Taotao is a tingle "go or not"

"However, the score in Area C is quite high, with a score of five points to ten points per volt."
The peach head shakes like a rattle. "Then don’t go."
She went on to look at Zone B, where most of the sea monsters are salamanders, turtle monsters and extremely fierce fish monsters, and they accumulate 10 to 15 points for each point they receive, while for Zone A, the monster record is relatively simple, which says "The category of evil spirits is unknown", and each point they receive is evaluated according to the ability of the monster, so the contestants are invited to be cautious.
Further than area A, there is area S, which is already the center of the test site.
The description in the S area is even more frightening. There are five words-it is not recommended to go.
Tao Tao, "Ah said that he would not attract monsters like seven magic dumplings by putting nine ten-square pu on the bottom of the sea in the center of the testing ground?"
Nangong Chen said, "I can’t enhance the evil power with ten squares, but for a creature like the seven magic dumplings, its physical strength needs to be stronger, so it doesn’t need ten squares. It wants to turn the monster beast into a fairy and needs human souls to improve its spiritual wisdom."
Taotao remembered that many souls were trapped in blisters when the mirage demon headed for the magic dumpling that day. "No wonder it needed the little demon to collect the fishermen’s souls."
Nangong Dust pointed to the S area of the map. "It is not recommended to go to the S area. There is a possibility that the monsters here can’t be handled by most spiritual teachers, but the map instructions don’t say that it is forbidden to go, saying that some of all the players have the strength to go to the S area to subdue evil spirits."
Yuan Tian: "Brother Nangong, can you guess what monsters will be in this area?"
Nangong Chen shook his head. "The marginal creatures of the ocean are constantly multiplying. I’m not sure when I’m not close to here."
Taotao thought for a moment, "Area S is still a little too dangerous. Let’s go to Area A first to be on the safe side. If Area A is evil, we are sure to take it down. How about going to Area S then?"
The nangongshan dust has no objection. Yuan Tian likes to see these exciting things most, and there is no objection.
"Xiao Kuang?" Taotao asked to clear his name
He looked up from the English simulation paper. "Whatever you want."
The ticket adjusted the course of the fishing boat through peaches.
This ship is worthy of the wind speed, and it is indeed far ahead of many ships behind it in the direction of the test site.
Behind the peach boat, Wu Feng Chu looked at the small boat on the deck of the gorgeous ship she had chosen to "follow her"
Wu Qianlong should enter the operating room to adjust his course.
Evening deck
Richness is lying on Yuan Tian’s head basking in the sunset glow.
Yuan Tian said angrily, "Boss, do you want to be shameless?"
Taotao said, "No, drink quickly!"
They fought the landlord all afternoon.
The wind prepared a box of sushi for Taotao. There were three bags of mustard sauce in the sushi. Taotao lost the punishment by soaking mustard sauce in water.
At first, Yuan Tian was very happy when he heard that he was going to fight the landlord, but the expression of Nangong Dust was somewhat unclear. He didn’t understand that he couldn’t play cards, so he bravely patted his chest and said, Don’t worry, Nangong Brother. I’ll teach you, but fighting with him, he found out what the problem was with the expression of Nangong Dust.
-Taotao brand is so fucking bad.
After playing for two hours, he and Nangong Chen drank a belly of mustard water.
Nangong Chen’s body is a puppet. He drinks mustard water because his taste suffers a little, but Yuan Tian is going to be hot to death.
Yuan Tian waved "Stop"
Taotao hasn’t played enough "or I’ll beat you"
Yuan Tian looked at Nangong Dust. "Brother Nangong, can you control her?"
At Taotao, Nangong Dust said, "I can’t care about her. Go on."
"Don’t you want to resist?"
"Taotao doesn’t see much to resist when he is happy?"
Yuan Tian simply wanted to slap himself. He shouldn’t dream of saving the Nangong dust that had been brainwashed by Taotao.
He thought for a moment, "Why don’t I change for Xiao Kuang?"
Taotao: "Xiao Kuang’s love will be lost if he doesn’t pass the postgraduate exam."
Yuan Tian: "You have to change your mind when you study. People are stupid after studying all day. Tell him to come out and have a blow."
Kuang Qingming was pulled out by him, and several people sat on the deck, eating dinner and chatting one build what did not build.
"I like to eat this best." I bought peach, peach and tomato-flavored potato chips in the wind. "When I was a child, my parents would take me to the supermarket in the top three of every exam and let me choose a car to eat."
Yuan Tian envied, "You are so happy."
Taotao also envies "Yes".
"But Grandpa is very strict with me. He has been in poor health for a long time because of exorcism, so he pinned all his hopes on me and hoped that I would inherit his legacy. But I don’t like being a spiritual teacher." Kuang Qingming looked at their envious expression. "What’s the matter? Your parents won’t buy you food?"
Taotao said, "I don’t know who my parents are. I was brought back to Qingfengguan just after I was born."
Yuan Tian said, "My parents are gone, and they wouldn’t have died if I hadn’t opened the yellow tower."
Qing Ming put potato chips to comfort him "you must be very sad"
"When they first left, they were really sad. When they grew up, many memories were unclear and their sadness was much lighter." Yuan Tian took the name of Kuang Qing and handed the potato chips. "Maybe it was grief and excessive amnesia syndrome. Later, I tried my best to practice and it was not easy to repair half a pulse."