"The mysterious old man who looks like me … told me that crossing the magic acyl can get the truth. Is that what he said? I can find some truth here. I think it’s really strange how it happened that the earth where I used to live has Nanjiang City, but this Moho mainland also has an identical Nanjiang City … It seems that the former parallel universe is not so simple. Maybe here … What can I find … "

Su Li suddenly had an idea in his mind. He really wanted to go to this Nanjiang city to find the place where he once lived and see if there was an identical 30-story building.
Su Li suddenly had a whim and Yu Tea continued, "Mo Hao Mainland?" Now I can tell you for sure that we really come from outside the Moho mainland, and you haven’t answered me who your company is and what Vientiane do you belong to? "
If you want to achieve the true God, you must enter Vientiane to obtain divinity, and this can only come true.
I don’t want Chai Yawen to listen to Yu Tea and ask once again. "There is no division. Although the gods of the cities in the Moho mainland are strong and weak, they are all equal and have no subordination to the pavilion."
He shook his head as he said that he did not know.
Yu Cha and others are all a little stunned when they hear this. Isn’t this the difference between the eternal rules of heaven and earth in Moho mainland, where the true god doesn’t need to enter Vientiane to obtain divinity? If you want to cultivate the realm, you can directly achieve the true god?
"This Moho mainland is a bit interesting ….." Yu Tea muttered.
Just in the induction, although the Moho mainland is vast, they now perceive that these cities and several creatures seem to have the strongest strength, that is, the fourth-order true god can’t even reach the level of the Lord God, not to mention that they are more relaxed than the psychological people, and some of them don’t see the Moho mainland.
Su Li suddenly disappeared in a flash, and the ancient city of Jiang Shuijue was about to speak, so a message from Su Li came to his mind, telling them to stay where they were, and he would go back as soon as he went.
Through this simple dialogue of Chai Yawen, Su Li will know that he should not be able to ask more valuable clues here. It seems that Chai Yawen doesn’t know much about this Moho mainland.
Su Li wanted to go to Nanjiang city to have a look.
This city looks as if he once lived in the same city as Nanjiang, and he has a thought in his heart, can he find a building exactly like where he lives?
With this curiosity, he left the floating ancient city and quietly entered the Nanjiang High-tech Zone. He teleported and floated to the buildings. Suddenly, he was slightly shocked. He actually saw the familiar buildings that were familiar with the streets.
"There is such a thing. It’s the same name. Everything is exactly the same. The only difference is that there are more true gods, the so-called Chai Yawen God."
Now Su Li is getting more and more curious. He wants to find out if there is a house where he once lived, and whether it is the same.
With an idea, Su Li went down the roof to the 30 th floor corridor and looked inside along the corridor window glass.
Through the window pane of the corridor, he saw a man inside. Suddenly, the two sides were trading in all directions, and each other was shocked. Su Li’s mind was shocked and he actually saw himself.
The shock made him feel as if he had been dragged into the abyss.
In an instant, when his eyes returned to normal, he suddenly found himself facing the balcony window and looked out. He saw the distant horizon, where the clouds were floating with the ancient city. The ancient city was so familiar that it was the ancient city in his own mind.
He was accompanied by a beautiful young woman who was his ex-girlfriend Wang Lan.
He entered the suspected past tense again, and the world became this ordinary state again, Su Li.
Before he saw the distant ancient city, his heart was full of doubts. How could there be an identical ancient city in this world? But now he is back in this body again. Su Li’s heart is like thunder and lightning, and suddenly everything is white.
That ancient city is the so-called Nanjiang city in the ancient city of my own mind … I am now in the Moho mainland.
"Yes, according to this time, the other person will come here out of curiosity to have a look, and then there will be a window outside the corridor looking inside and then see my result …"
The more Su Li thinks about it, the more he feels that his back is cold. All these strange things have made him a little creepy, and even he is confused. Which one is who he really is?
It suddenly occurred to me that I got those manuscript papers in my bedroom that remember all kinds of ancient gods and demons, while another Suli still had manuscript papers that remember ancient gods. Is there anything hidden in these manuscript papers?
If these two kinds of manuscript papers are put together, will there be some changes? And this brain …
Su Li took a deep breath and didn’t hesitate. He immediately pushed the security door with his brain bag and went out. Wang Lan followed him and came out to the corridor window. Su Li stopped and looked out through the window glass. He knew that soon another Su Li would appear outside the window glass, and the two Su Li would face each other.
Although they are two Su Li, they are actually their own consciousness. This consciousness will constantly switch between this order of true God Su Li and the ordinary Su Li body.
There must be some reason for all this. If we find this reason, we may be able to solve all the puzzles.
He is now wondering what will happen again if the two Su Li meet now.
With nervousness and all kinds of unspeakable uneasiness, Suli corridor is waiting for another one to appear by the window glass.
Wang Lan silently told him that the corridor was getting darker and darker, and the walls on both sides slowly penetrated out of the black material again.
This time, the black substance did not avoid him, but actively extended towards him. It seems that this black substance wants to prevent the two Su Li from meeting.
"There must be something wrong … come quickly …" Su Li looked at the black matter on both sides getting closer and closer to himself, but the other one himself had not appeared outside the corridor window, and his heart gradually became anxious.
Finally, a black ghost claw stretched out from this black substance and lifted it from it, and suddenly caught it at his ankle.
"get out!" Although Su Li drank low, he has become an ordinary person, but he has accumulated combat experience and is still calm. He immediately stepped back to avoid this dark ghost claw.
Just then, suddenly, a pain in the head hit Su Li hard. Su Li was beaten with a stuffy hum and barely turned her head to see Wang Lan behind her. Her face looked strange and she was staring at her eyes with a faint light.
Chapter 122 The magic acyl first ROM god
"You …"
Su Li uttered this word, his eyes blacked out, his mind plunged into darkness, and then he was shocked all over again. Suddenly, he found himself reappearing in the corridor, and the outside of the window glass was surging with the power of the first emperor. He came back again.
It’s in the corridor, but it’s gone. I just saw Su Li, and there’s no Wang Lan and that black substance.
"Wang Lan ….." Su Li whispered softly and went in through the corridor wall. He wanted to launch the domain and enveloped the whole building.
Before Su Li’s body, Wang Lan, remembering the manuscript of ancient gods and demons and brain all disappeared, all the signs of Su Li’s state of ordinary people disappeared completely. Those experiences were like having a continuous dream.
Su Li went back to the bedroom again to see that the furnishings were exactly the same as where she once lived.
"This is the Moho mainland, which is so vast that it doesn’t belong to the eternal universe that even my spirit force can be induced, but there is such an identical city in Nanjiang as copying …"
"But once the place where I lived was the earth, and the Nanjiang city was full of ordinary people. At that time, I came into contact with ordinary people and could not really be a god …"
Su Li’s mind is constantly pondering.
"After waking up on October 15th, Nanjiang City was suddenly flooded, so I started the evolutionary road to hunt dead animals and get spiritual sources. Finally, step by step, I came to this step today …"
"According to the information that can be obtained at present, there will be a group of new people entering the living world every year. After human beings become old Terrans and drown into resin beasts, some Terrans will evolve and forget, and some will become undead …"
"A more reasonable explanation is that when the world belongs to two different places, a group of earth humans enter the world of the gods and gods in a similar way every year …"
Thought of here, Su Li suddenly felt a slight shock and thought of a key point in this.