This is the case when talking to higher-dimensional and higher-level things.

Aren’t those followers of the pinnacle demigod at a loss to listen to their own masters?
However, only at this level can you know that he is not talking nonsense at all, but is striving for an opportunity to become a god himself.
Outsiders understand beyond one dimension, and proverbs in their mouths will be regarded as crazy words and obscure sounds
However, I still have a touch of self-divinity, and I know that the demigod has this consciousness at the peak of the high-latitude dialogue rules.
He won’t and can’t ask Tang Chuan to speak a word and give him comments, because in higher dimensions, Lord Tang Chuan should speak like him, which seems elusive but full of real enlightenment.
What I hear is that I have not reached that dimension.
The pixel block stops flowing again, showing a huge humanoid face. Look at the conjoined body and Nocton, who are being shocked by the spirit, and look at it for a while before saying, "It’s an honor for you to look at it. May you have the honor to be with you."
Tang Chuan is the brain chaos is no longer mouth, but quietly watching the peak demigod to move.
He looked back from here and said to his followers all over the stars, "The fire has touched success, and everyone deserves a credit. Is this the moment to be born from death?"
"Live with you and die with you. Prepare all your life."
"You will let us choose"
"Say goodbye to this star for a while and you will lead us home in splendor."
Respond to his sincere belief.
Peak demigod nodded and said, "See you in the future"
"See you in the future!"
"See you in the future!"
"See you in the future!"
The layers of light in the declaration of the sky rise from a distance and converge towards the center, showing a huge sphere and shrinking
Everyone who has been scratched by the light suddenly breaks like a piece of glass and melts into the light to make this bright light shine even more.
The tide rolled over and everyone disappeared until the curtain of the universe contracted to the center and turned into a star with limited light
And the Star Department is left with the peak demigod himself, and the last follower is also smiling into the light.
"A moment ago, your body brought the temple to life. It was you who guarded me, and my flesh and blood was more than enough for you even if I lost my divine vitality …
See you in the future "
Wow! !
After the contraction of the ball of light, the peak demigod will be absorbed, and the spherical curtain will become smaller and smaller, and the blink of an eye will become a light spot, and the light spot will continue to collapse and tend to be small.
All the rules of the universe around us are rippling and twisted, and the planets are as soft as paper, oil painting, folding or waves, and the small spots oscillate at high frequency with the collapse.
In the distance of the Milky Way, a series of ideas have been thrown in, and the dimensions captured by the demigods have also come into view.
Most of these ideas are awe-inspiring blessings or feelings of physical injury.
It’s respectable to step on the road of God. It’s all kinds of thoughts from the depths of the universe, the future destination or the road you have stepped on. If you want a word to describe it, it’s "appreciate each other".
"The pioneers walk slowly and we will follow."
"The latecomers have come to the same kind or added one more."
"There is your vague figure at the end of the road to make it clear."
"See you in the future"
"See you in the future"
"See you in the future"
In a flash, the deep dimension of the universe sends greetings from all sides.
Chapter 456 Eggs
The collapse and poverty of the small light spot are shaking with the surrounding materials.
Peng ~
The ultimate small light spot suddenly blooms with blazing white light and then disappears suddenly, and the surrounding area is also stable at this moment.
The projected thoughts around me also greeted each other and dissipated this star, and everything remained as usual as if nothing had happened.
Looking at this scene completely, Tang Chuan may be at a loss from beginning to end
Did all the traces of those people, including the peak demigod himself, just disappear in the long river of years?
But what is the so-called divine path …
Even if it’s not a road leading to Gaokangzhuang literally, there should be some movement, right?