The black dragon was punched by God and then shattered like a mirror from the back.
"Damn you won’t have a good game! My strength is foreign. "
Before I finished, a little starlight disappeared, and then God bless half kneeling and God bless all over the body with cracks.
Pandora came over and hugged to save God. "What’s up?"
"It’s okay! I can still fight! " God bless got up and continued to run towards Beshaba.
"Lord Beshaba, let’s help you!"
"my god! Bajiu was actually killed! You human families are quite powerful! "
Beshaba "Great! I’ve been holding this guy for half a day! I’m exhausted! "
God bless! You’ve been staring at each other for a long time! My God! I’m hanging up on my side! Lord Beshaba, please be serious! "
"oh! Why are there so many cracks in your armor! It seems that the fight is quite miserable! "
"Yeah, I feel like I’m dying!"
Real people don’t know that God bless you. You know that your body has gone wrong. You copied the ability of the Black Dragon, which caused you to be fractured now. Now you are badly hurt, but God bless you still doesn’t let people see it.
"Adult to us! You go and help, you still have a rest! "
God bless doesn’t expect Beshaba to do anything.
Sure enough, you should rely on yourself. You can’t count on others.
God bless and Pandora look at each other and then look at this big guy of more than 30 meters.
"Three times bigger than that guy just now! It may be tougher than before! Be careful! "
God bless said to Pandora.
"I will pay attention!"
This 30-meter black dragon "cuts me. I’m not a weak chicken like Ba Jiu! You two humans die for me! "
"Come and be afraid of you!"
"black dragon"
God bless you and turn into a black frost wyrm. This is your own card and the strongest move.
If you don’t come, it’s no good making big moves. You can’t just exert yourself, or your body will collapse.
Here, Beshaba looks at God bless and turns into a black frost wyrm of more than ten meters, but there are many uncoordinated cracks in his body.
Beshaba eyebrows a wrinkly "god bless that little guy got caught? You’re so messed up after being tricked! Not afraid of physical collapse? Hey, I’d better help you! Hestia will be very sad if you die! And I will be sad! " Beshaba secretly launched something to God bless. It’s a hug to God bless your life.
God bless still knows nothing about hand-to-hand combat with the black dragon
"Kid, you still dare to play tight with me! Black fog! "
"This is our family burst force! Often! Your body won’t last long! If you go on hand-to-hand combat with me like this, you will die sooner or later! "
"Death will pull you!" God bless and battle keep leaving holes and cracks in the earth.
Pandora took the opportunity to hit the black dragon with the output golden blade, and God bless also took the opportunity to attack the hit part of the black dragon.
"Damn knight god’s household! What a nuisance! Kill you first! "
"Come on, your opponent is me!"
God bless the black dragon who launched a fierce attack and suddenly looked at it. "Go to hell, you little bitch! Burst the big bang!
"Touch" God bless was drowned by a mushroom cloud explosion.
Pandora "God Bless ~"
After the "touch" mushroom cloud disappeared, God bless was dropped from the sky, and it was a crack that the real person recovered to the original shape. "Ha ha ha! What’s up, kid You’re finished! The horse is going to collapse! "
"Bad luck conversion!"
God bless the body injury conversion suddenly disappeared and the department turned to the black dragon body.
The black dragon suddenly cracked.
"Damn Beshaba! You did it! "
Beshaba "Oh, I was discovered!"
"You this guy is really annoying; This trick killed many of us in the past! "
"God bless you!" Pandora burst into heaven.
God bless the joy to come over "nothing! If it weren’t for Beshaba, I would have died! "
Beshaba "little god bless you owe me a life! Remember! "
God bless "I know!"
"Let’s continue!" God bless and Pandora continue to face the black dragon. Suddenly, a whirlwind of black fog comes, and then God bless the black fog and see a figure blow himself away with one punch.
"I wipe! !” God bless vomit blood and fly out a few kilometers. Pandora was also shot out here, but Beshaba had nothing to do.
Break the Black Dragon "Damn Beshaba! I will let you go! " After that, I ran in the direction of Pandora. This is a form. After a certain example, it can be transformed into a human form and a combat form!
Chapter two hundred and forty-nine
"Death will pull you!" The shattered black dragon attacked Pandora "so fast!"
Into a three-meter humanoid, the speed of the black dragon has increased greatly.
"Glory to me!" Pandora murmured and then the golden knight Rapier in her hand aimed at the shattered black dragon.
The impact of the two men’s great power made them fly backwards out of the ground, and a huge pit was blasted out because of the collision of their strength.
"Dora?" God bless ran towards the place where they fought.
"Damn girl so difficult! If you inherit the knighthood, it will be even more difficult to deal with! Kill you now! Remember that killing you is my downfall of the three wonders of the black dragon clan! " The black dragon has been kneeling in front of Pandora.
At this time, Pandora was covered in blood and Rapier barely supported his body
"Give me death!"
Pandora didn’t have the strength to hide and watch the shattered black dragon reach out to herself.
"touch!" God bless you, even if you feel a boxing fly and burst the black dragon three wonders.
"Dora! Are you all right! " God bless and hold Pandora.
"Dora! You rest and I’ll deal with him! Lord Beshaba caught it! " God bless and lift Pandora.
Pandora panicked and asked, "God bless you, what are you doing?"
God bless doesn’t answer, and then throws Pandora in the direction of Beshaba.
"God bless! ! ! Throw it! ! ! What? You’re touching the wrong place! "
God bless threw Pandora’s breastplate with one hand and Pandora’s crotch with the other, saying, "This is convenient and powerful!" "
Here Beshaba catches Pandora and hugs "Oh dear! Little Dora! You are a sheep in the tiger’s mouth! "