Mi Guan’s face turned slightly cold and tunnel "Fourth Lady?"

The first female monster laughed. "Mi Guan, your sister Ma is going to be the thirteenth wife of the King, but you are gathering people here to rebel against you. Are you impatient?"
Mi Guan was angry and snorted. These ladies have their own magical powers. Today, they have a way out, so they rushed with a double hammer and determination to die together.
The other two banshees behind the Fourth Lady were fighting like cats and mice, and after a while, Mi Guan was hurt everywhere.
Tang Xiaoshan Zizhi saw that the young man knew that he would die, but he would never retreat. Those strong men behind him were also being slaughtered constantly. The so-called non-human beings have different hearts. They are human beings. They just watched Tang Xiaofeng kill those two banshees and many hags, but now they feel particularly sympathetic when they see that these people have been slaughtered.
Zizhi pushed Tang Xiaofeng. "Why don’t you help them?"
Tang Xiaofeng asked, "Why should we help them?"
Zizhi said, "If we hadn’t come here by mistake, they wouldn’t have been found and killed. Shouldn’t we help them?"
Tang Xiaofeng laughed. "This is their bad luck. Where is our fault? Besides, killing them as monsters does not prove that they are good people. Maybe they are bad people, too? "
Tang Xiaoshan said, "Good people or bad people are always human, so help him."
Tang Xiaofeng originally wanted to help. Anyway, although this side doesn’t know much, it’s all human beings, and the other side is monsters and hags. It’s just to see the situation.
However, although he has this heart, his sister and Zizhi both told him to save that guy, but it made him a little unhappy. Why should that guy be saved? Is it because he is more handsome? I’m going to save people. Maybe I’ll be in danger, too. Why don’t you think about it for me?
Of course, the real two women didn’t help him think about it, but they just had confidence in his strength.
See if you don’t make moves, the young man named Mi Guan will die. Tang Xiaofeng, in the hands of the two banshees, will suddenly and violently shoot with a sword of light …
Chapter 12 Ghost Creek
Meters to watch together the two banshees see sword light generally hit hurriedly.
However, Tang Xiaofeng has already seen their affairs through with a twist and a stroke.
Gorgeous sword light flashed through two banshees and was cut in two at the same time.
Tang Xiaofeng didn’t make moves earlier just now because he wanted to secretly observe these two banshees, and because Tang Xiaofeng saw their weaknesses clearly and found the best time to make moves on these two banshees, but he didn’t even have a chance to resist.
Fang Guanzhan’s fourth lady was surprised. She saw the young imperial sword fly out. She saw the young sword cut at her two sisters.
She wanted to see what the young man was up to, but she didn’t expect the sword to be swept across her two sisters and died immediately.
Fourth Lady angrily offered a big clock and smashed it.
This bell, named "Tian Yin breaks Yang Zhong", rushes to smash Yin Qi, and no matter whether it is a man or a demon, it will turn into blood.
Tang Xiaofeng sneer at a suddenly split out three swords.
There are three swords
But there are 324 swords and shadows.
The five essence skyfire broke through a hundred swords before the shadow, and Yin qi poured in.
One hundred sword shadows made by Zihua Sword Gas will smash the "Day Yin breaks Yang Zhong".
Fourth Lady appall jumped to escape.
Purple fairy spirit is transformed into a hundred swords, and finally she is chopped into several pieces of meat, and even the screams can’t come out.
When Tang Xiaofeng came out, he killed three ladies with four swords.
Although the number of the remaining hags’ minions is large, they are all frightened. With the residual strong man spirit, Mi Guan took the opportunity to kill them, and these hags fled one after another.
At this moment, a roar came from a distance, which was sharp and sharp like a female ghost crying.
Just now, those strong men who were not afraid of death turned out to be all changed and their faces became nervous.
Mi Guan whispered, "Mrs. Hong is here. Let’s go."
They ran desperately in the direction of their backs to the roar.
Tang Xiaofeng looked back and saw an amazing dark red cloud rushing in this direction.
Mi Guan saw that he was motionless and quickly said, "Don’t run away?"
Tang Xiaofeng really wants to ask him who this red lady is. But look at these other guys who are not even afraid of death. Now they are afraid like this, and you will know that this red lady is not only famous, but also extremely cruel.
Although he may not be afraid of the red lady, considering that this red lady is really difficult to guarantee the safety of her sister and Zizhi, she turned around and two women chased Mi Guan and others.
But the dark red cloud flew very fast and got closer and closer.
Mi Guan and others are alarmed.
Tang Xiaoshan took a five-color pen and wrote a paper sacrifice.
The red cloud in the stars is chasing them, but it is gradually drifting away because of the influence of this paper.
By the time the spell effect disappears, they have escaped for miles.
There is a pool of clear water and rice in front, and all the Han people jumped in.
Tang Xiaofeng thought that no matter how afraid they were, the red lady could not commit suicide by throwing herself into the lake, so she followed suit.
The pool looks calm, but it is full of dark tides.
A torrent took them away …
Overseas of Qinglianbao-
Hag Wang Goumuyu squinted at the distant Yin Ruohua.
Yin ruohua holds Xuanyuan sword and wishes the title flower, and Yin Qiaowen guards are on the rampage.