Haikui came to Xu Manman’s hotel. Their luggage was packed and they were waiting for Haikui. All three believed that Haikui would say goodbye to them.

When Xu Manman frowned and was a little careless, he knocked at the door and Xu Manman quickly ran to the door. Sure enough, he saw Haikui outside the door. Xu Manman laughed, "You can come. We are all waiting for you."
"Are you worried?" Haikui looked at Xu Manman’s delicate face and bright eyes and laughed.
Xu Manman’s face turned red and pouted. "Where is the worry that I am waiting for? Grandpa is waiting for it." Then he leaned forward and let the door.
Haikui hey hey smiled. He was in a good mood at the sight of Xu Manman’s reserve and shyness.
"The small sea is coming," said Grandpa Xu when he saw Haikui.
"Grandpa, are you all packed?" Haikui asked, looking at the ground and packing.
"Ready" grandpa xu nods.
"When are you going to buy tickets?" Haikui asked.
Xu Manman shook his mobile phone and said, "I booked it online last night."
"When to go" Haikui is not surprised at how developed the network is now.
"The 10: 30 train" said Grandpa Xu.
"Oh, where are you going for a while?" Haikui looked at it for a while and said.
"Go directly to the train, but don’t go anywhere else, so I’ll be anxious to catch the train." Grandma Xu Manman was sitting at the bedside of the hotel room, filling something.
Haikui nodded. "I’ll see you off."
"Don’t you go?" Xu Manman looked at Haikui in surprise.
"Oh, I have something to do for the time being. Let’s go another day. We are going in different directions. I will go to the south and you will go north." Haikui simply perfunctory.
Xu Manman listened to him and looked a little dim. He no longer asked if he had forgotten to pack something and then carried it all on his back.
"If there is an opportunity, I will go back to Fengyang to see you." Haikui looked at Xu Manman’s back and looked at her and pursed her ass and said slowly.
Xu Manman stopped for a while with a tremor and then continued to bend over and pick up the things.
Grandpa Xu smoothed his already scarce gray hair and said, "No, your school is so far away from us. You’d better go back to see your parents more when you have a holiday. It’s very convenient to talk often after you leave your message with us."
Haikui took out a piece of paper and wrote his own number and handed it to Grandpa Xu. "Call me if you are in trouble after Grandpa. You can help me."
Grandpa Xu laughed. "You are not a policeman if you have any difficulties, and you are not a poverty relief office if you have any difficulties. We are not short of money. If we miss you, we will call you."
Haikui smiled. The master was quite humorous.
Chapter 171 Royal Soul
"Can you buckle me when you take photos together?" Haikui looked at the busy Xu Manman and asked.
"I don’t know your buckle number" Xu Manman sounds a little cold.
Haikui smiled and didn’t care to take a pen and write down his own button number. Pass her the paper. This is my button number, but I usually don’t leave a message for you. I’ll transfer it to my room to leave a souvenir.
Xu Manman took the note and said nothing.
Sitting in front of the train with three people, waiting for the train to come to the front of the car, having dinner together, Haikui said goodbye to the three people and returned to the previous hotel.
It surprised Haikui that the girl was still here. Although he was not sure, he really saw her. Haikui was impressed with the girl in his heart.
"Where is your hometown?" Haikui asked directly.
The girl "My hometown is Shanxi" answered Haikui although she didn’t understand why she asked this question.
"Do you want to start a new life later?" Haikui asked the girl again without rhyme or reason.
The girl nodded without hesitation.
"What’s your name?" Haikui asked again just like Chakou.
"Qin Muyang" girl did not hesitate to answer.
"Come on, let’s go home by train to see your parents go." Haikui got up and pulled her up.
Qin Muyang looked at Haikui strangely and was angry. "Why do you want me to go back? I won’t go back."
"Don’t you miss them?" Haikui asked again.
The girl shook her head. "I don’t want to go back. I don’t want them to see me like this."
Haikui pondered for a few seconds and said, "It’s okay to go back. Do you hate your ex-boyfriend?"
"Why do you always ask about my private affairs?" Qin Muyang was a little annoyed.
Haikui laughed. "Are you afraid to see him again?"
Qin Muyang was silent and didn’t speak. Haikui said something to her heart.
"I need a handmaid. Would you like to be my handmaid?" Haikui looked at Qin Muyang with his head down and said.
Qin Muyang looked up with puzzled eyes and asked, "What makes your handmaid?"
"I’m a smart man," Haikui said, straightening his chest.
Qin Muyang side head looked at her and didn’t understand what he said.
Haikui coughed a dry cough and said, "It’s never a thing for you to live like this. Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you. I just want to help you." Haikui said that he felt embarrassed, but he really didn’t want something to happen with Qin Muyang. He didn’t want this girl to pass by like this.
Qin Muyang turned his head to look out of the window and thought about himself.
Haikui didn’t force her to think about herself. She had her own life, and Haikui didn’t know why she wanted to be like this. Is it different from what she saw yesterday?
Qin Muyang thought for a while and turned to look back at Haikui. "If you can say me, I will be your handmaid."
Haikui laughed. "It’s easy. Come with me."
Qin Muyang looked at Haikui strangely "where to go"
Haikui haha said nothing and walked outside.
Qin Muyang looked at Haikui’s back, and she wanted to see what medicine Haikui was selling in the gourd, so she went with Haikui.