Wang Foer hey hey smiled and looked up at a few eyes. The huge body of the black flying snake Aumbach has a fight with Huang Du, but its strength is a little different from that of the vulture. Even if there are some powers, Wang Foer thought to himself, so he had to deal with it. So he said in his heart, "When I killed King Dixiu, I came to subdue this black flying snake as a mount! I didn’t even bring the magic bear with me in Xiqiao, which is just a lack of pet animals! "

Wang Foer’s sleeve also has a few sealed towns, but he is used to driving those beasts of the earth and be adept at’s ancestors have become ordinary beasts. It is not attractive for him to ride the beast. The speed of the road has not changed without him, and he can’t help the animal king Foer in the battle.
The two men went into the city together and paid the city tax. They looked the same in appearance, but they also called people to stop and look at them. The fake twins looked like white cloth robes and beards, but they talked quite elegantly.
The two men asked Mashbas about the road in the city. "It’s not a bit rash for us to break into the palace now. Let’s find a place to live first and then find out the news. If King Dixiu is on patrol these days, we can kill him at one fell swoop!"
Wang Foer gave a little consideration and nodded in agreement with Mashbas’ opinion. After a blow, the assassination was exquisite, and it spread far and wide. He had already planned that the Archaean ape would change his hand first, and then he would leave the chaos and escape. It would be a big scene, and it would surely spread all over the continent of Xizhou quickly.
However, if the assassination kills the number of miscellaneous fish at a snail’s pace but slips away to the target at the moment, the ridiculous result, although it can also be quickly, is inconsistent with Wang Foer’s wind at all.
Mashbas has been to the capital of the Assyrian Empire several times, so he is a know-how horse. Soon he took Wang Foer to the biggest hotel in the city and looked at the sky. Wang Foer couldn’t bear to stay in the room for a long time, so he suggested going to the palace to explore the path.
Mashbas didn’t dare to persuade him.
The two were discussing whether to change their costumes and hide their identities. Suddenly, they heard a commotion in the hotel and a large number of new guests complained.
It wasn’t long before the hotel owner was very sorry to knock on the door of two people. Wang Foer was too lazy to pay attention to Mashbas, but he was a veteran for years and immediately realized his boss’s purpose.
Root didn’t go to the door to meet him, so he said through the door, "We won’t sell the house. If you ask about it, you can go back."
The hotel owner suddenly looked sad. These new guests were personally delivered by the palace manager. How dare he shirk them? This West Island is different from Middle-earth. Although the emperor is powerful, there are not many special features. Even if there is no official post in the capital, the guests can stay in hotels.
These guests were sent by the palace manager. Obviously, their status is quite mysterious. Although the hotel owner has some contacts with a minister, he can’t afford to offend.
After waiting for a long time for Wang Foer to sell the house, the boss can gnash his teeth and say, "If you are willing to sell the house, I am willing to pay two five gold coins. There are also many good standards in his hotel in the city. These compensations are enough for you to rent for one month!"
Mashbas flatly shouted, "This matter can be discussed. Don’t worry about it!"
Is entangled in a feminine female stereo "but master Mashbas inside? I am Li Lu Silk of Yitian Commercial Group! "
I heard an acquaintance Wang Foer swinging the door with a wave of his hand.
The newcomers are two middle-aged women with black scarves and masks in the Yitian business group.
"So you two have a rest here. You don’t have to move out, boss. You can persuade his guests!"
Wang Foer’s mind swept away and immediately knew the outside situation like the back of his hand. I was a little surprised that the original number of the art group was quite large, but now it has more than 30 people, and some people seem to be seriously injured because of their shortness of breath.
"So you gave that thing to King Dixiu! It seems that you lost a lot along the way because you met a large number of assassins? "
Wang Foer asked Li Lu at random, but her eyes seemed a little bitter, but then she calmed down her feelings and said with a little reserve, "We met the horse king’s hand to kill us. Thanks to the dark gods, we survived several crises."
Mashbas Gherardini said, "You guys are really bad at shipping! King Dixiu is very unreliable! "
He and Wang Foer are plotting to assassinate King Dixiu, so he speaks with a double dark temple. This time, 30% people have been escorted by hand. This sacred object has long been privately taken refuge in King Dixiu. If King Dixiu is killed by Wang Foer, his painstaking efforts will be wasted, even the status of the state religion of Assyria will be lost.
But Mashbas didn’t say anything about it, and Li Lu naturally had no way to infer that Mashbas said it was so inscrutable that she could chuckle, "We have our own needs with King Dixiu, and even if he is afraid of going back on his word, he should also care about the strength of our dark temple. At least half of the generals in the Asean Empire are born in the dark temple."
Wang Foer is not in the mood to discuss these things with him. Li Lu still has something to say immediately, which will interrupt and say, "Master Mashbas and I are far away from home as visitors. If you have nothing to do, you’d better be light!"
Li Lu silk smiled slightly at Wang Foer’s marching orders and was not angry. She quietly stepped aside and let Wang Foer and Mashbas head up.
Chapter 396 Big break Sparta ()
Out of this hotel, Wang Foer shook his head slightly, and Li Lu’s silk hand was badly damaged, but it was only four or five people who were not injured. The hotel was surrounded by the royal guards of the Assyrian Empire. Obviously, King Dixiu attached great importance to these members of the business group who brought him sacred arts.
When I saw the two of them coming out, the Royal Guards immediately came to interrogate Wang Foer, who was too lazy to bother to work, and suddenly opened his eyes. The guards immediately lost their minds and let them go.
Although the country has been at war for years, the capital of the Austrian Empire has not reached this male city. Merchants from all countries in Xizhou are everywhere. Although the size of the city is inferior to that of Anyuan City, the capital of Dagan Dynasty, the business is prosperous, especially with the characteristics of Xizhou. Vagabond is full of business and waiting for customers to hire them.
These Vagabond occasionally duels in the street because of oral sex, and there are often hundreds of people watching the sergeant patrolling the city. Even if someone splashes blood for five steps, everyone will take it for granted.
Wang Foer saw a martial arts shop on the street, so he went in and bought a set of magic rhinoceros skin armor, a long knife with both hands to cut iron. According to one fact, barbarians made the spike stick, and Mashbas also changed his costume. In a blink of an eye, two strange artists became male warrior.
When they got to the outside of the palace, they saw that they were heavily guarded. They walked around quietly but didn’t find a flaw to break through.
Wang Foer said to Mashbas, "This King Dixiu seems to be a damn fool. He has kept the palace so heavily guarded, and there is nothing to do but break into it."
Mashbas shook his head slightly or said, "It’s not difficult to sneak in. It’s not difficult to stop those forbidden palace guards from pretending to be them, so they can blend in or even threaten some ministers and follow them openly."
Wang Foer sneered at the heart slightly. "If there is no Xiaotian robbing master in the palace, it’s okay to induce the vitality of heaven and earth to change. It’s not difficult for me to change the magic Buddha avatar into the ground, but it’s not so troublesome to assassinate a foreign king." If I don’t know whether King Dixiu is in the palace, I’m sure I can do it now. "
Two people are discussing. Suddenly, a rockery boulder in an idle mansion not far from the palace slowly moves a small head and pokes around.
Wang Foer’s knowledge has long enveloped dozens of miles around Fiona Fang, and all the changes have been induced in his heart. Although the idle mansion is secluded, it has been sensed for him at the moment.
"I don’t know why this man is sneaking around?"
Wang Foer’s heart disappeared from the original place as soon as he started. Mashbas had already seen Wang Foer’s avatar, and it was not surprising.
"hey! The tunnel here is very deep. Does it lead to the palace? "
The palace servant dressed up as a teenager with a very low martial arts skill was captured by Wang Foer. He looked at the rockery boulder and revealed a deep hole. He was very curious and was about to step into the sky when a loud scream came.
He grabbed the boy and immediately shouted, "That’s Auerbach back to the palace. When he sees you, this house will attack you! Don’t take me away! "
Wang Foer slightly one leng, he is not afraid of the black flying snake. It is at this time that if he fights with this animal, his whereabouts will be leaked. King Di Hugh knows that danger is hiding, and he can’t find it for a while, which will definitely delay him.
"Hum, wait until late to explore this tunnel!"
Wang Foer carried the young man to turn over and run away from this house, and then they quietly left the black flying snake Aumbach’s huge body just at this time after the palace. The first military commander in red was sitting on the flying snake’s back when the flying snake dived close to the ground, and she jumped up.
"General Laura whether silk! How could you come to the capital without guarding Sparta? "
The general on duty in the palace used to serve in the Blood River Corps, so he knew the old division.