But this can’t affect Fang Siyi’s mood at all. At this moment, Fang Siyi has a different mood when she sees ya ya.

Ya Ya Jiao called Zhong Fang Siyi to shake hands with her feet and joked with a smile, "I feel fine."
"But … there are cocoons …" Women love beauty. Although Ya Ya knows that her feet have cocoons that affect her beauty, she has danced a lot in the past two years, and there is nothing she can do about it.
Moreover, in order to maintain the standard and also for fitness, dance practice is more frequent.
This also leads to a thin cocoon all the year round.
This is a maintenance method to remove
Unless …
She doesn’t dance.
Tan Yi?
How can the entertainment circle be popular if it doesn’t show the other side different from other actresses?
In particular, most of the plays she receives now are asking her to dance.
Wouldn’t it be offensive if she suddenly said no to jump?
After all, she is not Yingbao, and there is no such thing as Fang Siyi’s escort. The only thing she can do is to insist on her teeth.
Chapter 243 Women (4)
Because of frequent dancing, the foot shape of the girl is not good-looking, because the toe cocoon destroys the overall aesthetic feeling
So this is another reason why Ya Ya is not confident.
Fang Siyi smiled and said casually, "I’ll get you some medicinal materials. You won’t cocoon if you take a dip often."
"really?" Ya Ya looked at Fang Siyi in surprise and asked curiously, "But I also learned a lot but it didn’t work at all."
"It’s not illegal to try anyway." Fang Siyi pinched her feet and joked with a smile.
"You … you don’t …" Ya ya a soft whole person has got into Fang Siyi arms.
Fang Siyi’s eyes were a little surprised, and it was difficult to restrain himself from climbing up, and then she squeezed again in the stuffy hum.
"You … you let go!" Ya ya’s face turned red and her body became softer.
Fang Siyi’s eyes became more and more surprised when he saw the picture of Chun Qing bursting in his arms.
It’s not that I haven’t thought that some people have different sensitivities to certain special parts, but I never thought that Ya Ya actually …
A sudden realization rose in my heart.
Maybe that’s why Yaya was with Chen Sicheng in the dream and stayed with her after the derailment.
Yaya is too sensitive.
Think like this, nephrite is warm and fragrant, breathing like a orchid, and a woman throws herself into your arms, and she still has the real situation of husband and wife, so she can sit still, either eunuch or Yang W.
Obviously Fang Siyi is neither of them.
Bow your head to pursue the soft lips of ya ya.
"Mm-hmm-"Ya Ya responded enthusiastically when her body is in an unusually sensitive situation at the moment.
With Fang Siyi pressing Ya Ya, the whole person lay on the bed.
Fang Siyi, who carefully avoided the wound of Ya Ya, smiled and took the medicinal liquor from one side and shook his head gently. Then he took out a small bottle from his pocket and poured some palms. Bit by bit, Ya Ya’s calf was rubbed open.
Ya ya red-faced egg by Fang Siyi wipe the medicinal liquor.
At the same time, a musk-like air bloomed in the room.
Ya Ya gently moved her nose and asked curiously, "What is this?"
"I make my own medicinal liquor," Fang Siyi explained with a smile. "I won’t leave scars."
"Oh …" Red-faced Ya Ya didn’t dare to see that he could turn his cheek aside.
Fang Siyi finished the medicated wine, then took gauze and scissors and tied them round and round. Then she smiled and said, "It will be fine to apply it for three days before going to bed every day."
"Oh …" Some absent-minded ya ya’s face is getting redder.
Fang Siyi put the remaining gauze and was about to put it back, only to find that Ya Ya’s little hand did not know when to hold his skirt.
Slightly zheng Fang Siyi turned to look at her.