Yang Xiu’s summoning the night arrival will have a terrible corrosive effect.

Will cause a kind of corrosion to the enemy’s ability to know the five senses and so on.
In this night arrival, the other party is blind and deaf, and really can’t see five fingers.
In addition, candles, lights, torches and night beads can be directly corroded and extinguished.
This ability simply helps one more chance of winning.
Yang Xiu couldn’t help laughing.
He looked into the distance and said
"Zhu Wuxiong, this is your favor for me.
A drink and a peck have their own destiny!
I’ll avenge you and kill Gao Yuanyuan with your favor! "
be all set
Promoted to the seventh rank, in the daytime, Yang Xiu crossed into the Tieling forest to practice assassination with Zhang Yue.
Yang xiu, the night arrival makes a region as dark as night
Zhang Yue is a sword, "The Sword of the Nine Wonders"
The division of labor between the two people is to practice all kinds of research repeatedly.
There is nothing wrong with Yang Xiu going to learn this again, and no one is too interested.
The life of high school students is coming to an end, and many people are taking time off to make various arrangements in the future.
It’s been another few days, and there’s nothing unusual in class
On this day, at noon, the class was closed.
Here’s your chance!
For so many days, Yang Xiu observed the first class in the afternoon, Gao Yuanyuan class.
She will go to the classroom last.
There is a small corridor from the teacher’s office to the classroom.
This cloister is less than three meters long and two meters wide, and it passes by in a narrow step.
No one wants it here. This is the battlefield of Yang Xiu!
This square inch assassinated the venerable blood night.
The two men built a similar environment from Tieling wood and then practiced it again and again.
This square inch is not thousands of deductions to calculate the sword assassination!
First order, third order!
Life and death can’t be assassinated in an instant, then die!
Life is also happy and death is also afraid!
Chapter 51 The avatar covers the sky with his own hands
It’s another day. I don’t know what it’s raining and it’s gloomy
Yang Xiuchang breathed a sigh of relief. This weather is wonderful. Today is the day!
He carefully put on the nightmare suit and wore a student school outside.
The sword corundum is extremely sharp.
A day’s class usually goes by.
At lunch break, I called Zhang Yue to prepare together.
"Zhang Yue, if I fail, you should leave immediately."
"Ha ha from what we are all" nine change the whole heart tactic "
You’re a major. You’re dead. We’re all dead! "
"Well, who let you be me and live and die with me!"
Two people ha ha a smile.
Approaching little by little.
Yang xiu suddenly shouted
"Sue Sue help me!"
Su Xiaomei appeared and said, "Okay, no problem!"
Yang Xiu waited silently in that small cloister.
It’s a little past noon, and everyone else comes to class.
Yang xiu’s sword hangs around his waist and can be shot instantly and then continue to wait.
Zhang Yue said slowly, "Steady!"
"Remember not to be a little murderous!"
Zhang Yue has a talent for ghosts, and his murderous look is nothing different from usual, even his heartbeat is constant.
Little by little, Gao Yuanyuan finally appeared.
She entered the corridor and saw Yang Xiu at a glance.