They’re leaving

Away from this place that make them feel cold.
In addition to their 14 elderly people with special status in the south of the Yangtze River, there are more than 50 officials who are close to them, and they also express their support for their trip.
This group of people includes both Fuxing members and non-Fuxing members, ordinary imperial examination officials, and they joined forces to hand in their resignation to Su Yonglin to protest and express their non-violent disagreement.
This resignation event brought quite a shock to the imperial court. Many people looked at Su Yonglin’s attitude towards this non-violent disagreement.
As far as Su Yonglin has always attached importance to everyone and refused to engage in centralized style, most officials believe that this incident will impact Su Yonglin’s tough attitude.
However, Su Yonglin responded by agreeing to their resignation with a stroke of the pen, allowing them to go back to their hometown to farm and live a peasant life and never return to Zhongdu again.
This uncompromising and tough attitude has aroused strong repercussions in the wild.
You really don’t want to stay?
Really can’t finish the attitude of the elderly in Jiangnan?
Is it really that emotional?
This is the fact that Su Yonglin is so "sentimental".
So everyone realized that Su Yonglin would not compromise not only with the old bureaucratic gentry, but also with his own people.
He has always been this attitude, which is not aimed at a particular group and will not change.
What’s more, Su Yonglin agreed to their resignation with a stroke of a pen, and immediately made Zhou Yi, the head of the organization department, and Shang Diliao, the official department, choose the vacant official positions together.
Choose, pull and transfer at once, and fill these vacant positions for me!
Aren’t you going to resign?
You can resign.
It’s not ideal to leave everything behind-there will never be a shortage of people who want to be officials in this world, even at the end of the world, even if there are only two people left in the world, there will be priorities.
Although some people have some regrets in their hearts, they still insist on packing their bags and don’t want to lose face when they leave Zhongdu.
However, most people panic and feel more sorry for their impulsive actions than jumping around and looking for someone to intercede and try to get Su Yonglin to take back his life.
It’s better to be an official after all. The salary is firm and the welfare is fragrant. They don’t want to lose it all.
Good old man Zhou Wei was forced to go out again and find Su Yonglin to mediate, hoping that Su Yonglin could take back his life, indicating that everything was a misunderstanding and not what they hoped.
Please also ask Su Yonglin to look back on the past and take back the mandate to spare everyone.
But it didn’t work
"There are often days when Yao does not die, and the world will not die because of one less saint, nor will it die because of one more wicked person. No one is irreplaceable.
They are so, and so am I. Now that I have decided to resign, let’s go. Chaochao won’t be unable to leave because of lack of one person, and even this kind of problem can be seen in my eyes. There is no revolution in their hearts.
They have their own and potential in their hearts. There is no reason to keep them in the central government. It is best to get rid of them before they do harm to others. Don’t come forward again. Soft ears won’t save you every time. "
Zhou Wei was shocked.
Su Yonglin made a statement without looking up, and finally expelled these 60-odd people from Zhongdu, and ordered them to return to their hometown, cancel all salaries and welfare benefits, and their families could not enjoy welfare benefits. People could not return to Zhongdu as officials for life.
You’re not decent. I’ll help you be decent
Go where you came from and be your farmer honestly!
After this incident, no one confronted Su Yonglin’s exhibition again, because they all knew that Su Yonglin could not compromise, and no one should think of ways to confront Su Yonglin.
Su Yonglin once again showed his irreplaceable significance, unshakable absolute power for this country.
This is certainly a credible thing, but the rift between the two vaguely formed groups has gradually expanded
Many people don’t have no opinions in their hearts or accept Su Yonglin’s ideas.
But afraid.
Fear can’t solve all the problems. Su Yonglin knows this clearly.
But at this moment, this is the best way to solve the problem.
First jump out and kill it, hide it, and then deal with it slowly. Anyway, there are times.
With the passage of time and the continuous extension of the chain of clues, more and more people have been caught. In addition to the major systems in Zhongdu City, people have been exposed to problems, and some provinces have also been exposed to problems.
In May and June of the ninth year of Hongwu, the problem of Qiao Feng’s regiment extended to external problems, and the number of people involved increased from 39 to more than 390, and then further expanded to 500.
Of these more than 500 people, Fuxing members account for 50%, and the rest are ordinary officials without membership.
This is quite in line with the current proportion of officials in the Ministry of Justice, that is, 70% are revived members, while about 30% are non-member officials, and most of them are not very important positions. The more important the position, the more inclined Su Yonglin is to revive members.
Despite this, many people have persisted in reviving the basic ethics of members in terms of the proportion of officials and criminals, but this is not the reason for the deterioration of those people.
Insisting on ethics is what they should do, and it is their righteousness rather than extra points. This basic point must be adhered to, otherwise the bottom line of the revival meeting will be broken.
Su Yonglin strongly pushed forward the whole case handling process, demanding that the offenders be dealt with strictly and severely, trying not to turn them over, hoping that they would pay a serious price to deter future generations.
But things didn’t stop there.
Some people think they can still save one and create new rescue methods.
If you can’t fight head-to-head, then you can fight circuitous. The army is very good at making circuitous warfare a regular battlefield. This tactic makes the enemy flee in panic.
Head-on hardness is not Su Yonglin’s opponent, so try circuitous exercise and give Su Yonglin a knife from an unexpected place to see if he can save the situation.
They decided to make public opinion rescue Dafa.
On the afternoon of June 20, Hongwu nine years, more than 400 old, weak, women and children soldiers were divided into five roads.
Zhongsi Road split up and helped each other to the door of Tian Jue, Kong Maojie, Shen Ge and Jiang Chengyue. Then they knelt at the door and cried.
They cried at the same time.
Crying is simple.
My husband, father, and son followed Su Yonglin’s expedition to the north and paid hard sweat and almost died for it. Today, everything is going to be put to death because they didn’t observe it for a while and made a little mistake.
Is it really fair that so much credit and so little mistake should be dealt with in such a miserable way?
Chapter 142 I want them to know that the revolution is heavy!
In addition to these four groups, there is one group with the largest number of people.
They held flags in droves, with their husbands, children, fathers’ names and former positions written on their cards, and Su Yonglin set out to make meritorious military service.
They cried and shouted, beating gongs and drums, and walked through the three most prosperous commercial streets in Zhongdu to attract attention and attention.
Even they all wore white clothes and tied white cloth to give funerals to their families, which made them delicate and touching and attracted the attention of the people in China.
Finally, they asked the people around them to help them save their families who had made great contributions.
Whether their families were framed or slandered, they all fought for the benefit of the people. Let’s not let them lose their lives like this, okay?
At the same time, there are different numbers of "untrue tap water" people who tell the history of their revolutionary campaign and then tell a story about their "small mistake" this time that Su Yonglin is going to punish them severely.
After the "popular science" is over, these strange guys will sigh and say, "What has changed in the end of the revolution?" Then shake their heads and sigh again and again, attracting good people to rest together as if their hearts were really heavy.
Because of the scorching sun and the hot climate, these old, weak women and children soon developed heatstroke symptoms.
Some people fainted on the parade road, and some people fainted in front of the four presiding officials’ houses, and their "great" actions [saving their husbands, fathers and children] soon spread all over the streets of Zhongdu inexplicably.
"Have you heard? Just a few dolls in that group fainted. "
"It’s no wonder that you are afraid of summer fever in such a hot day. Maybe you will die."
"This thing is really a bit fierce. I heard that it is greedy for a lot of money."
"How do I hear that it’s just trivial things? It seems that someone who wants to compete for profit misled the chairman. "
"What is the imperial court doing?"