Pangu Universe, but most of them are born with all kinds of creatures evolved from their universes like that worm. That is, every worm in the worm universe has a special ability, which is not only powerful but also unusually United. In the universe where it is located, it is also ranked as the "credit" of those worm people who have the worm universe like the demise of our science and technology universe; If they hadn’t joined forces with several universes, our universe wouldn’t have lost and fled to Pangu Universe. If they didn’t dare to chase them again, they didn’t want their courage. Since we are so big, we have fled to Pangu Universe. Since they are still so adamant, they are not afraid to attract the attention of those saints in Pangu Universe. "
"What’s this to me?" Although from Lele’s words; On Sunday, I heard a lot of information that I didn’t know before, but on Sunday, I didn’t know about Lele’s things. On Sunday, I saw Lele’s aggrieved expression, but I didn’t give a clear face.
There is nothing wrong; It’s very important for Sunday. If you want to make a breakthrough after Sunday, it’s Sunday. But what about this? Lele just made it very clear that the technological universe has been destroyed by the enemy, but the other forces include several enemies with such a powerful universe; On Sunday, I feel a little numb when I think about it. My eyes can be said to be connected into a fairy capital. It is a kind of wild hope. How can I recognize that I can compete with several cosmic joint forces after listening to Lele’s words? Although it didn’t say anything; But on Sunday, it is still pulling itself out of their several universes s and enmity, that is, not letting Lele have the chance to let its jiao give itself something like extinguishing those universes, and this kind of Sunday feels impossible.
On Sunday, it is impossible to deceive Lele. Seeing such a performance on Sunday, Lele naturally felt quite dissatisfied and gave Sunday a hard stare, just as if Sunday had done something heartless. I couldn’t help staring at Sunday with a red face.
In the end, the face of Lele’s accusation is still too thin on Sunday. I really feel a little embarrassed. Although I feel that I have no chance to win Lele’s enemy roots, I don’t want to take Lele’s mouth to destroy my family feud. But in the end, Lele’s eyes have helped Sunday too much without this help. How can Sunday have the opportunity to come to this step? Now that I have received so much help from others, I have made such a performance when others need my help. Although Sunday will not change my original idea; But I still feel a little embarrassed more or less.
Fortunately; Lele’s accusation didn’t last long, although she cursed Sunday in her heart, but she knew what Sunday was worried about and didn’t really turn against Sunday because of Sunday’s reaction. But after giving Sunday a dirty look, he said, "Rest assured; Now that our technological universe is extinct, I naturally won’t let you build it again, even if I have that idea; I guess you can’t have that ability. I’m telling you so much just to tell you one thing. The enemy has come to you. If you are not prepared accordingly, you will probably die in the hands of those alien creatures. "
"This I what matter; You won’t tell me that those alien creatures will come to Pangu universe to deal with me! " Although my heart almost knows the answer, I know if that’s the case; On Sunday, however, I still have to put on a puzzled expression and say something like that to Lele. What I hope is to hear Lele tell him. The target of the other party is not him, he is just a supporting role in soy sauce.
But unfortunately; Sunday is what I want to hear; But Lele didn’t let Sunday Ruyi listen to Sunday’s words. Lele sneered at Zhou Tiandao. "You are the successor of the science and technology universe, carrying the hope of the science and technology universe and inheriting the most important part of the wealth of the science and technology universe. What those universes wanted together at the beginning is now in your hands. They have made great efforts to get nothing but let you get your recognition; Are those people likely to let you go? "
"No, no!" The last thing I want to hear on Sunday is what the other party is; Being able to be a unit force in the universe is not as good as Pangu universe, but if you really want to join hands with each other, it is estimated that even if the entire Pangu universe has enough strength, what is it? A friar iaoiao; Even the immortals don’t know how long it will take. If you really let those alien creatures find the door, you will end up with what kind of field on Sunday, but you want to and have already estimated it.
If possible; Now, on Sunday, I have some hopes that I didn’t get this so-called technological universe, even if I still live on the earth’s sphere. Although my life is only a short one hundred years, I can worry about the earth’s surface at that time. There is still no problem for Sunday to finish my life. Although it is an adventure; At the same time, I have already got the strength that I can’t even imagine before, but even if I get more benefits on Sunday, what’s the point now? Even my own iao life is in danger. No matter how many adventures there are, it is meaningless for Sunday.
See that look on Sunday; Lele suddenly had a general feeling that he was out of breath, although it was an illusion; But Lele still feels very Japanese and sneers at’ Hum, Hum!’ It was only at that time that Lele went on to say to Sunday’s jiao generation, "What our science and technology universe can give you is absolutely what you can imagine, and you have gained precious wealth. It was originally prepared to give those things to you little by little; Now that those guys are looking for the door, no one can guarantee when you will be found by them, so I will make an exception; Give you some more benefits! "