Xuanyuan Tianyue Nai smiled and suddenly raised his steps. The purple robe dragged to the ground and the fragrance of the orchid spread out. He walked to the cloud-white figure and looked at her with a light face. Her eyes were always so calm as if nothing could stop her sight.

"I know you can, but I want to be with you."
Familiar with the fragrance of orchid lingering at the tip of the nose belongs to him, and the smell of orchid creeps into the atrium, and the shallow pupil suddenly stares at his light purple eyes, and a feeling similar to love dearly flows out. Her heart suddenly stagnates, knowing that she wants to accompany her, too? No one has ever said such a thing to her … In their world, she is already too strong to rely on people, and this person … has a mood that wants to burst out.
"Do you know Taidian?" Chen Xueying tried to keep his face smiling, but my heart was worried. Taidian seemed to be familiar with this woman leaving the palace? Did this woman live in the palace before? Living in the palace and she hasn’t seen her face yet, and the average woman seems to have one! Princess Rongning of North Chu is now a toffee? ! She stared at the woman with a light face in front of her. She turned out to be a toffee? No wonder it’s so impossible for her to like such an ugly woman because she doesn’t speak correctly, but it’s full of elegance, even if she has to fold. It seems that she likes such a woman too much, and it’s not impossible. Now she finally knows why she was worried earlier.
Suddenly, I came to my senses. Xuanyuan Tianyue’s eyes were bright and cold. "No thanks!" She suddenly turned around and went straight ahead.
No, thank you. Simple words have already said their distance.
Looking at the departing figure Xuanyuan, it seems that Guanghua is falling in the bright eyes. His tall figure unconsciously dyed a little lonely. Does she not want him to accompany her? Accurately speaking, even if she is married, she will not have a place in her heart, not even a place next to her, but she seems to be in a hurry.
"The girl in Taidian robbed my sword, please don’t blame her." Chen Xueying said timidly, stressing once again that it’s not good to look at Taidian Toffee, otherwise how could they be so cold? This Toffee is so ugly, and now she has robbed other people’s beloved things, so she will definitely not like her again.
This is her chance. With her appearance, even if Taidian doesn’t directly make her a toffee, she is still a side princess. Are you afraid that she can’t sit on the throne of toffee if she becomes a side princess?
"If she likes to cross the country on this day, she talks about a sword." Xuanyuan’s colder eyes sweep across Chen Xueying. "Of course, it includes you!" Words fall he brushed sleeves like China figure directly toward the front.
Chen Xueying’s face was instantly white because there was a cold murder in that eye. Taidian was angry because of an ugly woman. On this day, the Vietnamese people didn’t know that Taidian was the master. Whoever he wanted to die couldn’t live. It was because of the anger that Taidian was reduced from the prince to the county king, and even the cousin princess was taken away. If the temple was unhappy, it was possible for her to be killed. She was so scared that she suddenly fell backwards and collapsed and sat down with a face of horror.
If she likes this day, she will cross the country!
After the panic, Chen Xueying was deeply jealous of Taidian. How can a talented person spoil an ugly girl so much? Why isn’t that person her? ! Chen Xueying looked at the front with a face of hatred. Where can’t she compare with an ugly concubine?
The street lights are getting thinner and thinner, and there are fewer pedestrians at night. Redjade left first because she was going to find the green weeds.
I don’t know what I am confused about when I walk forward with a shallow trot, especially when I see him with a woman next to me. At that moment, she killed that woman and snored impulsively. It seems that the smell belongs to him. Maybe it has already been implanted in my heart and it is hard to get rid of it, but she hates it now.
At this moment, a shadow appeared in front of her, and her footsteps suddenly stopped and a murderous look suddenly spread out her eyes. However, the familiar orchid fragrance suddenly overlapped with reality. Her heart was slightly stunned and she looked at the familiar face in front of her. She else as if she didn’t see him, but she went straight ahead, but her body was cold and her breath became more and more prosperous.
Xuanyuan Tianyue doesn’t want to let her go so easily. He stopped her way and looked at her with light eyes and low smile and said, "Are you mad at me? !”
Chapter 3 there is a gentleman’s words.
Xuanyuan Tianyue doesn’t want to let her go so easily. He stopped her way and looked at her with light eyes and low smile and said, "Are you mad at me? !”
It’s not a question, it’s a positive tone. Xuanyuan will definitely look at the corner of her mouth in front of her. If it’s normal, she will never ignore him and go straight ahead. The only explanation is that she is angry and angry with him.
Angry? Shallow frown indifferent said, "Taidian misunderstood me. Why am I angry?" She’s here because she’s with some woman. There’s nothing wrong with her-a woman? The shallow pupil is slightly tight. Is she angry because he is with another woman? How could she be angry about such a thing? But she had to admit that she was really angry. At that moment, she wished she was alone with him. Was she crazy?
"I met her by chance in Chen Xueying street, and I just met her and soon saw you. I wanted someone to send her away because the woman seemed to be calculating something and vaguely heard that she was similar to you …" Xuanyuan Tianyue explained that he didn’t want to make him angry because of an urgent person, but he could make her jealous. Today, he really earned all the previous depression. This moment vanished.
"Taidian jokes about you, others are your business, and we are in agreement. I don’t care whether you will take concubinage or marry a princess." Looking at the handsome face coldly, I can’t see the emotional change. "I looked at the beautiful and gentle Miss Chen San, who is the only person to settle things in the East Palace. I am sure that you will make room for the temple. Don’t worry." She went directly to the front
Xuanyuan tianyue leng in situ did not stop her footsteps because he already felt that a deeper wall had been built around her to block him out.
"Do you really want to see me marry another woman?"
The cold voice of the man behind him comes slowly and lightly, and every time he is angry, he will call her by her name like this. Do you want him to marry another woman? This question had never occurred to her before, but today it seems that … After a silence for a while, she suddenly opened her eyes and said, "It’s too much for me to marry a princess", and her body suddenly jumped towards the distance.
On the second day, when I walked out of the Qiwuyuan early, the people in the East Palace looked at her respectfully. Now they know where the Taifei Temple is, and they dare to offend or neglect.
"Empress, you haven’t had breakfast yet. Is it a room meal?" A imperial secretary came up at shallow ready and said
Today, she changed into a lavender long skirt. Wearing white in the palace has always been regarded as unlucky. This time, she is considered to be in Rome as the Romans do. She looked at the imperial secretary next to her and said, "No need, Xuanyuan … too?" However, when she asked this, she was taken aback. She slightly lowered her eyebrows. The man should have come back yesterday, right?
Imperial secretary carefully replied with his head down, "If you go back to the Empress, the Imperial Palace is in charge of government affairs. He left a will when he left. If you look for him, you can go directly to the Imperial Palace." The Imperial Palace is an important place in the palace, and even the Empress can’t enter the Imperial Palace. It’s a great honor to let Toffee go.
Imperial room? There seems to be nothing wrong with a little twist between the eyebrows to meet him. After all, there may be a good time. Even though things changed her mood a little last night, it was all a way to stop her.
In the imperial room, Xuanyuan Tianyue sat in the dragon chair, listening to the opinions of confidant ministers on the failure of state affairs, and hearing someone outside say that the toffee is coming, he nodded his head and could not see the emotional changes.
The nangongshan cold and others glance at each other and let a woman into the imperial house. What does that mean?
It is quite easy to enter the imperial palace because of Xuanyuan Tianyue’s will.
"I’ll meet the Taifei Empress Taifei Wan ‘an!" All the ministers knelt down to salute.
Looking at the dragon chair sitting high, the man is too old to sit in the dragon chair this day, but he is afraid that he is also alone. Her eyes are cold and she still says "Li" lightly. She walks steadily in the direction of Xuanyuan Tianyue and suddenly stops at the central position and salutes him. "My body visits the Taidian!"
My body? ! Xuanyuantian’s lighter purple eyes are slightly tight, but for a moment, he said indifferently, "Toffee ceremony."
Shallow got up and shouted at Xuanyuan Tianyue, turned around slightly, and directly found his right position, sitting and not walking.