They got a corner kick at the last minute.

This time even AC Milan goalkeeper Dida rushed to Lazio’s door, hoping that the team could score a goal …
However, it is a pity that Handanovic, who is in excellent condition, took the corner kick directly from Lieutenant General Pirlo.
Then he put the football to the frontcourt with a big foot!
The football ran for the goal and went.
Even if Dida is chasing hard behind, he can’t come.
In the exclamation of AC Milan fans and commentators, the football finally missed the goal of AC Milan …
However, Handanovic has nothing to regret. After that, the referee blew the whistle of the end of the game. Lazio beat AC Milan with ten people away!
He became the most dazzling hero in this game, and Lazio won the first hero!
Chapter one hundred and twelve Unwilling Pacheco
"The game is over! Lazio beat AC Milan 1 away! This result may not be surprising … but if you watch this game, you will find how incredible this result is! One less Lazio withstood the stormy attack of AC Milan in this game! Their goalkeeper Handanovic became the biggest hero! He saved Kaka a penalty in the game and also helped david silva score! It can be said that Lazio can win this game because they have Handanovic! "
When the commentator said this, he followed Handanovic all the time depending on the close-up in the broadcast.
He took off his gloves and hugged his teammates to celebrate the victory.
People kept coming to hug and high-five him.
Finally, Lazio coach, who used to use Handanovic’s car to force Handanovic to win in training.
In the media, his business is regarded as a violation of Handanovic’s private property, and Handanovic should bear a grudge against Changsheng.
But now two people hug each other tightly.
Constant victory beat handanovic’s back and kept saying something in his ear.
It seems that two people are very nice.
Those media dissension failed again …
Handanovic became the most popular person in the mixed zone.
The reporters dragged him with a lot of questions to ask him, but the most interesting question for the reporters was …
"How did you seal your opponent Samir in this game? Even Kaka can jump out of the penalty? "
Handanovic grinned.
"Before the game, the boss told me that my car was parked behind me. If anyone dares to shoot my car, I will fight with anyone! In order not to let those people kick my car with football, I can try my best to catch high and low gears … But to be honest, I feel quite relaxed in this game, and the intensity is much lower than that of my original training. You see, I can still be interviewed by you here now, and my breath is even. After the original training, I lay on the training ground for more than ten minutes before I recovered! "
Speaking of training Handanovic at the beginning, I couldn’t help laughing.
How can you hate your boss?
Many journalists felt deeply frustrated …
After the game, he asked the press conference to prove what Handanovic said.
But that’s what I told him. Let him imagine that his car worth 10 thousand euros is parked behind him and then he will know what to do.
Chang Sheng also expressed his attitude towards defeating AC Milan. "This game is really difficult, not because of how strong AC Milan is, but because we lost one person at half-time, but fortunately, even if we lost one person, AC Milan could not beat us …" He shrugged his shoulders and curled his lips with a disdainful expression.
But he didn’t stimulate Pacheco. Maybe he forgot?
At the end of the press conference, Chang Sheng got up and was about to leave, but suddenly he seemed to remember something. He turned and pointed to Pacheco.
"Mr. Breno Pacheco, please open your eyes and watch how I levy here step by step."
Then he turned and left.
The reporters present turned to look at Pacheco.
Pacheco, on the other hand, looks rather ugly. He feels humiliated by Changsheng in front of so many people.
It happened that Lazio’s victory in this game was picky, which made Pacheco not even answer back.
You can’t criticize Lazio as a small victory. AC Milan said Lazio is already going uphill, right?
If he dares to write like this, the readers will definitely scold La Gazzetta dello Sport. No matter how dark La Gazzetta dello Sport is at ordinary times, it is still necessary to pay attention to the image and pay attention to the ways and methods. There are few times when the face is torn and even the face is not needed.
It’s just a game that he can sulk alone and make a determined effort in his heart! I don’t fucking believe you can recruit Italy by such a centrifugal team! Daydream about it!
Lazio beat AC Milan on the road with Handanovic’s excellent performance, and the Italian media focused on the game the next day.
Handanovic has become the focus of attention, and many praise hats have been buckled on Handanovic’s head.
If Lazio hadn’t renewed his contract with Handanovic, Lazio fans might have to worry about whether Handanovic would leave at the end of the season …
Fortunately, now they are not worried.
In addition, although Handanovic said that he was grateful to the boss for giving him the opportunity to perform well in this competition, there is one fact-since that training, he has never come to the training ground with his own Land Rover Range Rover worth 10,000 euros …
Of course, he is no longer absent-minded and absent-minded in training and competition …
After the game against AC Milan, Lazio returned to Rome. Changsheng didn’t arrange training and let the team rest for a day. After training in Vermelot on Monday, the team took an evening flight to Liverpool, a heavy industrial city in northwest England.
Liverpool is an old English club. Although they haven’t won the championship in the league for more than ten years, they have done well in the cup.
Therefore, the winners dare not underestimate them.
He sent a main team to the away game against Liverpool.
For Lazio, the Champions League final is the first season of the Champions League.
In this game, Lazio drew in a good away game in Liverpool.
Lazio failed to score away from home, but Liverpool didn’t score either.