If it is barely understandable to know that devoted to thousands of feathers, she and Fang Huairu …

Few people in this world know.
Even Fang Yan was surprised to know that she was a woman who had never made friends and had nothing to do with her.
Heart faint gives birth to a kind of uneasy.
It’s like two rivals. She’s in the dark, and the other knows everything about her, but she doesn’t even know what the other looks like.
"Who the hell are you?"
Yi Min gazed at the girl’s eyes hidden in the dim light, and she stared at them for a moment. Those eyes were familiar.
Try to think …
All of a sudden, her eyes were full of surprises, and a person’s name jumped into her mind.
"Qiao Dai! Are you Qiao Dai? "
Yes, that’s her!
Although she made little friends with Qiao Dai, it was not until the day when Mo Lei died that she realized that Mo Lei had adopted this girl named Qiao Dai on the day she adopted her.
They’re both strangers, but they never know each other’s presence
Oh, it’s not that she didn’t know that the other party was in Qiaodai, but that she knew that day Qiaodai said it herself.
Bending the lip corner wryly, she saw that the woman in black was full of accidents, but she didn’t expect that she could recognize her.
After a moment of silence, the woman in black did not deny that "since I sincerely deal with you, I will not deceive you. I am Qiao Dai."
Yi Min was dazed and didn’t expect her to be so straightforward.
In fact, she really doesn’t know much about this woman
Once she was a phoenix shadow ink man, and later she knew that she was a stranger.
My understanding of her stopped at that day when she publicly exposed the evil deeds of the hedge.
By the way, Mo Li said she had eaten Yan Dan.
People who eat Yan Dan can’t see a ray of sunshine or their skin will fester inch by inch.
No wonder she lives in a stone room without windows and wears such a big cloak.
But even if you don’t see the sun, the toxicity of Yan Dan will slowly erode the internal organs and limbs.
Over time, people will die.
Five years later, she’s still alive.
"Are you going to do this?" Yi minwen
“?” Qiao Dai sneered, "Do you mean that I set up such an organization or that I am proud of people?"
Yi Min frowned. "Want to sell human organs?"
"selling?" Qiao Dai finally couldn’t help laughing. air billow hit the black veil on his face. "Who said I was selling?"
Yi Min was shocked. "Then who are you?"
Yi Min almost choked on his own saliva.
What do you mean by yourself?
She shuddered for no reason.
All her reactions fell into Qiao Dai’s eyes.
"Where do you want to go? I said that I was replacing my organs that had been eroded by toxins. Now my liver, kidney and spleen are all others. "
Qiao Dai’s talk is light and easy, but her heart is in a panic.
However, an earlier question was also answered.
No wonder I’m still alive after five years. It was delayed in this way.
Is it short or long in five years? How did she develop such a large organization?
"Where did you get so many wonderful medicines?"
"Buy because I have a lot of money."
Qiao Daiyang’s sleeves are proud, her eyes are exposed outside the veil, and Yi Min looks puzzled. She smiles again. "Are you going to ask me where I got so much money?"
Yi Min didn’t do it.
Qiao Dai said again, "It’s the ruin of the hedge."
Yi Min has some accidents.
Qiao Dai is not "surprised? How can a man who has coveted the country and the throne for so many years not be prepared to be as rich as an enemy? It’s a pity that he will die if he moves in the future. "
At this point, there was a smirk in Qiao Dai’s eyes. "Fortunately, I followed him before this time and found the place where he secretly kept gold and silver jewelry. Otherwise, the money would have been buried in the ground with his death. I took it out these years and played it."
In the end, he suddenly added, "This is what he owes me!"
Yi Min recognized the gnashing taste in her last sentence.
"In fact, he is not as bad to you as you think."
Yi Min doesn’t know what psychological reasons he said this sentence.
Maybe I don’t want Qiaodai to hate too much, or maybe she really thinks so.