The word "fierce" surges in my heart. Sun Hao’s eyes can’t help but shrink slightly. But he met his secretive opponent even more than Jordan. This is even more mysterious in the wind field. Now Sun Hao feels that he can’t finish it.

But the eyes can see.
Tiekun Peng raised it gently with one hand.
This is the signal that the two agreed on the second stage of action.
Sun Hao’s eyes shrank, his gods moved, and the agarwood sword flew, and the middle sword kept shaking. Six agarwood swords appeared in the shock.
A sword is gentle with a gentle wind; A sword with a harmonious wind is bleak; A sword with scenery and peace of mind; A sword is broad, not windy, and its meaning is freezing …
Six swords add up to seven swords, with Sun Hao’s seven kinds of dzogchen winds. In the sword’s meaning, it crashes and goes round and round, and it falls to the square in the rotation. Sun Hao’s sword refers to a handle that also draws an unhealthy sword’s meaning to fill the face wind.
Face-locked Dragon Sword Lock Jiang Sunhao’s mouth, drink the sword, iron and Peng’s core, poop-poop … and insert a glacier to cover a large area.
Tie Kun Peng’s cold voice came out. "A lot of Xie Xiaoshan, please keep the wind and watch me fish …"
When talking, the hand gently jerked outward and the hook swung into the glacier and flew away.
Ding Yisun’s sword enveloped the ice and broke the hook like water as it fell.
The cold and calm river churned up with the hook falling, and a huge shadow appeared in the river faintly.
Sun Hao was shocked. "Is this big guy the so-called little herring?"
Chapter DiYiQiJiu Glacier fishing
(Two more chapters are more in place. Bo Yao is rolling for support.)
The waves are surging and the waves are surging
The glaciers are surging.
The huge current force is derived from the glacier, and the hook is thrown back to half.
However, Sun Hao found that no matter how the glacier water churns, the iron boat floats gently in the glacier, slightly ups and downs with the wind, and there is no possibility of being overturned.
Tie Kun Peng’s body is sitting in a boat as if facing a snowstorm. The real fisherman does not move, quietly fishing, and after the hook is swung, it flashes and drills into the glacier.
Tie Kun Peng fought with the shadow in the river, that is, his little herring at last.
Sun Hao stands on the square shield. With the square shield getting higher and higher, he locks the wind sword and watches the battle carefully.
There are a lot of things between herring and Tiekun Peng. Sun Hao doesn’t understand a little, but when he thinks about it seriously, he has an extraordinary feeling.
The river where the herring lives sinks rapidly, and the river dries up rapidly. It is becoming more and more advantageous to fight with Tiekun Peng.
But Sun Haotie Kun Peng will soon win the victory and change and regenerate when he catches herring.
The huge black shadow of herring in the river is getting bigger and bigger. It actually floats from the river to the hook in the hands of Tie Kun Peng. Ordinary fish can’t swim without the water root, but this big fish is actually very flexible after leaving the water. After careful observation, the big fish should also be strong and extremely windy. Animals set off waves and blew a hook everywhere.
But some herring can’t find the hook attacked by Tie Kun Peng. The hook is more flexible than the fish line, and the horse is entangled again after being hit.
The hook attack is also very sharp. If the herring is hit, it will flush a blood flower.
Tie Kun Peng has been preparing for catching herring for a long time, and he has a deep understanding of herring’s ability and characteristics. It can be said that he was prepared and gradually gained wind in the battle.
Sun Hao stood upright, his body was getting higher and higher, but in his heart, with one man and one fish fighting repeatedly, he had a guess that surprised him.
The giant salamander in the glacier may well be the most ideal and rare target for this trip, but it should be a minor one.
Only Kunpeng can fight with Tie Kunpeng for a long time, and maybe Kunpeng can make Tie Kunpeng wait for thousands of years of hard fishing.
Of course, at this time, Kunpeng is still in a long state of fish form.
It looks like a big herring, but according to the analysis of ancient books, Sun Hao guessed that it was him in nine cases out of ten, and the giant herring also dived in the blue sea and sank its gills in the sea, leaving its tail in the wind …
It is the most suitable living environment for Kunpeng that the fixed glacier has a river area like the sea, and at the same time, the windward part of the fixed wind area is not sure.
The peculiar law of the calm wind field gives Kunpeng a layer of protection, and ordinary monks are unusually powerful, and the roots of exotic animals can’t enter the calm wind field of Kunpeng, which can be said to be the safest.
However, this Kunpeng unfortunately met a strange opponent who had been fishing for thousands of years, and it is very likely that Kunpeng was forced by Tiekunpeng step by step to this river area until Sun Hao arrived and got a chance to catch it.
I didn’t expect that it would be Kunpeng Sun Hao’s heart that he could not help but see the juvenile Kunpeng in this way. So, are you going to let this Kunpeng go quietly and then secretly catch it yourself?
Your sixth spirit is the best choice if you can incarnate Kunpeng. Once Kunpeng is captured by a powerful and strange iron Kunpeng, it will be even more difficult for you to change your soul.
Do you want to do something bad in secret?
Look at the war. Sun Hao suddenly has two very clear perceptions: if Tie Kunpeng does it himself, it may be difficult to catch Kun Peng, but with the existing helper, Tie Kunpeng still can’t easily take Kun Peng as proof; Two Sun Hao also perceived Tiekun Peng’s strange ability, but the actual combat power was not as strong as Jordan’s.
If Jordan comes over, he should be able to naturally suppress Kun Peng, while Tie Kun Peng’s strength is not particularly strong. Of course, it may be that the peculiar law of the wind field has affected his strength.
Tie Kun Peng really needs his own help to gain an advantage.
Our own shield cut off the glacier, our own wind sword cut off the surface wind, and our own two auxiliary achievements made Tie Kun Peng gradually lay the victory.
Kunpeng lost the river to swim, lost the wind, and gradually lost support. The situation is getting worse and worse.
After only supporting for half an hour, I felt that it was difficult for me to get rid of the fishhook, and it was difficult for me to be an opponent of the fishhook. After that, Kunpeng sank into the dry river and flexibly swung away to the northwest.
Northwest China is the place where Sun Hao refers to the sword, that is, the sword is guarded by the sword, and it is also the only place where the sword fails to dzogchen.
Moreover, the northwest saying that the whole body is a gap means that it is really the weakest link in Sun Hao’s great wind sword.
Kun Peng escaped from the undercurrent, but it was the best direction.
Corleone suddenly felt a huge impact to his face in the wind sword array, constantly impacting his ill-conceived sword defense area.
Sun Hao’s mind flashed a thought that he didn’t deliberately make trouble for Tie Kunpeng, which was not bad for him, but he tried his best to stop it. If he couldn’t stop Kun Peng from breaking through, it’s no wonder that he did.
Dao Jian is driven to the maximum. The agarwood sword quivers gently and blooms with five-color light. Sun Haofang’s shield keeps sending out the sword finger to supplement the poor shock wave consumption.
Just stick to the half-column incense kung fu and try your best to defend the sword. Sun Hao finally couldn’t stop Kunpeng’s bad impact. The sword was defeated by Sun Hao, who screamed, "Be careful of the hills."
Kunpeng’s huge body hit Sun Hao in the northwest with a bang and the sword broke.
Kunpeng’s mouth came out like a roar of joy and rushed out from the northwest.
In the hook ding a crunchy blunt come over to Kunpeng fish mouth blunt come over.
Kunpeng opened his mouth and blew the hook with a strong wind.
At this time, the strange scene happened again, and the hook flew and stung, and the light flashed.
Kunpeng back.
Sun Haokou shouted, "Senior, be careful that the hill can’t stop."
Kunpeng hit Sun Haojian’s finger, rushed out of his mouth and roared, and the hook flew in. Kunpeng swallowed the hook with a startled face.
Tie Kun Peng held high the hook and drank heavily in his mouth. "Give me up …"
The fishing rod was thrown back, and Kunpeng’s huge body was dumped by half from the river.
Sun Hao saw another strange scene. After Kunpeng’s huge body was thrown out of the river, it actually became smaller quickly. When the fishing rod was thrown over the river from Tiekunpeng’s head, it hung the hook. Kunpeng had become a real herring a foot long and was jumping around the river unwilling.
Sun Hao’s heart was shocked by the secret passage and a wonderful hook.
With a shake of the hook, Tie Kun Peng took the herring’s gripper hook out of the fish mouth.
Turning to the middle school, Sun Haotie Kun Peng waddled up his fishhook face and smiled mysteriously. He said, "Thank you, Hill, for helping me catch herring …"
Talking hook bites and the light flashes.
Sun Hao-hsin’s heart is a little dizzy with a bad head.
Once again, Sun Hao found himself with a square shield and a square wind array, and Tie Kun Peng magically landed from the surface of the glacier with a wave of his fishing rod, which evoked a small herring. At this time, he was holding a herring and raised his hook and said, "Thank you for your help. Fortunately, you didn’t fail to catch herring …"