What day comes first? He never thought about it.

His ideal is to rebuild the wild geese and roam the universe when they are left.
See everyone is promoted Chen He wanted to think and said
"Brothers, I’m going back for promotion and I can’t delay everyone’s practice."
Chen He is not promoted to deification, but everyone else is promoted to deification.
Shen Yuanqi said, "Let’s hurry up and Yuan Yingtian is waiting for you first!"
Chen He ha ha a smile and everyone laughed.
Everyone has no intention of Chen He’s sex. Everyone knows that it is impossible to kill him first.
Fu Xia Liang Yuan Shen returned to the scale state hall.
Soon after the reunification, it will not take a few days for the clan to come to the law.
The Zongmen ceremony called Fu Xialiang back to Luo Tian.
Fu Xia smiled. This is an alternation of benefits.
Come and replace Fu Xia Liang, but an old acquaintance, the five elements of fanatics are arrogant.
In those days, the trial of the five elements of the heavenly dog was directly taken by the elders of Zongmen, and all kinds of trials were experienced by the Tianjiao of Zongmen. Now it is also the realm of Yuanying
Four hundred years’ cultivation of Yuan Ying’s Five Heavyweights has been very good for Zongmen Tianjiao.
Of course, you can’t compare with Fu Xia.
Fu Xialiang is the top tianjiao in Taixia Liangzongmen Taiqi Universe.
And now the horse is going to break away from arrogance and enter the real core position.
Tianjiao are all young people.
Only when you leave your youth and enter the core can you become a real strong person.
This kind of thing, such as managing scale state, is vulgar and controlled by Yuan Ying’s realm.
After being promoted to deification, Ji always goes out for a trip to prepare for promotion and return to emptiness.
After returning to emptiness, it is that the elders of Zongmen don’t do these customs.
If you want to do it well, it is that the patriarch of the clan, like Taidao Yi, is in charge of the whole Taidao.
The arrogance of the sky is a temporary replacement like Fu Xialiang’s return to the Zongmen ceremony and the end of the seventh transposition.
Then maybe someone will come here to take the place of arrogance. That’s the real master.
If you do it well, there will be no problem, and then you will change others hundreds of years later.
If you don’t do it well for a few years or decades, you will change people.
Almighty and mediocre!
After the handover, Fu Xialiang explained clearly and returned to Luo Tian after catching up with Chao Tianjiao.
Pak Lei has no peers. She still has some family matters to deal with.
Fu Xialiang returned to Luo Tian by himself and returned on a seven-order battle fort Taiyundian Zijin City.
Taiyundian Zijin City, this is Taidao immediately refining a powerful seven-order battle fort. There are thousands of changes in the flying boat. Can it stop the seven-order attack?
Driving this flying boat is a man who returns to the virtual reality and is called Dream West State.
In addition to him, Fu Xialiang has his own Taoist protector, and I am a Yuwei Mountain man.
In addition, there are four god guards, all of whom are sitting in Taiqi, a scale state. After returning, the treatment in Luo Tian will be cancelled naturally.
In addition to them, there are several yuan babies and dozens of then real people who return to Luo Tian by this flying boat.
Fu Xialiang also has no intention to return by speedboat.
Flying boats travel very fast in virtual space. Fu Xialiang is practicing silently.
"After the gods, the base will travel far and wide.
Where shall I go for a cloud tour? "
As soon as he wandered outside, Fu Xia suddenly frowned and looked into the distance.
In danger, he felt a terrible danger in the distance.
Suddenly the Jade Mountain Man around him appeared and said, "Something is wrong …"
Crashing the virtual and instantaneous changes in the universe
A terrible unknown virtual shot than a light beam hit Taiyundian Zijin City.
Immediately, the light beam forms an optical chain to lock the Taiyundian Zijin City in a cling connection.
Captain Taiyundian Zijincheng returned to the virtual reality, and Xizhou appeared and shouted.
"Don’t panic, it’s nothing. We are not afraid of the seventh-order battle fort …"
A flying boat appeared behind the purple and gold city in Taiyundian, the seventh-order battle fort.
The other side of the flying boat is streamlined like a drop of water, but the volume is only three feet, and suddenly it sends out powerful spell fluctuations towards Taiyundian Zijin City.
Dream Xizhou suddenly screams "No, that’s terrace Kun fortress …"
It makes no difference if the former theory is terrace Kun fortress or seven-order battle fort flying boat Wei neng
Because the seventh order regression in the previous era is the ceiling of the cosmic power limit.
There is no difference between the seven orders.
No matter how strong the order is, it can emit seven-order power.
But times have changed!
Now the limit of the universe is the order of the Tao!
Immediately, the power of the terrace Kun fortress gradually showed up, and the seven-order battle fort was crushed.
The spell fluctuated and a terrible force struck.
Mengxizhou shouted, "Instantly, other people’s boats are United, and all the forces are used to control the seventh-order battle." The strongest power broke out in Taiyundian Zijin City.
Blast the seventh-order battle fort Taiyundian Zijin City to pieces.
Meng Xizhou died directly!