"In the end, I still didn’t help" Yanchen wry smile "but Yuanyuan, are you sure you want to break off your engagement with me now? If the company immediately takes a big business, everyone knows that you are my fiancee. If I break off my engagement with you now, everyone will definitely think that I dislike you and abandon you. The boss in the United States especially looks at the coincidence partner, which will definitely affect his perception of me. I know this is what you don’t want to see, right? "

Yuanyuan was speechless and didn’t know how to take it back at the moment.
"So! Yuanyuan, when this case is over, we will announce the dissolution of the engagement, "Yan Chen said." At that time, everyone was more acceptable, don’t you think? "
Yuanyuan can nod. Yanchen helped her, and she certainly didn’t want to hurt him.
After dinner, Yanchen sent Yuanyuan home, and he will naturally come in and sit down. Julie kept him sleeping. "Ah Chen is so late, why don’t you sleep here?" Your car is also uneasy at night. "
"No, I’d better go back first," Yan Chen smiled at Julie. "You should go to bed early, too!"
"You are so polite to us!" Julie winked at her daughter, but Yuanyuan smiled and said to Yanchen, be careful.
Off the Yan Chen Zhu Li big dissatisfaction "just now when I leave a Chen you won’t leave a mouth? I really don’t know what’s on your mind. Chen is your future husband. You are always so lukewarm and careful to be taken away by other women. "
Yuanyuan really doesn’t want to talk to her mother and doesn’t answer directly.
"Yuaner, did you hear what I said?" Julie followed her daughter’s floor. "I also discussed with you today when it is more appropriate for you to get married? I think it’s the end of this year! You are not young, and it’s time to get married. "
"Mom, we have our own plans for Achen’s brother and I, so don’t worry about it." Yuanyuan said impatiently to her mother.
"How can I not worry about your lifelong event now?" Julie chased her daughter back to her room. "Will Yuaner listen to her mother? Marry Achen. Achen is a good man and will be good to you. "
Yuanyuan suddenly turned into the door and looked at her mother with a complicated look. "Mom, it’s really my best to let me marry Achen’s brother, but I want to tell you that I won’t marry him. No matter how much you do, I won’t marry him."
"What did you say?" Julie got angry when she heard her daughter say this, and followed her daughter into her door. "You are engaged to someone. Now you tell me that you don’t want to marry him?"
Yuanyuan was a little out of control, but she couldn’t help it. Her eyes were flushed for a while. "Mom, I’ll tell you the truth. My engagement with Achen’s brother was a fake. Brother Achen said that my fake engagement with him could help his father save his father, but the father case was still decided. I couldn’t count my engagement with Achen’s brother because I just got engaged and was afraid of having a bad influence on him."
"But he and I will break off our engagement sooner or later, so all your wishful thinking is gone. I won’t marry him and he won’t marry me, that’s all."
Julie sounded like a bolt from the blue. She looked at her daughter like an alien. "If you don’t marry him, who will you marry?" Yuaner, you are crazy, aren’t you? Don’t you still have contact with that wind! I knew that man was really the ghost. "
"Mom, you don’t say that about him." Yuanyuan is so harsh. "This has nothing to do with him at the beginning. I broke up with him. Now he has no plans to work with me. Chapter 455 Mother does things.
"Then are you crazy or stupid to break off your engagement with Achen?" Julie grabbed her daughter. "You said that you and Achen are engaged to you falsely. I think he is very fond of you. Although Achen didn’t help your dad a lot, is this the most important thing or your dad’s? None of us expected that he suddenly changed his tune. Achen is kind to our family. We can’t do this. "
"Mom, I never liked Achen’s brother at all." Yuanyuan looked at her mother coldly. "I always thought he was my brother. That’s all. No matter how much you do, I won’t marry him. Now I’m not going to marry anyone!"
"Dead girl, are you anxious to kill me?" Julie listened to the mess in her heart. "Luca brasi’s mother knows that you still blame me in your heart, don’t you? Before I let you break up with the wind, mom is hello. "
"How am I?" Yuanyuan’s eyes were red and she laughed. "Mom, you and I are good, just killing my child by all means, right?"
"Luca brasi son what are you talking about? Your child was an accident or you were anxious to find the wind and fall off the building. "Julie retorted listening to her daughter’s accusation.
Yuan yuan smiled "accident? Unexpectedly, you knew I was pregnant, but you asked the doctor to give me an intravenous drip. Don’t tell me you didn’t know pregnant women can’t take western medicine? "
"Luca brasi son what are you talking about? I didn’t know you were pregnant until later. "Julie thundered at her daughter’s eyes, but it was hard to hide her panic."
"I heard everything, Mom, I heard it." Yuanyuan wiped away her tears. "When I caught a cold, the doctor saw that I was pregnant. I heard the doctor who operated on me talking to the nurse. I would have a miscarriage. Besides falling down the stairs, I would be unstable if I ate a lot of western medicine and had a drop of fetal heart. Malnutrition could easily lead to miscarriage."
Julie didn’t speak. She didn’t expect her daughter to know.
Yuanyuan never knew that fact, and the whole world collapsed. She still remembers how she found out that day.
She drove the wind away, and she was in a trance, unable to sleep without medicine, and had nightmares all the time. At that time, her mother was also worried about her. She wanted to go out for a walk that day, but she passed by her doctor’s office.
"Yuanyuan still has insomnia symptoms, and the situation is very bad, doctor." Julie is very worried about her daughter’s condition and still wants the doctor to do something.
"This patient’s miscarriages have dealt a great blow to Yuanyuan." The doctor sighed and pushed his glasses. "He kept guiding her to relax her mood and slowly let the patient get out of the pain."
"You mean there is nothing wrong with her health, right?" Julie asked.
"Yes, Yuanyuan can be discharged from the hospital. It is also very important to take good care of her body and have a miscarriage," the doctor said.
Yuanyuan saw her mother coming out and walked aside to see her mother leave the doctor’s office. She felt depressed as if there was no hope in life, so she could not face her mother without facing her.
When she passed the office again, she heard the nurse beside the doctor say, "Is Dr. Qin’s idea of a high-ranking official’s wife different from that of us ordinary people?" The next time you go to see Miss Song, don’t you tell Mrs. Song that Miss Song is pregnant? She not only asked you to hide it, but also asked you to give her some western medicine. Those medicines are forbidden for pregnant women! She is not afraid that those drugs will spoil her daughter! "
"Don’t talk nonsense when you go out!" Glared at the female doctor side little nurse "other people’s things who knows? When Miss Song came to check up, I told Mrs. Song that Miss Song’s fetal heart was unstable and there was a danger of miscarriage at any time. Sure enough, Miss Song miscarried within a few hours. Mrs. Song’s heart was so hard to treat her daughter like this. "
"I also don’t understand that Miss Song is still the only daughter of Song Ji! How cruel! " The little nurse is also tongue-tied.
"Yes, Miss Song will have a miscarriage, which has a lot to do with her taking those drugs in the early stage. You can’t go outside and say that." The doctor didn’t trust the little nurse around him again and again.
"I won’t say if I know."
Yuanyuan walked back callously. She didn’t expect that she would hear such a surprise. Think carefully about the cause and effect. It turned out that a mother wanted to let her get rid of the child. At that time, her brain went blank and the whole world collapsed.
Later, she was engaged to Yan Chen, and then her father was detained and confessed everything. She was in a daze, and at that time her whole world collapsed. She didn’t know how to face her mother.