Every family owner was scared by this sight.

This ….. Dead meat.
And death is worth nothing.
Betrayal! He defended the interests of the nobles, but the nobles betrayed themselves at all times!
Are they so timid?
His eyes flashed with anger and sadness, and his face was like gold paper.
That’s not what you said at the secret meeting in that day.
But the more I think so, the more I feel that human feelings are cold and warm, and the more I feel wronged.
There is no previous self-confidence in the eyes of every family, and there is no despair left just now.
By looking him straight in the eye, he said faintly, "It’s a pity that all the officials and nobles in Manchuria now say that you can blame me for talking about political affairs … Do you know the crime?"
"I lead to death" every family’s tonic is so weak that it can’t be controlled, and his body has completely lost its strength. He closed his eyes and he has no way to do it at this point.
By gentle way, "Si Qing’s rash remarks about the audacity of state affairs, I did say" kill and forgive "just now, but now that I think about it carefully, I also said that I would never be punished for speaking."
The bottom is too shocked and immediately white. I’m afraid Zhou Wang wants to let people go
If you don’t talk about the crime, you can talk widely and recruit talents. coachable attaches great importance to recruiting talents. He shouted out, "How can you do superficial work without coachable?"
It’s natural that you can’t be the first to make a speech if you set up a suggestion desk and get wind of it.
Moreover, although the overall situation is under control, there are still many people who support the idea of every family owner because the general trend does not dare to jump out.
Once the name of every family owner is killed, it is still not very pleasant to hear. Although these people may be afraid of making trouble because of the death of every family owner, it is easy to arouse their resistance.
It’s only a month or two before the princes congratulate each other. If these hidden nobles collude with each other, it will be even more troublesome.
It’s better to take your time than to do less.
Besides, it’s no longer worth caring about people like the family owner.
This man even has no value of being noticed.
Let him spit out all the weapons and copper he swallowed from the armory. Holding them high and putting them gently will not only damage his reputation, but also win the kindness of those timid nobles who sing songs to Peng Jia’s master.
"Ha ha ha ….." Too Dian suddenly burst out laughing.
He didn’t expect Zhou Wang to think much when he was only three or two sentences.
This is the sage’s wisdom and wisdom.
Maybe everything is in Zhou Wang’s hands, and even Peng Jia’s main reaction is arranged.
No, it’s not a secret arrangement, it’s a calculation
Lin Yuan Palace is very important, where the noble brother received family education since childhood, and his words and deeds have already revealed doubts about the noble way of doing things.
Patriarchal pedagogy is a thing, even if the parents have different personalities, the general way of thinking and the code of conduct will not change.
I heard that being punished by hanging a tree in Lin Yuan is the least active way to change oneself and adapt to the palace life. Peng Jiagong and Peng Zun are saying that Peng family is an easy-to-change family, a cautious family that does not dare to make trouble.
Although Guan Jiagong is not a close relative, he is still educated by his family, and he is very eager to take the lead in making trouble. He often fails to sell things and is always fined, which is similar to the main business of Guan Jiagong.
And the key is the result.
Most noble brothers finally got used to the palace market.
This means that nobles can also adapt to the new law.
Suddenly, I was so upset that I felt a little secretly pleased.
The former nobles were greedy for money, colluded with the new officials, and raised the copper price, deliberately opposing the court. All the nobles opposed Zhou Wang.
He constantly remonstrated and hoped that Zhou Wang could take a steady step and slow down a little.
But now Zhou Wang still hasn’t slowed down, but on the whole everything is right.
It’s too hot. Zhou Wang is very deep!
He is eager to take off his clothes and do whatever he wants. He just takes off his coat and leaves a single coat in winter.
Zhou Wang is so beautiful today!
After he took off his coat, he wanted to take it off again.
But it feels a little bad. Although he is not naked in public, today’s protagonist is Zhou Wang, and he can’t usurp the host’s role.
And Zhou Wang doesn’t need help today.
Seeing that he was too upset and undressed, he thought that most of the people were hopeless. The first time, there was a second time, and it was estimated that he had quit addiction.
But now it’s too good to care about these little things
"I had a dream yesterday."
"Ah?" Too much surprise and joy. "I don’t know if I dream about things, but I have some experience or can understand them."
After the four friends of Wen Wang were exposed by the hey hey smile, he once inquired deeply that Tai Dian had been really good with Ji Chang and had taught Ji Changer.
Teaching is to interpret dreams, but there is Ji Dan who is more refined, that is, Zhou Gongdan later
After a pause, I said, "I dreamed last night that I was driving a horse, but unfortunately three turtles ate my horse."