What the hell happened? Bian Baoyun, did they get killed or were they taken away?

What does Yin Ruohua want to take them to take away her sister’s golden body and kill her?
Where are Li Rong and Zi Yan?
Sister has jasper beads in her mouth, which makes her body look still lifelike.
But she’s dead. She just died.
At the end of the day, I still didn’t come here with my sister, but I protected her.
He landed on the island and let out a sad roar that resounded through the world.
The storm stirred the waves more violently.
He came to a tree and put his sister’s body there. He painted fairy seals around to shield her from the wind and rain.
After a moment of silence, he suddenly turned around.
In the distance, there are two small figures walking slowly towards him hand in hand.
That’s two girls who are both pink and lovely.
One is vernacular, and the other is abortion.
Tang Xiaofeng looked at them with a straight face.
Abortion left a distant vernacular but continued to approach him with a small hand in front of him.
There is a star-like crystal in the palm of your hand
He asked coldly, "What is this?"
Look up and stare at his face in the downpour. Sister Xiaoshan has been pulled out of her soul. In this crystal, the soul crystal will be released after 49 days. You should protect Sister Xiaoshan’s body and she will come back to life.
Tang Xiaofeng looked intently at the little girl in the rain and gently took the crystal.
Take out a picture and give it to him.
That’s a picture of the goddess scattering flowers
Tang Xiaofeng took the scattered flowers and slowly played.
The picture shows ninety-nine flower gods, and even the history detective has been replenished.
Ninety-nine flower gods are beautifully painted with different postures and bright colors.
However, Tang Xiaofeng has lost her aura. As soon as she is proficient in treasure refining, she can see that it has become an ordinary beauty picture, and it is no longer a magic weapon.
"As a souvenir for you" The little girl burst into a lovely smile in the rain "Don’t forget us"
Tang Xiaofeng was silent for a while, put away the crystal and the picture of the goddess scattering flowers and stepped forward to hug her in his arms. "What happened?"
The little girl shed tears. "It’s all because your family doesn’t want to help you have a baby … I’m pregnant with your baby."
Tang Xiaofeng is stiff
Little girl, he smiled in his arms and "lied to you"
This girl! Tang Xiaofeng held her shoulder and squatted down to look at her eyes. "My sister is ill. She is very ill. She said she would get better if she found her golden body …"
The little girl bowed her head and said sadly, "She lied to your sister. The golden body can help her to be a hundred flowers fairy again. No one can stop her from killing herself when she becomes a hundred flowers fairy."
Is it really like this? Real Tang Xiaofeng himself is more or less aware of this.
Because my sister’s innate Yuan God is weak to the extreme, the body is the body, the soul is the soul, no matter how powerful her golden body is, it is difficult to stop her congenital Yuan God from failing.
He looked at the vernacular, "How can I help my sister?"
The little girl looked at his tears and rain mixed together and let people know whether it was rain or tears.
She asked, "Do you know Tusi?"
"Tussah is also called root grass because it has no roots." The little girl showed a sad smile. "It can parasitize other plants and tie its own stems into other plants to absorb other people’s nutrients. Sometimes too many Tussah are parasitic on the same tree, so no matter how strong the tree is, it will slowly die because its own nutrients are constantly sucked away by them. When the parasitic plants die, those Tussah will die with them because they have no roots. It is meaningless to live by harming others and benefiting themselves."
Her misty eyes looked at Tang Xiaofeng. "If a tree that should live well is dying because it is entangled with too many tussahs, how can you save it?"
Tang Xiaofeng asked slowly with a pain in his heart, "How can I save it?"
The little girl reached out and hugged his neck, and tears and rain kept dripping into his collar. "If you want to save it, you have to remove all the tusks that are wrapped around it, and it can live well without those tusks."
Tang Xiaofeng’s heart is like a knife. "This is what Datura has always wanted to do?"
"Well," the little girl cried, "don’t blame the eldest sister. This is my idea. I took the eldest sister to Sanshengshi. I advised the eldest sister. I should do it with her, but I am afraid that the eldest sister is really a good person. She silently bears all the evils. Don’t blame her."
"But she killed her sister …"
"Aren’t you white?" The little girl looked into his eyes in some showers. "Tussah can’t live on its own. When the tree parasitized by them dies, they will die with them. Since they are doomed to die, why didn’t you put that tree earlier?" Less, less … "
She threw herself into Tang Xiaofeng’s arms and wept bitterly.
Tang Xiaofeng hug her unexpectedly don’t know how to comfort.
It took a long time for the vernacular to wipe away tears and reveal a lovely smile "I’m leaving"
Tang Xiaofeng is silent
"Take care of the moon" says "Don’t bully her" in the vernacular.
Tang Xiaofeng continued to be silent.
He didn’t know what he could do, so he could watch her leave the abortion, just like that.
Abortion came to him, took his hand and asked doubtfully, "Where is she going?"
He sighed and didn’t know what to answer.
I don’t know if I can see her again after the vernacular leaves.
The rain slowly subsided.
Abortion with elder sister’s body there fell asleep.
Tang Xiaofeng walked back and forth, and there was quite some confusion.
The sea suddenly broke up and the dark magic came out from the darkness.
Tang Xiaofeng looked at his breath.