She held the little grandfather’s hand before she left.

However, she carefully failed to divide Zhao thief’s hands and faces.
"There’s nothing. Don’t worry about it."
He refused to let go.
"Let me see!"
Zhao Shangxin was anxious and annoyed.
Zhao Cuo can’t help it.
See his left face with a row of fine teeth marks.
"You … this is a queen bite?"
Miss Zhao Da was suddenly one leng.
Her face was sad and she was relieved at the same time.
It’s shocking that he was slapped by the demon queen. Isn’t this to make her love dearly?
"You know I just entered the palace."
Little grandpa said something vague.
He did go to see Queen Chen before he left the palace.
But she won’t be as reckless as a bad woman
Can’t say the queen mother empress …’
He apologized to the Queen’s Palace in his heart.
"Sister Chen is really how can you fool around? You can’t see anyone today. "
I feel incredible when I twist my brow. How noble and dignified is Queen Chen at ordinary times?
"It’s not that I bullied her a little too much. I deserve it."
Zhao thief so embarrassedly said
"You bad thing!"
Zhao Shangxin gave him a red-faced gouge.
"Don’t say this thing did you see the queen mother empress? What happened? "
She became nervous unconsciously.
"It’s not a big problem"
Zhao wrong inadvertently said
"It’s just impeaching me. The memorial is filled with the East Palace."
"Didn’t you ask about your sin?"
Miss Zhao big eyes wide open.
"Of course"
Small male ye serious tunnel
"The empress dowager empress takes care of me as my nephew."
"It won’t pass so easily, will it?"
Fearful and hesitant way
"I should have confronted the officials long ago."
Zhao thief is still relaxed and freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting. If the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty criticize him again, it is not as good as his pillow breeze.
"SAN to protect you kyou-kan also can’t take you how but you went out …"
Zhao Shangxin said with half joy and half sorrow
Do soldiers want to accept that the Lord will have an affair with the enemy queen?
According to the emperor forever, this move is too hard. It’s a seven-wound boxing to kill the enemy and lose a hundred times.
"Isn’t my merit in front of people? There’s still a month to go before everything can be done."
He smiled and pushed the elder sister to the boudoir.
"What are you going to do?"
Miss Zhao asked angrily.
"Let’s have a long talk today."
Zhao Cuo got into the bad habit of sleeping alone and went to the eldest sister’s room for a night.
It’s a pity that he was restless when he returned to Beijing that night. He couldn’t sleep until dawn.
At the end of the day, he was awakened by the official housekeeper.
"Small male ye! The king of the Privy Council is asking Wang Daren to see you, saying he has something important to discuss. "
General Zhao was sleepy when he heard this. When Wang Shuwei and the Prime Minister saw him, something must have happened!
He calmed down after being awakened and went out of the house. The housekeeper bowed his head and dared not say anything. He pretended not to know anything before.
Zhao thief didn’t have time. He talked a lot and immediately went to the lobby of the mansion to meet the disturbing guests and learned a frightening news.
"Emperor Yong Zhao sent troops to attack Jiangnan?"
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Palace and children waiting for your triumph
"Waste emperor unexpectedly dare to dispatch troops at this time?"
"The military plane from the front line won back the seven cities of Huainan by the champion Hou in one fell swoop, and the front of the soldiers pointed directly at Jiangnan!"
"psst! At this time, there is a continuous rain in the two rivers, and there are signs of flooding in the Lijiang River. It is difficult to send troops! "
When Zhao Cuo’s envoy entered the palace, the Chaotian Temple was also full of noise, and the civil servants were like ants in hot bricks.
When baiguan noticed Xiao Gongye, the atmosphere became even weirder, but the sound was small.
Zhao thief looked as usual and scanned the crowd without trace, sensing a lot of malice.