Is it necessary? Wentao naturally knows that it is not easy to kill this Qinglong now, so try to collect it as much as possible. If you really don’t want to find a way to get rid of it.

"I do things very simply. I won’t let him go here for a year, which means everyone can come here or sit here and do whatever they want. Whether it’s a bug, an ordinary monster or a fairy, it’s fun to come here for an outing." Wen Tao’s words immediately became cold. "I will kill him when everyone visits."
Jin Mang and Bai Bai took a sip of wine and didn’t answer the phone because they knew very well that Wentao’s words were for Qinglong.
Wentao’s words are like this, except for a few of them, even the average immortal emperor can’t just come here now.
Not to mention the immortal and the ordinary monster beast Qinglong, but they are almost gods and dragons. Even the imprisonment and coercion are not acceptable to ordinary people.
Bian Qinglong vibrates again, more angry than before, but he can’t come out no matter how big the vibration is.
"You should know that I’m not kidding. Soon there will be ten thousand immortals in my hand. Don’t say that you are just a semi-dragon who can’t become a god. Even if you are a god, I can easily pick you up." Wentao’s knowledge directly enters the brain of Qinglong.
"Despicable …" Qinglong nu way "what is your strong ability to fight alone"
"Didn’t I just beat you alone?"
"This … this … shout …" It took Qinglong a long time to say, "Just now, it’s not your fault. If it wasn’t for me, I wouldn’t adapt. If it wasn’t for you to sneak up on me first, I was seriously injured …"
"Hum" Wen Tao snorted faintly. "Come here, you can still see it. It seems that your brain is stimulated, idiot. If … if there are so many in this world, if this world has long since ceased to exist, aren’t you a child? It’s not counting that you are playing games. Conditions and environments are all yours to choose. You can do whatever you want. Are you dreaming? Are you the sun and all the planets revolve around you?"
"It’s simply childish and ridiculous to give you a chance, and you don’t even know how to cherish you. What is this? If my strength is used, even if you are a god, you can take care of you without even a finger."
Wentao’s previous words have made Qinglong speechless.
In fact, he knew that his words were naive, but he didn’t want to lose, and he didn’t know what to say. He could find a far-fetched reason to deal with what Wentao said, and he was right.
But he is very angry with what Wen Tao said behind him
"You won, but just because you won doesn’t mean you can brag at will."
"Really? Then you can feel it. You have divine knowledge."
With that, Wentao directly guided Qinglong gods into his body through his own gods.
This is? Qinglong hasn’t got Bai Wentao yet. What is this to do? Divine knowledge is different from fairy knowledge. There are many things that can be done at the stage of divine knowledge. If his divine knowledge is strong enough, even things in Wentao’s mind can be explored at any time.
More controllable, Wentao will come out then.
Wen Tao, this is simply setting fire to himself, and if the gods are strengthened, they can reach a level of strength, and the sensitivity is ten million times higher than that of immortals.
There are countless benefits of knowing God. Only when you know God can you be white.
Just as Wentao wants him to think about the whole celestial situation now, he can understand it.
This is?
The dragon was surprised to find that Wentao’s knowledge guided him to be farther away and enter Wentao’s body.
But after entering Wentao’s body, he wants to do it again, but he has the ability to follow Wentao’s route. Wentao is ten times more powerful than Qinglong.
Qinglonggen didn’t expect Wentao’s divine knowledge to be so powerful. How could it be so? When he first explored the eastern world, he was just a god.
How long has this just passed! ! !
Wentao took Qinglong into the mysterious power of his own body. Wentao has reached a very deep level at the moment.
Take Qinglong to keep exploring until they reach a place where even their gods can’t explore, but there is a powerful force inside.
Wentao had a breath of his own, and Qinglong almost collapsed as soon as he felt this breath.
Wentao hurriedly withdrew with the knowledge of Qinglong God! !
It is because of this magic weapon and self-confidence that Wentao is sure that he can collect Qinglong. I don’t believe that he feels this force and doesn’t bow his head.
Destroy chaos! Tsing lung’s seven senses are studying abroad, and his gods have been greatly impacted, and his heart almost exploded just now. The breath was so strong that he trembled and had no resistance at all.
What power is this? Who is this?
If you feel powerful after becoming a god, then even if you become a god, it is like a secular ant compared with the immortal emperor, which is generally not comparable
Wentao no longer pays attention to Qinglong’s toast and drinks with Qinglong.
"Lao Jin, tell me how you know this Qinglong."
"Good …" Jin Mang Square Cup was just about to open.
"live!" Punishment fairy emperor flew up and was stopped by Linglan and others.
"I am the first punishment of the nine immortals in the celestial world," said the Immortal Emperor. "Today, on behalf of the Yuanti Immortal Emperor, the Shu Sword Immortal Emperor, the Immortal Immortal Emperor and others, I came to talk about the handling of the heavenly punishment by Qinglong and other matters of celestial safety."
Wentao didn’t let LingLanFang him come over, but smiled at the punishment fairy emperor, "Does Qinglong have anything to do with you to talk about? The punishment has nothing to do with the safety of the celestial world and I want you to talk about it."
The punishment fairy emperor rightly said, "This dragon is likely to threaten the safety of the celestial body, and at the same time, he has become a demigod, and it is possible to punish the secret celestial body and other things. This is the common interest of all people in the celestial body. We must share the other celestial punishment and we need to talk about it separately …"
"get out!"
"You …" Punishment fairy emperor didn’t expect Wentao to scold him directly and let him roll.