"Xiao Lingyu, you killed me, the king of the ginger family, and my ginger family didn’t bother you again. Did you come to my ginger family again?" Jiang Chengye pretend a face of anger sample said

Xiao Lingyu actually knows very well that the Jiang family has not bothered himself and Huamen for many years. First, he fears his own strength. Second, he has trouble with Jiang Lanyue’s sisters. However, he can also think that Jiang Chengye certainly has no mind to bother himself because of several gods.
"Don’t bother to prove one thing here" Xiao Lingyu waved the fist and said indifferently.
"What is it?" Jiang Shengye sink a ask a way
Not only Jiang Chengye, but also the three strong men around him know that Xiao Lingyu is not Jiang Guke who can easily provoke in now.
Xiao Lingyu’s story of the first world war in duckweed Bay has already reached the ears of the strong ginger family.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t dawdle to present the wonderful surplus image and said, "Did the ginger family marry this woman? Her name is Miaoying. "
Jiang Shengye frowned and asked, "Do you think she is old?"
Xiao Lingyu calmly replied, "She is my wife!"
Jiang Chengye’s heavy eyebrows screwed tighter. He knew that Xiao Lingyu’s Chao family was fighting because of a woman.
There is no denying that Xiao Lingyu must have received reliable news since he came to the door. Jiang Shengye also knows that Huamen, which Xiao Lingyu has mastered, is an organization that collects news very quickly and badly.
"She is really in my ginger family …"
Hear Jiang Chengye personally admit Xiao Lingyu surly.
"But I, the Jiang family, didn’t bring her here to ask for the enemy’s facts. We don’t even know that she and Ge have it."
Jiang Chengye then added that since he was explaining, he was also afraid of Xiao Lingyu.
Chapter 26 I want to get married
? Chapter 26 I want to get married
Xiao Lingyu’s story of the first world war in duckweed Bay has already reached the ears of the strong ginger family.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t dawdle to present the wonderful surplus image and said, "Did the ginger family marry this woman? Her name is Miaoying. "
Jiang Chengye eyebrows a wrinkly asked, "are you old? ……
Chapter 27 Husband, time?
? Chapter 27 Husband, time?
"It’s a pity that if you can recruit this man, even if you marry him with your two daughters, it’s a pity that he already has a wife."
Jiang Chengye silently sighed in my heart.
Before he knew Xiao Lingyu, when he knew that Jiang Lanyue was interested in Xiao Lingyu, he didn’t want to recruit Xiao Lingyu …
Chapter 2 is finally here.
? Chapter 2 is finally here.
Sex for a long time to really discuss is wonderful surplus lazily fell in Xiao Lingyu arms fingers painted circles on his chest.
After coming to the divine world for so long, he seldom tasted the taste of women. Although he had a high level and experienced the mysterious phase, he never deliberately suppressed his desires and emotions.
Chapter 29 Holocaust besieged city 1
? Chapter 29 Holocaust besieged city 1
"It is said that the center of this catastrophe will not be too serious even if it is affected on our side of the mountain clan. I don’t know if this is the case," Guan Yiwei said with a face of anxiety.
"Everyone knows very little about the catastrophe. If you can see the details then, the mountain clan has already moved to their surrounding ethnic territory …
Chapter 3 Catastrophe Besieged City 2
? [Text] Chapter seven hundred and fifty-nine Catastrophe besieged city
The white ball is naturally small ice, but it is much larger than before.
To Xiao Lingyu’s surprise, the stone walls all around this icy abode of fairies and immortals turned out to be cold pith the size of several fists.
Those cold marrow embedded in the white jade stone wall with faint cold light are constantly releasing thick chills.
The ice-cold wild silkworm is suspended in the middle of this cave, rising and shrinking, and its whole body is still showing a faint white light, which is very miraculous.
"If these messy cold marrow are arranged in an array, it is estimated that Xiao Bing will have a better cultivation effect."
Thought of here, Xiao Lingyu began to pry the cold pith of white jade stone wall and then rearrange it according to mysterious graphics.
Xiao Lingyu, who accepted the ancient strong man’s law, can’t arrange any very advanced large array, but his understanding and knowledge against Tao are definitely higher than those of the gods.
Xiao Lingyu arranged a simple god array to assist some special materials to bless the cold marrow and make these cold marrow form an array, so that these cold marrow can be enhanced a hundred times.
Xiao Bing, who was very quiet in this ice cave, trembled immediately after being arrayed, and his whole body became brighter.
Law properly arranged Xiao Lingyu went out of the cave and stood outside the cave and stared at Xiao Bing inside.
Just as Xiao Lingyu was waiting for Xiao Bing to come out, it was in the mountain clan’s territory that the black light flashed constantly and finally turned into a dark cloud like hanging Wang Yang.
That dark cloud is also constantly shining, but those dark clouds fall to the ground like meteors, and monks dressed in black armor are like monsters.
Those monks are all leaning forward, with a tail covered with scales, but their legs are thick, while their arms are long, but their palms have three claws to grasp all kinds of weapons
Their heads are all wrapped in black helmets, which makes it possible to see their appearance clearly, and they can see a pair of eyes like black flames.
In a large area in the center of the mountain clan, the dark light keeps falling from the dark clouds like a rainstorm, and in an instant, the earth has been filled with many strange monks.
They are not in a hurry to act, they just stay where they are, looking up at the dark clouds in the sky and making a roar from time to time.
It took two hours for a huge ship to slowly sail out of the dark clouds and then fly away in different directions.
Weird Godsworn then split up and ran away with a ship.
Strangely, the huge ship kept releasing thick black fog when it was advancing, but it didn’t take long to drown them.
It’s a ship flying in the sky, but it gradually melts into pieces of dark clouds covering a wide area
And in that dark cloud, even during the day, it is a dark scene that is opaque.
The theory of mountain people’s situation is that birds flying in the sky or fierce beasts or mountain people who can’t escape from the ground will be besieged and torn apart by strange monks once they are discovered.
The mountain people are in a bloody storm!
The dark clouds in the center of the mountain clan gradually dissipated, and a number of strange monks on the ground seemed to be rushing in the waves of heaven and earth, and they were coming to the narrow sense of God at a speed of hundreds of thousands of miles a day.