Fu Xialiang, a few thousand monks here watched him fight.

On the other side, a bruiser with five instruments appeared.
The other party saw Fu Xia cool salute far away and said
"Tu Fanghai!"
Suddenly those watching all whispering.
"Ah, it’s nine just never dies."
"Just a genius has practiced nine rigid bodies."
"It’s really cool to win the door than Fu Xialiang, the first popular player!"
Fu Xialiang slowly saluted and said, "Lei Jue Fu Xialiang!"
Tu Fanghai said in a daze, "Lei Jian is absolutely?"
I don’t know how they deliver messages, but he knows Fu Xialiang’s nickname.
Fu Xia cool yourself but don’t know!
He said, "Please enlighten me!"
Say that finish quick assault straight to Tufanghai.
Tu Fanghai slowly breathed a sigh of relief. He turned black and iron like fine steel’s refining. He just joined the war before he completed the cultivation of Masculinity.
Seeing approaching Fu Xia cool, he slowly prepared to punch.
But suddenly a sword light rises!
This sword light is just the combination of Yang Fu Xia and cool people, and the fog melts, and the brilliance is slightly countercurrent and erupts violently!
This swordsmanship can stop the sharpness to the extreme, like passing by in an instant, and what you don’t hide can be avoided.
In a flash, Tufanghai was directly atomized by him, and thousands of bloodstains splashed everywhere!
The light of the sword fell on Fu Xia, and the cool man separated his sword and said, "Admit it!"
Fu Xia Liang Sheng!
"How is it possible that Fu Xialiang won?"
"I really won!"
"What a Lei Jian"
There are many classmates around the rostrum. Congratulations.
"Brother Broken Iron, you are a good apprentice."
"What a skill! A clean sword."
Broken iron reality is very disdain said
"This man taught him" Illusion of Birds ",but he just can’t learn waste."
But the brow is beaming.
Suddenly the world changed and Fu Xialiang looked for an opponent.
And the spectators immediately swarmed away to increase their bets, and their department was optimistic about Fu Xia Liang.
The second enemy was cold in his cassock.
See Fu Xia cool also not nonsense immediately.
In the action, the body shape changed into nine road flyovers and went straight to Fu Xia Liang.
Fantasy "A Thousand Fantasies"
In the face of this group of illusions, it’s hard to tell the truth from the falsehood. Fu Xialiang shook his head and gently recited a spell.
"The mighty dry kunwu brilliantly reminds the soul, and the evil spirit is beheaded, and it is as urgent as the law."
In a flash, seven thunderbolts appear at the same time, and then they instantly merge.
Turn into a thunder and have a poor power.
Xuzhongxuan sound qi
"Gankun borrows the law to be mighty!"
Dry kunlei in the afternoon!
Thirty-six thunderballs fell all around and turned into a sea of thunder.
What illusion is direct fly ash?
Fu Xia Liang Sheng!
"What is this?"
"Extraordinary Daoism!"
"How is it possible that he is the practice period?"
"Don’t say what this is definitely bigger than the first! I quickly added the bet! "
"Oh, it’s too late. The bet has stopped and can’t be added!"
The podium is surrounded by broken iron and people are gathered.
"Broken iron brother what is this extraordinary magic? I haven’t heard that you have practiced? "
The real person who broke the iron smiled and said, "Ye Jia’s extraordinary Daoism in" Dry Kunlei in the afternoon "
"How did Ye Jia learn?"
"I heard that my apprentice is very popular with women. Ye Jia Ye Qingshuang is very good with him!"
"Boy, what kind of friendship is this?"
Broken iron reality proudly said, "I this disciple is not a leaf home wench.
Jiang Jia’s rate of cranes and Kunwu is hazy …