High school is on the verge of its limit.

Qing dynasty was promoted to the true realm only after the robbery of April 9th. It is quite remarkable that it is not only better to face the inhuman pressure but also to last less than half an hour.
In the end, a little increase or decrease in strength will cause a great shock to the Qing dynasty sword curtain. He has completely fallen into the rhythm of ancient sounds and it is extremely difficult to get out.
That’s why he is extremely sensitive to the expansion and contraction of fireballs.
With another wave of firm but gentle wave swinging out the night smoke, the strong pressure suddenly decays at a very fast speed, and the Qing dynasty can almost stop radiating firm but can’t resist the sense of pressure conversion dislocation, choking out a mouthful of blood and intestines and not being traumatized.
All the light faded quickly, but the temperature rose to another level. Pay attention to the huge fireball that is shrinking steadily, resolutely and greatly ahead.
A huge fireball occasionally stirs in the opposite direction, but it emits a scorching heat.
The Flametail ejected from the surface of the fireball seems to be controlled by some kind of suction, showing a twisted arc and coiling around the outermost layer. Occasionally, the color of the fire seems to be a little lighter with a shallow green light.
"What will she do if she takes it?"
It seems that the worst-case scenario is assumed, and the self-cultivation in front of you is at a loss for a while, looking back unconsciously at Luo Qichang and others to get a little indication.
What’s the good idea if it’s someone else?
The firm but gentle hissing stopped completely, and the fireball left in the high school slowly turned and rumbled, which was finally formed by miles of flame rubbing, vitality bursting and thousands of similar prescriptions.
Shape shocks run over the hearts of your masters and kill their will point by point.
According to the heart, the sword goes back to the sheath and makes a clear sound, which blocks this wave of erosion and killing.
Of course, there is a difference in bravery between monks in this world, but anyone who enters the realm of truth will never have a coward!
Without corresponding consciousness, how can there be today’s level!
Half of the lay people moved to Luoqi Chang’s side and looked at the lonely front. They smiled and said, "I’ve robbed more than ten times, but this time it’s unique."
Luo Qichang looked back at this old friend who has been friends for more than a thousand years and also laughed. "It is really more interesting than the 49 th robbery and it is done neatly."
After all, I lamented that I was not prepared enough.
Half of the lay people laughed and restrained themselves in a positive color. "Can’t you break the robbery and prove a thousand practices?"
"It’s natural." In the words of the contemporary sword emperor, he raised his thick eyebrows and showed a consistent pride. "Brother Tiger, look at me!"
At this time, the gentle and tactful sound of the ancient sound at the core of the fireball came out. "The ancient sound is not willing to incarnate all the Taoist friends and prove that heaven is good or bad, and also watch the change of heaven and earth and the shifting of mountains and rivers." Every word in the words is as clear as a pearl, and several true masters around the jade plate can hear it truly, but the conversation object of the ancient sound is not just their lingering sound curling into the virtual, if it is scattered everywhere.
Going to as one pleases again, there is a wave that is as thin as a gnat and whispers into my ears. No one can distinguish the turning point, but that voice clearly penetrates into my heart. Your masters are so well defended that they can’t stop it from infiltrating.
"Heaven and earth are tiny … Is it true that this ancient sound has landed in Jin Xian?"
People in Gao naturally know that the ancient theory of vitality in the world is floating in the sky or deep in trees, soil and water, and everyone responds slightly.
All kinds of responses may be subtle, but the combination of hundreds of millions of scales is enough to change the color of heaven and earth, which is the origin of the so-called "heaven and earth micro"
Such magical powers have always been rare in this world, and it is only when the big monks soar during the day that they will show it. Recently, it is naturally Zhong Yin’s time.
Think about it. The figure in front of you is Zhong Yin. How can you not sigh in your heart?
However, the purpose of the ancient voice to send this avatar is not just a demonstration.
The lingering sound is not far away. At the junction of heaven and earth, some people laugh wildly and roll waves with great boldness. It seems that the sky has blown hurricanes and the sea has soared huge waves. On the magical power, it may not be "mysterious" but it is full of momentum, and it can even compete with the ancient sound.
It turned out to be Kun Peng’s old demon!
It’s rare that this demon can get more frustrated and brave and dare to show up again.
Some people in the sky think so, but others look deeper. Isn’t Kun Peng hiding early to take advantage of the fisherman?
Or is it just that Fiona Fang, with its ancient sound and tiny mouth, is hiding from all the fluctuations of its vitality, and this just pulls him out?
Anyway, according to the eye situation, Kun Peng must be the monks of various sects, and there is no fluctuation in the hearts of several masters.
The laughter is not over yet. The huge body of Kunpeng old demon has been hiding near him for a long time. When I see the situation in this place, I burst into laughter. "Are you really talented, Gu Yin, to kill us all here?"
His mouth seems to be sarcastic and weak, but he doesn’t let it go at all. He also shows that all the monks are United in hatred and determined their own camp.
The ancient sound didn’t respond, so I saw another person alluding to it, slightly smaller than Kunpeng, but also majestic and proud. It was just that the ancient sound hit hard.
The Taoist master’s face is pale and his eyes are shining, but he has not diminished his strength. I don’t know what has happened to him. It is surprising that one person here can see through his injury. If he knows, he will fight again.